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Modern Lighting

Modern lighting is the fastest way to re-energize your home and create an atmosphere you love to be in. The right lighting can create the perfect mood and set the right tone for every room in your home or office. Whatever space you're wanting to create, we'll have just the right lighting for you. We carry a curated selection of the best in modern pendants, floor lamps and chandeliers by today's top lighting brands and hottest designers. 

Modern lighting Ideas

There are endless possibilities when you are designing the lighting of your home or office. Are you looking to create a bright room that accommodates work or one that is dimly lit for a romantic mood? Positioning the lights is just as vital as placement of the light fixtures themselves — a factor you may not have planned out yet. 

Whether you are just looking to introduce a few  wall sconces into the space, or wish to completely change the lighting in ann entire room, we've curated a great selection of contemporary lighting that will bring out the perfect mood and atmosphere to your space. 

Some things to consider when choosing lighting for your space

You are probably aware of the importance of lighting in creating a functional and beautiful space. The proper lighting can not only help us feel comfortable and relaxed but if designed well, can also increase productivity. 

Unlike any other element of design, lighting impacts how we perceive colors and textures and changes the overall perception of the space. Also, you have to consider the basic fact that lighting fixtures end up functioning as a core focal point in a space — it’s no surprise that designing a lighting scheme can feel a bit daunting! 

  • Lighting is what mostly determines the emotional aspect of feeling and mood in a room.

  • Brighter isn’t always better, sometimes a dimly lit room will create the romantic or relaxing atmosphere you're after

  • Determine the brightness based on the activities that will be carried out in that specific spot. For instance, a living room lamp for reading is different from a brightly lit island in the kitchen. 

  • Focus the light on the exact spot you're wanting to illuminate, leaving low ambient brightness elsewhere. This will bring a sense of focus to areas of activity in the space.

  • Always consider both artificial and natural light during the design phase.  

Lighting with a modern style

Renowned for its simplicity and clean appearance, modern designs tend to be minimalistic, taking into consideration the basic elements of the space like natural light, material and texture.  Simplicity is the cardinal rule of modern design, foregoing ornamentation for a less-is-more approach. If designed correctly, the right lighting can bring about a natural beauty to a space and create an elegant sense of confidence and drama in it's simplicity.

Certain kinds of design dubbed as mid-century modern, focuses on bold simple shapes, contrast, and a focus on materials.  This kind of lighting also focuses on these elements with simple and iconic lighting fixture shapes, bringing attention not to themselves, but harmonizing with the shapes and areas around them.

The core elements of modern lighting:

  • Solid colors

  • Neutral colors

  • Angled assemblage that commonly includes right angles that are distinct

  • Intentional symmetry

  • Natural materials such as stone and wood. 

  • Designs that harken back to the mid-century era

Why the correct lighting is important

The lighting in a room not only changes the room’s mood, but also the perception of the room’s size. The type and placement are vital aspects when it comes to interior design; they operate in conjunction with room size, color selection, furniture selection and availability of natural light. With proper lighting, various elements will unite to transform a space into a smooth combination of style and functionality. 

The best lighting brands

sWe make brightening up your home easy as we offer a carefully curated selection of the best modern lighting by today's hottest brands and lighting designers like Louis Poulsen, Souda lighting, and danish lighting brands like Menu lighting. We have nearly an endless number of options, whether you are looking to illuminate the whole room or just want to shift focus on a specific area of your home or office. The best lighting brands available today offer more than just light, they bring a focal point and create the entire tone of a space.