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Modern Sofas

We all appreciate lying down on a comfortable sofa ad the end of a hectic day. Beyond the comfort and functionality that a great sofa brings, a beautiful modern sofa can also bring a ton of style into a living room. If you want to lounge with both comfort and style, you've come to the right place. We've carefully curated a selection of beautiful and stylish modern sofas from the world's most reputable brands like Gus Modern, Ferm Living and Menu.  

Shop our carefully curated selection of modern sofas online

When shopping for a sofa or couch online there are a few things to consider before making a purchase

  1. The perfect sofa size: If you have a large living room, you have to decide how much space should be occupied by the sofa. If you need to include other items like lounge chairs and side tables, or If you need a larger coffee table a smaller sofa might work best, depending on how much space you're working with. If you want your sofa to be your living room’s focal point, search for sofas that are larger and offer an ample amount of seating and occupy more space. 
  2. The best sofa orientation . You have to first analyze your lifestyle to organize a living room successfully. What is your most frequent activity within that space? Do you settle down opposite the TV? If yes, then ensure that the couch faces the TV.  If you like to host wine parties or game nights then you'll want to Make a semi-circle with your sofa and living room seating with a table at the center.
  3. The best shaped sofa for your room. After determining the function of your sofa, you should decide on the shape. 
  4. The right sofa material for your lifestyle. When selecting your sofa’s material, appearance is important, but functionality is even more vital. Many of us would love to snuggle in a plush white suede sofa — they are beautiful but risky for most families. It is not the best choice when you have small children or pets that could damage it easily.
  5. The perfect modern style sofa. It could be a slight challenge to figure out your unique personal style, but stay true to your gut instinct when selecting the sofa that will blend in with the rest of your decor. If you like it modern and sleek, go for something with colors that work with the rest of your decor and clean lines. 

Sofas with a modern style

Take a good look at your interior decor to figure out which style of sofa is best for you: a modern sofa, a contemporary leather one, or a softer linen sofa may be the right choice depending on your decor and lifestyle. Modern sofa designs consist of straight lines and usually have simple shapes. Most sofas have upholstered cushions and with modern or contemporary sofas  the base is commonly raised to reveal the legs, which gives the sofa a more modern feel. Contemporary sofas are a bit more approachable and often have legs that are either very short or hidden altogether. While a lot of contemporary designs consist of straight lines, compared to modern sofas they are softer and are coupled with plush cushions to achieve a more luxurious and inviting appearance. 

The best modern sofa brands

At House&Hold we have only the sofas of the highest quality by the top brands of the world. When you buy a sofa online choose a reputable brand like Gus Modern, you can rest assured that you are getting a sofa that was designed to for generations Similarly, brands such as Menu, Ferm Living, and Artless Furniture offer some of the highest quality sofas available — sofas that are modern, well-made, durable and comfortable.