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Decorative Trays & Bowls

With our wonderful selection of Decorative Trays & Bowls at House&Hold, explore the art of home décor. These useful works of art are expertly made, and they not only make the ideal carriers for your trinkets but also improve the appeal of any room. Find the ideal addition to your home's aesthetic with our diverse assortment, which includes anything from elaborately crafted furniture to minimalist modern designs.

Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Decorative Trays & Bowls

In terms of interior design, decorative bowls and trays are unsung heroes. They are an essential buy for any discriminating housewife due to their many uses and ability to change any environment. This article will cover how to select premium ornamental trays and bowls, what advantages they have for your house, what design trends are now popular, and how to recognize exceptional companies like Skagerak, Blomus, and Ferm Living.

Identifying Quality in Decorative Trays & Bowls

Understanding the telltale signs of a high-quality decorative tray or bowl is vital first and foremost. What to look for is as follows:

  • Material: Top-notch trays and bowls are frequently composed of tough substances like ceramic, wood, metal, or glass. These materials enhance your area with various textural aspects while also withstanding the test of time.

  • The best ornamental trays and bowls are made with excellent craftsmanship. Seek out items that have been meticulously designed and completed.

  • Design: High-quality trays and bowls should have an aesthetic design that is pleasing to the eye as well as utilitarian, performing its intended purpose while enhancing the aesthetic of your environment.

  • Versatility: The best trays and bowls have numerous purposes, including keeping trinkets, serving food, or just functioning as aesthetic accents.

Benefits of Quality Decorative Trays & Bowls

A number of advantages flow to your home by purchasing high-quality decorative trays and bowls:

  • One of the main advantages of decorative bowls and trays is their capacity to help with organization and the reduction of clutter. They are ideal for holding tiny items that would otherwise clutter your home. Having a spot set out for everything from jewelry and cosmetics to remote controls and keys helps you keep your area organized and calm by reducing clutter.

  • Improving Aesthetics: Beautiful decorative bowls and trays greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your décor. Each area can benefit from their addition of color, texture, and visual intrigue. Because there are so many different design options—from rustic and eclectic to minimalist and contemporary—you may choose items that are the ideal match for your home's aesthetic.

  • Trays and bowls really come into their own when they are used both functionally and decoratively. They add to the aesthetics of your home and have a purpose beyond being simply storage options. A strategically positioned bowl or tray can be a statement piece that draws attention to itself and serves as the room's main point.

  • The versatility of decorative trays and bowls is unmatched. They aren't constrained to one area or one use. You may serve breakfast in bed on a leisurely Sunday, display canapés at your upcoming dinner party, or keep perfume bottles on your dresser with a lovely tray. In the kitchen, potpourri can be placed in a bowl, and in the bathroom, baubles can be placed in a bowl as a seasonal centerpiece.

  • The topic of conversation might be brought up using a special tray or bowl. With handmade or historically significant artifacts, this is especially true. A visitor's eye might be drawn to an avant-garde Ferm Living item, a minimalist bowl by Blomus, or a wonderfully carved tray from Skagerak, sparking a conversation about design and aesthetics.

  • Long-lasting and High-Quality: Superior ornamental trays and bowls are long-lasting and high-quality because they are manufactured with the finest materials and craftsmanship. Over time, they maintain their aesthetic appeal while withstanding regular wear and tear. Due to this, they become not only a lovely addition to your current home but also a piece that may be enjoyed for many years.

  • Changes to your home's appearance can be made easily and don't always require a total makeover. A space can be given a new look by just switching out or adding a decorative tray or bowl. These are an inexpensive and simple method to update your decor or keep up with trends.

Current Design Styles and Trends

The world of decorative trays and bowls is both diverse and colorful. Let's examine a few of the most recent design trends:

  • Clean lines and straightforward forms are characteristics of minimalist designs, such as those from Blomus. They complement a contemporary, clean look and frequently come in neutral colors.

  • Natural Materials: Wood or ceramic trays and bowls made of natural materials are very popular right now. With products that add a hint of the outdoors to your house, companies like Skagerak thrive in this area.

  • Eclectic styles are for you if you like a distinctive, assertive appearance. They frequently have striking hues, odd shapes, or distinctive finishes and can serve as a focal point in any space.

  • Designs Inspired by the Past: Trays and bowls with a retro feel are inspired by vintage and antique designs. They frequently have elaborate finishings, damaged surfaces, or conventional shapes.

Spotlight on Brands: Skagerak, Blomus, Ferm Living

These companies each provide something distinctive to the market:

Skagerak: This Danish company is well known for emphasizing workmanship and sustainability. Most of their trays and bowls are constructed of wood, giving them a natural, rustic look.

Blomus: Blomus delivers functional, modern, minimalist designs. Their designs often feature stainless steel or glass for a clean, modern appearance.

Ferm Living: Another Danish company, Ferm Living, combines avant-garde influence with Scandinavian design principles. Their bowls and trays frequently have sleek lines and contemporary designs, and are constructed of ceramic or brass.


Elegant bowls and trays strike the ideal balance between form and purpose. They provide a chic method of maintaining organization, enhance visual appeal, and express one's sense of style. You can select the ideal components for your home by being aware of design trends and knowing what constitutes a high-quality product. For finding attractive, high-quality trays and bowls, brands like Skagerak, Blomus, and Ferm Living are a great place to start. Enjoy your shopping!