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Living Room Seating

Every living room needs comfortable seating.  With our carefully curated selection of stylish sofas and modern lounge chairs there's no reason to sacrifice style for comfort. We've carefully chosen the best contemporary living room seating by today's top brands to help you create the intimate yet stylish living room of your dreams. 

How to choose the right seating for your space

A living room should be a place to relax and enjoy company. Whether you're sipping on tea or watching the big game, the goal is to create a comfortable space that helps you unwind and enjoy a good conversation. No matter how you use your living room, the following tips will help you in selecting the right seating for it. 

  1. Measure the amount of space you have, so that you can figure out which pieces will be suitable and which ones won’t be. Sketch a floor plan to visualize the space you have. Mind the areas where people will walk through and mind the windows and doors so that you don’t obstruct them. Keep in mind the easily accessible areas.
  2. Be aware of the dimensions of the furniture that you intend to buy. A big sectional may look good, but it could swallow up a large amount of space from your living room. 
  3. Consider mixing up different kinds of seating in your living room. An armchair is a good choice for personal talks, while sectionals are more suited for group gatherings. 
  4. Keep in mind that the key is durability. If you have a large family including pets that live inside the house, you might want to get pieces that are resistant to stain, like leather sofas that feature detachable slipcovers or cushion covers that can be cleaned easily. Anything composed of durable fabric will endure through the ages. Choosing quality Scandinavian living room furniture by top brands like Skagerak furniture will ensure that what you purchase is well made and will last a lifetime.  
  5. Make sure it expresses your style. The room should be an expression of your style and personality, so go for items that delight you. 

Living room seating with a modern style

Whether entertaining, lounging, or living, you need a comfortable spot to sit. If you're looking for seating with a modern or contemporary style, Gus Modern is one of the best options; Gus is a trusted brand that manufacturers sofas, lounge chairs and other living room furniture that are built to last a lifetime. you can introduce Gus furniture anywhere in your home, and it will add a modernist sensibility without being overbearing.

The best modern living room seating brands

While many people like to mix and match furniture from multiple brands, sometimes it is wise to choose furniture from the same brand for your living room. This way you can create an atmosphere that is more uniform in style.  Each brand is distinctive and provides a unique decor style for your home. But that’s not the sole reason to purchase furniture by the same brand.  When you invest in a quality furniture brand you're investing in their guaranteed quality and workmanship.   Even if you choose to mix and match living room furniture from multiple brands, you can do so with confidence as we only carry modern living room seating by today's most trusted brands and designers.