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Blomus Buyer's Guide

Through this buyer's guide, you will learn all about Blomus, their history, heritage and unique qualities as a manufacturer. By getting under the skin of the brand, you can be confident that you won’t be disappointed in any item you purchase as you will learn about Blomus’ design language, the build quality of their products and the durability of the materials they use. 

This way, you will be able to make a sound investment in creating the home you desire by choosing Blomus, filling it with beautifully designed products that are built to last a lifetime.

We at House&Hold understand the difficulties you can encounter when you are investing in new items for your home. The last thing we want you to do is purchase items that won’t last or don’t contribute to the style that you are trying to create. 

Blomus Design

About Blomus

As paragons of functionality and form, Blomus have been creating simple, beautiful products since 1961, using natural and traditional materials that are subtle yet stunning, to create a stylish range of home accessories and kitchenware.

Blomus is a brand steeped in heritage and history, always striving to marry natural materials with durability, innovative design with simplicity of purpose. 

Influenced by design from Japan and Scandinavia, Blomus embraces the minimalist and functional elements of both, while using simple, tactile materials to complement their award winning design, bringing light, form and function into your home.

From Bicycles to Beauty

Blomus began its life in 1921 as a small family business in the town of Sundern in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, the epicentre of manufacturing, once known for its coal and steel industry. 

In 1961, with over 40 years’ experience of working with steel and developing their expertise manufacturing bicycle parts, they began producing home accessories and kitchenware, broadening their materials to include copper, brass and pewter.

The final step in the evolution of Blomus came in 2000, when the brand name was chosen and they started on the path to becoming the visionary design leader they are today. 

For the Love of Steel

Steel is a material that is synonymous with durability and strength, yet it is also seen as cold and unyielding. Blomus soon established a reputation for showcasing the simple, stylish elegance of steel through their stunning design and simplicity of form. They embraced the honesty and purity of steel and began designing and creating a range of products to complement any contemporary home. 

A World Renowned Brand

Since then, Blomus has grown and become renowned for producing items that are beautifully crafted, striking the balance between aesthetics and practicality, innovation and grace, texture and quality, establishing Blomus as an award winning, global design leader.

Willo Blome, the CEO and fourth generation of the Blomus family, has a clear vision for what makes a great product: ‘ The ideal combination of both emotional and functional properties. And simplicity! In the design process, we always strive to eliminate excess in order to let the pure essence of the object reveal itself…..it ends up being both simple, beautiful, and serving a clear and well-defined purpose.

Blomus candle holder scene

Design Influence

Scandinavian design has had a major influence on product design in the home accessories market since it first came to prominence in the 1950s. One of the reasons for the popularity of Scandinavian design is Ikea, who now have stores on every continent. 

But Scandinavian design is so much more than flat packed furniture.

So what is Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian design is focused on simple, clean lines, using minimalist principles to create a clutter-free environment. Function and form are two of the pillars of Scandinavian design, with the idea that everything has its place, promoting the feeling of light and space in any room. 

The intention of this is to evoke feelings of calm, order and tranquillity in any space; a clutter free, functional space equals a clutter free, purposeful life.

The use of materials such as wooden flooring, natural materials and fabrics all combine to create a light and airy space. With clean lines and natural materials, complemented with plants, a 

Scandinavian designed space feels wholesome, organic and part of nature. And to keep out those bitter Scandinavian winters, fabrics like chunky knits and faux fur evoke feelings of coziness, homeliness and warmth, otherwise known as hygge.

Pale hues form the foundation of the colour palette used in Scandinavian design such as whites, greys and pale blues. Monochromatic spaces are peppered with black and tan to create contrast, while subtle pastel shades are used for accent pieces, which supports the feelings evoked by the design: feelings of warmth, light, air and space. 

The rise of Japandi

Japanese design incorporates many of the same concepts and principles as Scandinavian design to create a sense of light and air. Minimalist design, natural materials and a simple colour palette all combine to evoke feelings of serenity, purpose and function. 

Japandi design is the fusion of these two design styles, Scandinavian and Japanese, and this design style is reflected in the Blomus range of home and kitchenware. Hygge and Wabi-sabi (the Japanese idea that there is beauty in imperfection) complement each other and inspire design that is warm and homely, stylish and functional. 

It is a design style that is hugely popular for contemporary homeowners wanting to create a peaceful and welcoming haven.

These two styles, when combined, perfectly contrast sleekness with the rustic, and rich, crisp colours with subtle, pale tones. They share the idea of natural exposed materials, bringing the nature indoors with carefully selected plants, and form and function being equal to aesthetics. 

And these are all principles that are at the heart of the Blomus brand.

Blomus: a pedigree of design and innovation

Blomus is an expert in steel, clearly proving that steel can be soft, feminine and sophisticated through innovative design and functionality of form. As the company has grown it has striven to embrace a wider range of traditional and durable materials that complement their award winning design.

To complement any home or kitchen, and reflecting their Japandi style of design, Blomus has included a range of new natural material in their designs, such as stoneware, cork, linen, concrete and wood. These natural, traditional materials create contrast within each product, balancing finesse and strength, grace and restraint, sophistication and purpose, aesthetics and tactility.

Furthermore, by embracing natural materials, Blomus uses a subtle colour palette to enhance their designs and complement the colour scheme of any contemporary home. Delicate hues of pastel colours, shades of white, grey and blue create a subtle foundation that exudes class and style, while bold colours create a striking contrast, accentuating and showcasing key pieces dramatically. 

Blomus Categories

Home Décor

For those important signature pieces, Blomus has a range of sumptuous items to enhance the style and décor of your home. Soft furnishings, like cotton rugs and statement cushions in a range of striking colours, create a splash of colour in any Japandi space. Simple, ornate porcelain vases in a range of matte and accent colours or stunning candle holders and trays, crafted in matte black powder coated steel, create the perfect centrepiece to any table.  

Storage and Organisation

Blomus has a range of storage boxes, baskets and bins for you to channel your inner minimalist and keep those lines clean and surfaces clutter free. Beautifully crafted using stainless steel, canvas, knitted cotton, marble or wire, in a range of subtle colours and stylish finishes, you can be sure to find a place for all of your tchotchkes and trinkets.


Blomus design language comes into its own in the kitchen. Beautifully marrying function and form, the Blomus range of kitchenware is a collection of innovatively designed items, using steel, silicone, glass, stone and oak to add a touch of sophistication to any contemporary kitchen. Stunning Roca Stone chopping boards and polished steel kitchen tools make food preparation a pleasure.

Create the perfect dining experience with Blomus’ exquisite range of dinnerware and glassware, adding subtle accent pieces like linen napkins and coloured silicone salt and pepper shakers. Blomus range of kitchenware and tableware exudes simple, stylish sophistication.


To create the oasis of calm and tranquillity that every bathroom should be, Blomus uses traditional materials like stainless steel alongside silicone for their practical properties. Blomus balances the simple and functional properties of these products with thick, luxurious cotton for their towels, bathmats and washcloths to create that perfect balance between function, style and warmth. 


When you are furnishing your outdoor space with Blomus, expect the same principles of style and functionality perfectly adapted for the environment. Using a range of natural and practical materials, like polished and powder coated steel or aluminium, stainless steel, beechwood and polystone, which resembles concrete, the Blomus range of outdoor products exude the same style and sophistication. Whether you are looking for a centrepiece fire pit, an accented side table, or those subtle touches, like decorative wall candles or torches, Blomus has everything you need to continue your passion for design and functionality outdoors. 

Blomus outdoor scene

Making Blomus Design Yours

To create a home that reflects the ideas that Japandi design incorporates, look no further than blomus.

You can create the look you love for your contemporary home by exploring the entire Blomus product line. Our range includes home and décor products, storage and organization ideas and kitchenware, including tableware, glassware and utensils. 

Blomus also makes beautiful bath products, including towels, towel racks and dispensers an a range of outdoor accessories,  including lamps, lanterns and flowerpots. 

We love Blomus for its focus on creating stylish and sophisticated products for contemporary living. We love that they use natural, rustic materials, subtle colour palettes that reflect the Scandinavian and Japandi style. We love their focus on design, form and functionality. 

So start exploring Blomus products and bring some light and air into your home with products that look beautiful, and will last a lifetime. 

Complementary Brands

To create your own unique style that matches your personality, your style and your home, we recommend mixing brands to create a home and style that is uniquely yours. Here are some of the bands that we supply that we think complement the Blomus range: