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Area Rugs

After you have decided on the perfect coffee table and sofa, there is just one more decor element needed to tie together the room and create the perfect space: A stylish modern area rug. Whether you prefer natural materials like sisal and jute, or wish to stand out using a patterned design, we make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for with the highest quality modern rugs from today's top brands.

How to choose the right area rug for your space

We are always attracted to easy ways to tie together the decor of a room. Just one item -- an area rug -- can have a large impact on the space. The suitable living room rug can introduce pattern to a neutral color scheme, unify all the accent colors, or ease the hard edges of a minimalist space.  

Consider these things when selecting an area rug:

  • Size: Ensure the rug is sized properly for your room. 
  • Color: Make sure your rug has two of your accent colors at least
  • Comfort: The rug you choose must also feel good under the feet
  • Care: Consider the maintenance and cleaning requirements of the rug
  • Quality: Make sure to purchase from trusted modern rug brands like Gus Modern

Area rugs with a modern style

We adore the clean lines and bold colors of mid-century modern decor. Area rugs are the most ideal way to introduce vibrant colors in a majority of decorating styles. According to mid-century style, the focal point is often furniture of solid color, so make sure to bring a bold pattern using the area rug. 

If you prefer Scandinavian or Danish style, you should opt for a rug with bold contrasting pattern or subtle color in order to balance the other muted tones out, from danish rug brands like Ferm Living rugs. 

Why is an area rug important?

The main function of an area rug is to offer a touch of comfort and warmth to the space, especially one that features tile or hardwood floor. It can help define distinct spaces inside a bigger room. For instance, a big living room can be split into a casual and formal area with the use of area rugs. Contemporary style rugs with geometric patterns and clean lines can create a formal environment, while rugs featuring floral prints and bright colors can create a casual atmosphere. They are best used in places where the climate is susceptible to changes. Distinct from carpet, area rugs can be easily rolled back and forth depending on the weather conditions. They are also highly preferred in children’s rooms because they are easy to clean and wash. Also, area rugs can draw attention away from defects that may be present in the existing flooring. 

The best area rug brands

Sometimes you go for an area rug to muffle your footsteps, cover up unaesthetic floors or make your space feel more homely with minimal budget. Other times you want the area rug to be the ideal aesthetic element within the room, and a quality product. Our modern rug selection includes rugs by today's most reputable and trusted rugs brands.