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Ferm Living Buyer's Guide

Danish brand Ferm Living has been providing customers with top quality furniture, home decor, and lighting products for over fifteen years. The company aims to create comfort and meaning, using designs that balance both calm and chaos. The contrasts inherent in modern life, and the balances between them, inform the design process of their products.

ferm living decor and furniture

Visual aesthetics are a huge part of Ferm Living’s design. Ferm Living products present rich colors, unique patterns, and innovative touches—all while retaining the functional ethos of the Scandinavian design tradition. The brand has creative partnerships with a number of artisan designers from around the world.

Ferm Living products include wallpaper, decor, lighting, textiles, and more, and there are hundreds of products available. We have put together this buyer’s guide to help you to choose the right Ferm Living product for your living space. We will explore the history and style of the brand, and examples of how Ferm Living products can be used to transform and enhance spaces.

About Ferm Living

Ferm Living is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was formed in 2005 by designer Trine Andersen, who started out making wallpaper designs for her and her husband’s own home. After exhibiting these designs at a trade fair to excellent reception, Andersen decided to start Ferm Living.

In Andersen’s own words, the brand’s ambition has always been “to inspire people to create the kind of space that makes them feel comfortable, that allows them to be themselves in their own home. A home, after all, is much more than a collection of beautiful objects – it’s the place where life happens.”

The company not only aims to produce designs that inspire, but it is also dedicated to creating products that last. Sustainability is at the core of Ferm Living, and it shows this in its design phases, production practices, and by selecting materials that last many years and become fixtures of family life.

Ferm Living understands that we all have a role to play in living more mindfully and sustainably, and aims to provide products that are not only themselves sustainable, but also inspire their owners to live by this ethos.

Ferm Living - Scandinavian Style

Ferm Living products are designed in the Scandinavian design style. This does not just mean that they are designed in Scandinavia—it also refers to a school of design that has a long heritage and history.

Scandinavian design, also known as Scandinavian Modern design, is one of the most popular types of furniture and decor design all across the globe. The style emerged from the Mid-Century Modern style, which rapidly rose to prominence in the mid-20th Century. 

The Mid-Century Modern style was all about minimalism, bold colors, and abstract shapes—a world away from the traditional, ornate designs of the Victorian period and previous eras. The Scandinavian offshoot kept the principles of minimalism and functionality, with an added commitment to using natural materials wherever possible.

Furniture in the Scandinavian style is typically made from pale woods like beech and ash, although oak is also popular. Tones tend to be neutral and light, with darker hues saved for smaller surface areas such as those used for lights and other focal points. Textiles are also natural, using wool, linen, and similar materials.

The stylistic choices of Scandinavian designers are not merely down to practicality or sustainability, however—they are also conceptual. Scandinavian design aims to foster peace and calm in living spaces to counter the chaos of the outside world. 

Ferm Living is inspired heavily by the Scandinavian tradition, although the brand’s inclusion of carefully-chosen visual ornamentation (the sprinkling of “chaos” amid the “calm”) sets it apart from its contemporaries and gives its products a unique twist.


While many brands express commitments to sustainability, Ferm Living backs its claims up with their production practices. The brand’s partnerships with expert producers all over the world are numerous, and their partners are chosen carefully.

For example, their Catena and Rico sofas and chairs are made by a family-run business in the North of Italy. This business uses only locally-made raw materials and works by hand in order to upholster the products they deliver.

Ferm Living’s popular Path Hammock is woven in the town of Chennai, India. The factory here not only delivers the best quality weaved hammocks, but it also offers various benefits to its workers, such as transport and daycare for the children of workers. The factory also uses yarn from 100% recycled plastic.

The Mineral Coffee Table is another Ferm Living product that is as sustainable as it is well-loved. In a small, solar-powered factory in Italy, the workers use the gorgeous Bianco Curia marble found locally to craft these tables.

Ferm Living Product Categories

There are three broad categories of Ferm Living products; furniture, decor, and bath and kitchen accessories. 

  • Furniture: Ferm Living’s range of furniture includes beds, benches, desks, sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and many more.

  • Home Decor: Home decor available from Ferm Living includes rugs, throw pillows, ornaments, wallpaper, and more.

  • Bath and Kitchen Accessories: The range of bath and kitchen accessories available from Ferm Living includes towels, bowls, cups, bottle openers, and more.

Examples of Applications

For every type of living space, there are Ferm Living products designed especially. Here are a few examples of how Ferm Living pieces can be used to enhance different spaces.


A Punctual rack in a hallway, with coats, shoes, and boxes stored on it

Hallways are an often-overlooked room when it comes to interior design. The hallway is the first room you come home to, and can also be a useful storage space. In this hallway, a Punctual rack stores coats, shoes, boxes, and more without intruding on the space of the room. 

Living Room

A Mineral Coffee Table on a rug in front of a sofa.

The living room is often seen as the “heart” of a home. To unwind and socialize, the surroundings must be optimal—such as in this living room, where a stunning Mineral Coffee Table pairs with a luxurious rug and sofa.


A Chess cutting board on a kitchen table.

The kitchen is a place of creativity, where meals are prepared and delicacies crafted and enjoyed. These Chess cutting boards are attractive and functional for any kitchen.



A Kona bed in a bedroom.

The importance of the bedroom cannot be overstated. The place where we rest and sleep is invaluable for our wellbeing, and Ferm Living’s stylish Kona bed is a perfect addition.


An Organic Bath Towel, hanging in a bathroom.

The bathroom is not only a place of cleanliness but also of relaxation and reflection. Products like the Organic Bath Towel are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


a Meridian lamp in a home office.

Creativity and focus are essential for an office space. The Meridian lamp contributes to these through its function and aesthetic design.

Outdoor Space

Two Desert Lounge Chairs outdoors next to a swimming pool.

Whether a large garden or a small enclave, outdoor spaces are beneficial for our mood and wellbeing. The Desert Lounge Chair enables enjoyment of nature in comfort.

Kid’s Room

A kids’ room should be a place of fun and imagination. The adorable, kid-friendly designs of the Lion Safari cushions exemplify these feelings. 

Brands That Work Well Alongside Ferm Living 

Ferm Living products are designed to be versatile and suitable in a range of different living spaces. The following brands offer products that work especially well alongside products from Ferm Living.

  • Blomus: German furniture and home decor brand Blomus has been providing customers with high-quality products since the 1960s. The modern minimalism of its products makes them work well alongside those from brands such as Ferm Living.

  • Menu: Like Ferm Living, Menu is another Danish company that produces furniture and decor that is designed to improve the mood and quality of life of its customers. As both brands are in the Scandinavian style, their products can work particularly well in the same spaces.

  • Skagerak: Fellow Danish brand Skagerak is dedicated to combining Scandinavian tradition with innovation, and its furniture designs reflect these principles.

Bring Comfort and Calm to Your Living Spaces

Ferm Living furniture and decor can transform almost any space, and there are plenty of products to choose from. With sustainable products designed to last many years, you can rest assured that any piece is a worthwhile addition to your home.