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Hangers, Hooks & Racks

Hooks are a preferred storage solution for small spaces. Hooks are particularly in demand during the rainy seasons, which will see a large number of coats, scarves, and hats overwhelming your entryway. Shop our curated selection of the best hooks, hangers and coat racks by top brands like Skagerak, Ferm Living and Menu. They're perfect for introducing a small amount of additional storage on empty wall space to store winter garments. 

As an adult, it is a common thing to have a set of mismatched hangers in your closet — including some fragile plastic ones purchased on the cheap and horrible wire ones belonging to the dry cleaner’s. However, it is time to get past that disorderly phase and acquire a set of matching hangers of the highest quality. Your closet will definitely be thankful. 

You can get hangers in various sizes, shapes, types, and materials. It could be a challenge to figure out which ones are most suitable for your closet and clothes. Nonetheless, one thing is clear — flimsy, thin, and cheap plastic and wire hangers are a no-no. The best choice is wooden hangers that are made well and last for years. We recommend wooden hangers as they are beautiful and highly durable. 

How to choose the right clothes hangers

Any hanger is able to keep your clothes free of wrinkles, but with specific fabrics some are better at it than others. As a matter of fact, it might come as a surprise to you how much space thinner hangers can save in your closet. It might seem unimportant, but selecting the proper modern clothes hanger can be the difference between an overpacked closet full of clutter and a well-organized one that preserves your clothes’ quality.    

Keep the fabric in mind. The hanger’s arms can stretch the shoulder parts of delicate blouses and knit fabrics. In order to overcome this problem, buy a few hangers that feature padded arms or install foam pieces to the hanger you already have.

Mind the size too. There is a chance for a wire hanger to collapse under the weight of a big winter jacket. Sturdy hangers made of wood can take the weight, but they tend to be costly. For a cheaper alternative, go for the flat and thin velvet hangers; besides saving space, their frizzy material prevents clothes from slipping off easily, and they are equally durable as wooden hangers although not quite as stylish in a modern setting.

Clipping vs Folding: Even though hanging your pants on hangers using clips may sound easier, folding the pants in half and placing it over the hanger rod saves a good deal of space. Additionally, the arms of the hanger are free to store your preferred shirt, sweater or suit jacket that goes well with the pants. Buy a multi-rod pants hanger and save even more space. Hangers with clips might be the only choice for strapless dresses and skirts. However, be aware that clips can dent lighter fabrics such as cotton or satin. To avoid it, wedge a thin piece of flexible foam between the clothing and the clips. Wax paper strips will also do the trick. 

Organizing with modern hooks

Command hooks are truly an affordable and effective solution to keep your home free of clutter. These hanging products can be used anywhere and they do not damage the surface when removed, making them ideal for those in rented houses who do not want to damage anything. The possibilities are countless, with different weights and sizes.