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Outdoor Rugs

With our selection of outdoor rugs at House&Hold, you can extend your living space outdoors. Our outdoor rugs include outstanding design aesthetics that rival those of inside rugs and are constructed to withstand weather, maintain color, and provide simple cleaning. Our collection guarantees that your outdoor areas will never sacrifice comfort or design, whether you choose vibrant patterns for summertime fun or elegant weaves for a peaceful patio.

Your Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Outdoor Rugs at House&Hold

The ideal outdoor rug may turn your patio or porch into a chic and cozy retreat. We take great satisfaction in providing a large selection of outdoor rugs at House&Hold that combine fashion and utility. This book seeks to offer a thorough examination of the world of outdoor rugs, covering topics like what constitutes a quality rug, the advantages they bring to your outdoor space, current design trends, and suggested companies like Fatboy, Ferm Living, and Cane-Line.

Understanding Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor carpets are specially made to endure outside elements and improve the attractiveness of your place. In contrast to indoor rugs, they are composed of durable materials that withstand weather, color fading, and are simple to clean. The first step in choosing the ideal outdoor carpeting for your environment is understanding its features.

Identifying High-Quality Outdoor Rugs

The quality of outdoor carpets can be determined by a few different aspects. First, think about the subject. Weather-resistant materials like polypropylene or other synthetic fibers should be used to create an outdoor rug of the highest caliber. These materials dry quickly, are UV-stabilized to prevent fading from sunshine, and also resist mildew and mold.

Second, consider how the rug is made. For endurance and to endure external elements, outdoor rugs should be tightly woven or manufactured. Last but not least, high-quality outdoor carpets frequently require little upkeep. They have to be simple to maintain; typically, a brief shake or hose down will do.

The Benefits of Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs enhance your home in more ways than one. Like an inside rug, they help define your outdoor living space by linking furniture and décor together and fostering a sense of coherence. They also make walking more comfortable and contribute to noise reduction. Outdoor rugs make a secure play space for households with kids or dogs and shield your deck or patio from stains and scratches.

Outdoor rugs offer many advantages that can significantly improve the usability and aesthetics of your outdoor space. They are more than just a decorative accent.

1. Identifies the Outdoor Space: A rug can identify particular locations in your outdoor environment, just like it can in your home. It can define a distinct barrier for dining, seating, or play areas, providing open spaces structure. The ability to divide your outside space into "rooms" makes the environment more arranged and convenient.

2. Increases Comfort: Outdoor rugs, especially ones made of softer fabrics, can greatly increase the comfort of your deck or patio. They offer a plush surface that makes walking about barefoot more pleasant. An outdoor rug can make sitting or relaxing on the ground much more enjoyable.

3. Provides Protection: Using outdoor rugs to cover your patio or deck will protect it from damage. Particularly in high-traffic areas or below large pieces of furniture, they can aid in preventing scratches, stains, and other types of damage. An outdoor rug can lessen the direct contact with moisture and lower the danger of damage for hardwood decks.

4. Promotes Safety: Rugs offer a non-slip surface that is useful in high-traffic areas or close to a pool. Also, they provide a cushioned landing area to lessen the chance of injury from falls. This feature is especially helpful for households with small children or animals.

5. Increases Aesthetic Appeal: Adding outdoor rugs to your outdoor area is an easy and affordable method to give it a new look. They allow you to alter the appearance of your space without buying new furniture because they are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. They can give a splash of color to a dull deck, make a strong statement, or connect various components of your outdoor space to produce a unified aesthetic.

6. Offers Noise Reduction: Carpets offer sound-absorbing qualities that help calm down the area and make it more tranquil. This is especially helpful in cities or multi-story buildings where sound can be amplified and echoed by hard surfaces.

7. Enhances Cleanliness: A rug outside can keep your home space cleaner. Grass, dirt, and other detritus that may otherwise track into your home are collected there. Most outdoor rugs are simple to maintain and clean, making them a practical option for keeping your place neat.

Current Design Styles and Trends

Outdoor rug styles have changed as outside areas become an increasingly important component of the home. At the moment, vivid colors and patterns are popular because individuals want to make a statement with their outdoor space. A rug with neutral colors and straightforward patterns, however, can be more appropriate if your taste is more conventional. The objective is to make your outdoor furniture seem better and design an area that expresses your individual taste.

Featured Brands: Fatboy, Ferm Living, Cane-Line

At House&Hold, we proudly stock outdoor rugs from brands like Fatboy, Ferm Living, and Cane-Line. Outdoor carpets by Fatboy are colorful and strikingly designed, and they can resist the elements while bringing a pop of color to your environment. Ferm Living offers a selection of beautiful and useful outdoor carpets to appeal to individuals who favor a minimalist, Scandinavian appearance. Cane-Line, a company renowned for its opulent outdoor furniture, additionally sells top-notch outdoor carpets that go wonderfully with their furniture selection.

Shopping for Outdoor Rugs

Think about the size while buying outdoor rugs. The rug should fit your room's dimensions and furniture placement. Moreover, think about the shape; even though rectangular rugs are the most typical, you can discover that a round or square rug matches your room better.

Your outdoor furniture and décor should match your rug's color and pattern. A patterned rug can lend some humor to furniture that is all one color. A rug with a neutral hue and straightforward pattern might create balance if your furniture and décor already use a variety of patterns and colors.

The most crucial thing is to pick an outdoor carpeting you adore. It ought to be a reflection of your personal style and let you relax in your outdoor area.


By picking the ideal outdoor rug, you may turn your outside area into a chic addition to your house. House&Hold has something to fit your style and needs, whether you're drawn to the whimsical designs of Fatboy, the Nordic elegance of Ferm Living, or the opulent vibe of Cane-Line. We hope that this information will give you more confidence as you explore the world of outdoor rugs. Enjoy your shopping!