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Modern Rocking Chairs

When asked to visualize a rocking chair, you might recall the dusty old one in your grandma’s home. While grandma's rocker may bring back cozy memories, you'll want something that's slightly more modern to rock back and forth in to relax. We've got so many modern rocking chairs to choose from, everything from cozy and lush - to sleek and simple. Our carefully curated selection of rockers from today's top brands are so cool and chic that you'll never look at rockers the same way again. 

How to choose the right modern rocking chair for your space

Nowadays, there are various types of rocking chairs available- some feature rocking chair cushions while some have an extra ottoman. You can get rocking chairs in an assortment of colors - from simple wood rockers to metal painted rockers. 

A good rocking chair can fit in an array of environments ranging from cozy living rooms to outdoor patios. So how can you get the rocking chair that is best for you? How can you be assured of the quality of what you buy? With countless available options, it is wise to spend some time researching to make a thoroughly informed decision. Fortunately, we make shopping online for the perfect modern rocking chair easy with our carefully curated selection of rockers by today's top brands like Mater rocking chairs, TOOU furniture and Kubikoff rocking chairs

The ideal rocking chair is something that depends on your personal preferences. When looking to buy a rocking chair, consider the following practical things.

  • If you intend to use the chair indoors, go for a modern rocking chair built with materials classically used for a rocking chair, such as wicker, oak, or other woods. For outdoor use, opt for suitable materials that can withstand wear and tear. 
  • Rocking chairs are suitable for resting and relieving stress. If that is your objective, choose chairs that are built for comfort with contoured seating and add accessories for increased relaxation.
  • Rocking chairs can also be helpful for socializing — if you are getting multiple chairs, make sure that all of it can fit inside the space. 
  • The only drawback of rocking chairs is that paws, feet, and tails could get trampled by the rockers, which is something you’d want to avoid. 

Rocking chairs with a modern style

Rocking chairs are not reserved for the elderly. Comfortable, smooth, and moving gently, they provide an excellent place to watch TV, read, or just reminisce about the past as you rock back and forth. Our thoughtfully compiled collection of modern rocking chairs will inspire and help you pick the right rocking chair for your home.