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Modern Bedroom

Your bedroom is the sanctuary of your home. Let us help you create a stylish and tranquil space with beautifully designed products by top design brands like Mash Studios Lax Series, and Area Bedding. Get inspired as you browse through our carefully curated collection of modern beds, nightstands, and modern bedding

Bedroom Ideas

You’re most likely spending more time within your bedroom than in any other room in your home. However, it is a challenge to achieve a bedroom atmosphere that balances everything — you want a calm and neat haven that you’ll love to fall asleep in without compromising your personal aesthetic or style. Shop our collections of modern bedroom furniture and modern bedding achieve an ideal master bedroom decor with the least amount of time and money. 

Your bedroom’s centerpieces include big pieces of bedroom furniture such as the bed and dresser. However, small pieces of furniture such as a modern nightstand or armchair or a bench near the foot of the bed can be generally classified as accents. Items such as a statement headboard can even offer accented decor for your bed. You can prevent decor overload by using just one or two pieces that are unique, although professional designers advise that a large bedroom can accommodate more if carefully themed.  

There are no big tricks when it comes to a small bedroom’s layout. You usually put the bed against the most suitable main wall without trying to be creative as to the placement — such as  in the corner at an angle or floating in the center of the room. You can also place the bed at the main wall’s center instead of placing it against the adjacent wall. Not only does it offer you enough room to walk on both sides helping room flow, but it also offers space to make your bed.   

How to choose the right items for a bedroom

Most probably you have only bought bedroom furniture a couple of times your whole life, unless you have been relocating many times. Therefore, it is natural to be overwhelmed with the process of updating your bedroom furniture. What does a chifferobe mean exactly? What is the difference between a dresser and a chest, or a bedside chest and a nightstand? When selecting the proper furniture for your bedroom where do you even start? The following list is a good starting place of things to consider.

  1. Select pieces based on the amount of space you have
  2. Keep in mind the style you’re after
  3. Select the modern bed most suited for your space and requirements, with ample room to walk around the bed
  4. Select a nightstand that works well with the height of your bed
  5. Select the coordinating dressers, chest, and armoires
  6. If your bedroom floors are hardwood or cement, you’ll most likely need a coordinating modern area rug.
  7. Consider any necessary media solutions

Create a bedroom with a modern style

A modern design setting for the bedroom will not fail to amaze. Its elegant and simple appearance paves way for a calming environment that is suitable for getting a sound night’s sleep. But how can you achieve a modern and polished aesthetic that is interesting? And can a modern design work with an interior that includes cozy accents such as pillows and bedding? The answer is yes, and when designed correctly, you’ll be amazed at how perfectly all of the elements of a modern bedroom come together to create a cozy, elegant, and tranquil space.

Browse through more than 30 amazing modern bedroom designs to get ideas on everything from selecting the perfect bedroom furniture to the ideal color schemes for modern bedding. Our outstanding selection of modern furniture, lighting and decor products will surely inspire you to create a gorgeous bedroom for your own home.