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Modern Console Tables

A modern console table is a great piece of accent furniture you can use to make the most of the floor plan without taking up a lot of extra room. Although they are frequently seen in the living room, hallway, and bedroom, console tables may add a fashionable and useful touch to any room. Browse our carefully picked collection of modern console tables from top manufacturers and today's hottest designers.

How to choose the right console table

An accent piece of furniture called a console table is intended for usage in the family room, living room, or foyer. A console table is a great place to display artwork, flower vases, and other little decorative items that enhance the ambiance of the house. The console table can work well with a mirror to increase the perception of the space's size, especially in a tiny room or corridor. For hallways or entryways, the Skagerak Georg Console table is the ideal contemporary console table. There are many different sizes, designs, materials, and heights of console tables. Selecting one could be a little confusing. You may choose the style of console table that will best fit your needs and provide the finishing touch to your interior decor by following a few easy recommendations.

  1. Choose a style from the list, which includes modern, Scandinavian modern, mid-century modern, industrial, boho, and coastal. Choose a console table that complements the rest of the design in your house, regardless of the type you choose.

  2. Choose a substance: Wood, glass, metal, or a combination of these materials make up a substantial portion of console tables. Choose a piece that complements the remaining furnishings and decor in your home.

  3. Pick a category: The three main categories of console tables are storage consoles, convertible consoles, and wine consoles. Select the option that best satisfies your needs.

    Why a console table is important

    Most people don't think a console table is essential, however they serve a variety of important purposes in the house, including the following:

    Console tables make more room because they are slim, unobtrusive, and may be positioned properly next to a wall or stairway in a hallway. They come in quite handy, especially if you don't have a lot of room because they take up little room while giving you a drawer and a surface to put your items on.

    Console tables assist in keeping your things arranged because it has been demonstrated that doing so will lower your risk of losing them. A hall table is the perfect place to keep all of your things because it is close to the door; you pass it first as you enter and last as you leave.

    Console tables look wonderful when they are positioned in the foyer because they add extra visual interest to a basic stairway or corridor. Even a piece of decorative art can be highlighted with its utilization. For example, a flower vase looks nicer when set up on the console table at eye level rather than on the floor, where it can get knocked over.