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Table Lamps

With our carefully picked selection of table lamps that brilliantly combine usefulness and design, you can brighten up your environment. These adaptable pieces can be used to change the mood of any room in addition to offering necessary illumination. Browse our selection at House&Hold to find the ideal lighting solution that fits your personality and the design of your house.

Illuminate Your Space: The Comprehensive Guide to Shopping for Table Lamps

A journey of discovery can be had in locating the ideal table lamp that matches the aesthetic of your house and satisfies your functional requirements. Design, style, technology, and quality are all explored. At House&Hold, we help you every step of the way, arming you with the knowledge you need to choose wisely from our selection of premium brands like Fatboy, Menu, and Ferm Living.

Understanding Table Lamps

Let's begin by going through the fundamentals. What distinguishes an excellent table lamp? Several elements, such as the lamp's construction, material, light output, and design, affect its quality. To reduce the possibility of it being quickly knocked over, the lamp should be solid and well-balanced. Also, it ought to produce a sufficient amount of light that is appropriate for the work at hand, whether that be reading, task lighting, or ambient lighting.

Materials and Construction

Metal, glass, ceramic, wood, and even concrete are just a few of the materials that can be used to create table lamps. The material selection affects the lamp's weight and durability in addition to its appearance. A lamp constructed of durable materials like metal or wood usually lasts longer, but lamps made of glass and ceramic have a delicate, refined appearance but need to be handled carefully. The lamp's base needs to be sturdy and substantial enough to prevent the lamp from quickly toppling over.

Together with the lamp's physical structure, its electrical components must be of high quality. The lamp should have a sturdy socket to keep the bulb in place, good wiring to avoid electrical risks, and a strong switch mechanism that can endure regular use.

Light Output and Color Temperature

A good lamp can be distinguished from a great one by the caliber of its light output. A good table lamp should have a steady light output without flickering or untimely dimmer changes. Whether the lamp is being used for ambient or task lighting, its brightness should be enough for the job.

The light's color temperature is also crucial. A cooler color temperature (between 400 and 5000 Kelvin) is preferable for reading and work lamps since it is more similar to natural sunshine and is better for visual tasks. Warmer color temperatures (between 2000 and 3000 Kelvin) are preferable for creating a pleasant or calming ambiance.

Design and Aesthetics

A high-quality table lamp need to have an appealing appearance in addition to being practical. Whether the interior type of your room—modern, rustic, industrial, Nordic, or traditional—the design should match it. In addition, the lamp should have a well-balanced design, with a balanced lamp base, shade, and overall height.


Last but not least, a decent table light ought to be adaptable. It must be flexible enough to accommodate different room configurations and lighting requirements. Some lights allow you to precisely aim the light where you need it by having adjustable brightness levels, arms, or heads. The ability to control the lamp remotely or with voice commands is provided by some others that are compatible with smart home systems.

The Functionality Aspect

Consider the intended use of the table lamp before you begin purchasing. Is it a desk lamp with brilliant light for concentrated work or a bedside lamp with muted light for a cozy atmosphere? Your decision will be greatly influenced by the purpose.

You'll need a lamp that provides directed, strong light without creating glare or eyestrain for task lighting, such as reading or working. On the other hand, if you want to create a calm environment, you may choose a lamp with softer, diffused light for ambient lighting.

The Design Perspective

Your table lamp is more than simply a source of light; it's also a decorative item and a reflection of your personal taste. The design is therefore crucial. Modern and traditional styles are increasingly blending, with minimalistic patterns, organic shapes, and old accents becoming popular..

Spotlight on Brands: Fatboy, Menu, Ferm Living

At House&Hold, we have a wide range of products from renowned companies that excel in both practicality and aesthetics. One of these companies is Fatboy, known for its creative and captivating designs. The table lights by Fatboy blend humor, vibrant colors, unique designs, and useful utility. For those looking for a fun yet useful lighting option, their lamps are a fantastic alternative.

We move on to Menu, a company closely associated with Nordic simplicity. They produce high-quality light from table lamps that have a basic, modern design. For people who value modest elegance and wish to bring a hint of Scandinavian design to their area, menu lamps are ideal.

Last but not least,
 Ferm Living combines Scandinavian design tenets with a wink to nostalgic charm and contemporary humor. These lamps showcase premium materials, striking designs, and a color palette that ranges from soft pastels to vivid hues. If you want to add a modern touch to your home design, Ferm Living is perfect for you.

Shopping for a Table Lamp: What to Look For

So what should you think about while buying a table lamp? In addition to appearance and use, you should consider the lamp's size, bulb type, shade, and switch design.

Size does matter. The height of the lamp should be appropriate for both the table it will be placed on and the space it will light. The lamp on a bedside table should be about one-third the bed's height. It should provide sufficient lighting for a desk without casting a shadow on your work.

The color temperature and energy efficiency of the light are influenced by the type of bulb. LED bulbs are a great option for task lighting since they provide a bright, white light and are economical to use. Incandescent or halogen bulbs can be preferable for a warmer, cozier glow.

The diffusion and direction of the light are also impacted by the shade. The light will be directed downward by a narrow, opaque shade, making it ideal for job lighting. A larger, transparent shade will spread the light out and produce a softer, ambient glow.

Another element that adds to the ease of the lamp is the switch type. For a smart home environment, options range from conventional switch types to touch-sensitive models and even voice-activated ones.


When choosing a table lamp, utility and aesthetics must be balanced. Finding a lamp that not only brightens your room but also improves your decor can be done by taking into account its purpose, size, bulb type, shade, and switch type. Our selection at House&Hold offers a wide range of options, assuring you'll discover a lamp that meets your demands and complements your style. It features prestigious brands like Fatboy, Menu, and Ferm Living. Let us be the beginning of your path to attractively lighting your environment.