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Skagerak is a design company in Denmark that has deep roots in Scandinavian design and a tradition of excellent craftsmanship. Vibeke Panduro and Jesper are the owners of the company who live in Aalborg, a harbour city in the North, with their two kids. It is also the founding place of Skagerak in 1976, when they realized their dreams of creating everlasting design. 

We understand that Skagerak [ˈsɡæjɐʁaɡ] is not so easy to pronounce, so let us explain its meaning. A strait runs from the northernmost part of Denmark, connecting our tiny country with Norway and Sweden, the Scandinavian neighbors of ours. The strait is named Skagerrak (with double 'r's) – it has been historically crucial in the Nordic region's development. 

The furniture of Skagerak has similarities with the strait: unchangeable and staying the same forever – yet it is on the move all the time and is presented in novel ways. Skagerak is traditional and old, but at the same time fresh and experimental – it constantly combines modern concepts with the traditions and know-hows deeply rooted in Nordic culture to create marvelous decor items.