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With our amazing assortment of watches at House&Hold, stay fashionable and on time. Our collection includes a variety of solutions for any taste and situation, from sleek and minimalist designs to flamboyant and statement-making timepieces. Choose the ideal timepiece to enhance your sense of style and elegantly keep track of the passing of time.


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The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Watches: Style and Functionality Combined

Watches are fashionable accessories that express your personal style and improve your appearance in addition to serving as timepieces. The availability of so many different designs, features, and brands makes buying for watches both thrilling and confusing. This in-depth guide will cover how to shop for watches, what to look for in a quality timepiece, the advantages they offer, the benefits of design trends, and the most up-to-date design styles. It will also introduce you to outstanding brands like Braun, LEFF Amsterdam, and Arne Jacobsen, all of which are available on House&Hold.

Choosing the Right Watch

Finding the ideal wristwatch that fits your taste and lifestyle requires careful consideration of a number of things while looking for watches. You can use the following recommendations to make wise decisions:

  • Watches are available in a wide range of forms and styles, from bold and modern to classic and minimalist. Think about your own sense of fashion as well as the occasions you'll be wearing the watch. Whether you want a sleek stainless steel band, a classic leather strap, or a cutting-edge ceramic case, pick a style that appeals to your sense of aesthetics.

  • The functionality and features you want in a watch should be decided upon. A few typical characteristics are date displays, chronograph capabilities, water resistance, and bright hands for improved visibility in dim light. You should think about whether you require extra features like a second time zone, a tachymeter, or a dive watch with a certain level of water resistance.

  • There are various sorts of movements that can power watches. Battery-operated quartz movements provide precise timekeeping with no maintenance. Automatic or manual winding mechanical movements have complex mechanisms that need periodic winding or wear to maintain precise time. Pick the movement style that best reflects your preferences for accuracy and engagement.

  • Case Size and Material: Take into account the case size that complements your wrist and desired appearance. A bigger statement is typically made by larger cases, whilst a more delicate and understated look is provided by smaller cases. Consider the case material, which affects the watch's overall appearance and longevity. Options include stainless steel, titanium, and precious metals like gold or silver.

Qualities of a Quality Watch

Purchasing a high-quality watch ensures durability, precise timekeeping, and a product that endures. These are some essential characteristics to consider:

  • Excellent build quality and exquisite craftsmanship are characteristics of a quality watch. Be mindful of the detailing, finishing, and general construction. Precision and care should be evident in the case, dial, hands, indexes, and bracelet or strap.

  • Dependable Timekeeping: Seek for timepieces with reputed movements that are renowned for their dependability and accuracy. A high-quality watch should be accurate throughout time while requiring fewer adjustments overall.

  • Choose watches constructed of sturdy materials that can sustain daily use and resist dents, scratches, and impacts. Ceramic, sapphire crystal, and stainless steel are examples of typical materials renowned for their toughness and tenacity.

  • Water Resistance: If you intend to wear the watch while engaging in water-related activities or if you prefer the increased security against unintentional water exposure, take into account the watch's water resistance rating. The capacity of the watch to tolerate water pressure at different depths is indicated by different water resistance ratings.

Benefits of Quality Watches

Purchasing a high-quality watch has many advantages in addition to telling the time. These are a few significant benefits:

  • Watches can enhance your overall appearance and act as a means of expressing your personal style. A well-selected timepiece highlights your attention to detail, expresses your individuality, and goes well with your attire.

  • Long-Term Investment: High-quality timepieces frequently retain their worth well and can be handed down through the generations as treasured treasures. They are great investments that increase in value over time in addition to being useful accessories.

  • Durability and Reliability: A high-quality watch keeps correct time with little need for frequent adjustments or replacements. Longevity is provided by well-made timepieces made of sturdy materials, guaranteeing that they can resist daily wear and maintain their charm for years to come.

Current Design Styles and Trends

Following current design trends and styles can help you make wise decisions and keep your watch looking stylish. Here are some prevalent design fads and trends right now in the market:

  • Clean and Simple Designs: Minimalist watches with simple designs, subtle indices, and clean dials are popular right now. The timeless and adaptable style of these watches goes well with both casual and formal outfits.

  • Vintage Revival: Watches with vintage influences are becoming more and more well-liked as people pay attention to traditional styles from the past. These watches frequently have vintage dial patterns, faceted crystals, and worn leather bands, fusing nostalgia with contemporary dependability.

Spotlight on Brands: Braun, LEFF Amsterdam, and Arne Jacobsen

Reputable companies like Braun, LEFF Amsterdam, and Arne Jacobsen are well-known for their extraordinary watch collections. While purchasing timepieces, think about investigating their selection:

Braun: Braun watches have modern, sleek designs that are the pinnacle of German engineering and accuracy. Braun watches offer a classic design and dependable functionality thanks to their clear dials, distinctive typography, and attention to detail.

LEFF Amsterdam: Contemporary timepieces by LEFF Amsterdam combine original design ideas with superior craftsmanship. Their creations stand out as contemporary statement pieces through to the use of cutting-edge materials, vibrant color palettes, and unusual dial designs.

Arne Jacobsen: Arne Jacobsen timepieces pay homage to the well-known Danish designer and architect. These timepieces, which are renowned for their sleek and minimalist designs, exude sophistication and adhere to the eternal design principles of Arne Jacobsen.


Although enjoying the practical advantages of precise timekeeping, buying watches lets you show off your individual flair. You may discover the ideal watch that represents your taste and fits your lifestyle by taking into account elements like style, functionality, build quality, and materials. Outstanding watch collections that blend design, dependability, and craftsmanship are available from companies like Braun, LEFF Amsterdam, and Arne Jacobsen. Enjoy the timeless elegance that a well-chosen watch brings to your wrist, embrace the features of a high-quality timepiece, and be grateful for the advantages it provides.