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Modern Outdoor Furniture

Rather than being just an afterthought, backyards and patios are becoming increasingly valued as an extension of the house and can function as a beautiful and restful retreat from the stresses of daily life. Shop our vast selection of modern outdoor tables and modern outdoor chairs to create an outdoor sanctuary of your dreams.

Outdoor furniture Ideas

The perfect modern outdoor furniture will help enjoy with friends and family during the warm Summer months. We offer so many outdoor furniture pieces by the wolds top brands, you're sure to find the perfect stylish piece of outdoor furniture whether you have a small apartment balcony, or a large open patio. 

Go for small single chairs, a suspended chair, or hammocks if your outdoor patio is designed as a personal haven. If you’d like to nap under the sun, look for a sofa modern sun lounger, or a hammock that swings in the breeze.

Whatever your specific design requirements, imagination is the only limit to the patio furniture of your backyard. If you are into DIY projects, you can craft your own tailor-made furniture. You can paint an old piece of furniture and make it look new and fanciful. Just make sure that it fits well with the other pieces in your patio. 

How to choose the right modern outdoor furniture for your space

Patios and outdoor spaces are inviting, especially during warm weather. First, they increase the amount of space you have overall, and second, they promise enjoyment and relaxation. While purchasing outdoor furniture comprises of pretty much the same steps as purchasing indoor furniture, there are some extra factors you should consider. 

  1. The weather and climate of your area
  2. Available patio or balcony space
  3. Suitability of materials and finishes for outdoors
  4. Comfort - Choose only outdoor suitable fabrics for upholstered pieces
  5. Storage space - Often overlooked, but often necessary
  6. Budget
  7. Buy from quality outdoor furniture brands like Skagerak teak furniture, and Bend furniture which is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Types of outdoor furniture

It is important to select the proper outdoor furniture, especially since you'll often  spending a lot of time outdoors during the Summer months. Choose comfortable fabrics and styles, while keeping in mind what it will take to maintain the furniture. The foremost thing to consider is how you utilize your outdoor space. Do you throw large parties inviting lots of people, or do you host smaller cookouts? Do you cook mostly outdoors during the summer months? These are vital questions to ask when you are buying new furniture for the outdoors. 

Below are some materials that work well for outdoor furniture. 

  1. Iron furniture
  2. Plastic furniture - only if its made for outdoor use
  3. Aluminum furniture
  4. Teak furniture or wood suitable for outdoors
  5. Outdoor fabric cushions that are made for outdoor use.

Outdoor furniture with a modern style

With a huge assortment of materials, colors, and finishes, our curated selection of outdoor furniture is perfect for the modern enthusiast. Outdoor sofas, patio chairs, and other seating from reputable brands will ad a contemporary style to your outdoor space, and make it a stylish space for entertaining during the Summer months. For compact spaces, consider introducing an outdoor bench, and if you are after a high degree of comfort and a fun, whimsical twist for your patio or deck, make sure to go through the plush bean bag chairs and outdoor hammocks from Fatboy

Shop our huge curated collection of outdoor furniture and outdoor lighting and create a beautiful space suitable for outdoor parties or a tranquil getaway from the stresses of daily life.