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Living Room Furniture

Our collection of carefully curated modern living room furniture will help you put together a compelling living room with our collection of stylish sofas, lounge chairs, sectionals, and more, all by today’s top brands and hottest designers, including Gus Modern, Ferm Living, Menu, Skagerak and many others.  With thousands of carefully curated products for the living room to choose from, we make shopping fun and easy.

Shop our carefully curated selection of modern living room furniture online

Whether you’re in the process of furnishing a new home or changing up your living room decoration, the plethora of choices in modern living room furniture can cause so much frustration! With our carefully curated selection of designer living room furniture, we make a typically daunting task super easy. 

A well-furnished living room sets the tone for your entire home. The living room is also one of the most suitable places to display your love for design by experimenting with layers of texture, color palettes, patterns, and various layouts of modern furniture. This room should be inviting, comfortable and rich in style. For the design enthusiast, it's the most suitable space to experiment with trends that you like. 

Shopping for the right modern living room furniture

Your living room is meant to be a comfortable space where you can happily entertain visitors or just kick back and spend some quite time in. If furnished correctly it can complement, and be an extension of you and your family’s personality. Picking the right modern lounge chair or modern sofa for the space is an incredibly important part of creating the perfect atmosphere.

A living room that is designed well is comfortable for family and guests alike. The furniture you choose will help you to relax, unwind, and making guests feel welcome and comfortable. 

Style, make and quality, and the size of each piece of furniture are important factors to consider when choosing furniture for the living room. You also have to choose between a formal or informal setting and decide whether you want a specific theme for the living room. If your living room is adjacent to the kitchen, you may have to coordinate between the two spaces. 

Here’s a few things to consider when shopping online for the perfect living room furniture:

  1. Buy high-quality pieces by trusted brands like  Ferm Living, Menu Furniture, and other reputable brands
  2. Use fabrics that are stain-resistant
  3. Arrange your furniture in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and works well with the flow of your space.
  4. Select the sizes of furniture appropriate to your space
  5. Select complementary pieces in terms of color, style and material

Creating a Living room with a modern style

Creating a modern living space moves away from the minutiae of ornaments and instead focuses on color, shape, and space. Pliable materials and lightweight construction allow furniture designers to create  living room seating, tables and accent pieces with sleeker lines and bold shapes, which work well in the modern living room. Contemporary style creates a bold statement without exaggeration. Our carefully curated collection of living room furniture will give you plenty of inspiration when choosing which pieces to add to your space. 

With a modernist approach, creating a stylish living room employs the philosophy of less being more. The characteristics of a modern space include neutral color combinations that highlight contour lines, asymmetrical designs, and strong geometric shapes. Designing a chic modern living room relies heavily on color, material, shape, lighting and the placement and spacing of furniture.