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Hangers, Hooks & Racks

The preferred storage solution for small spaces is hooks. Hooks are particularly useful during the rainy seasons when your foyer is crowded with many coats, scarves, and hats. Our carefully picked selection of hooks, hangers, and coat racks features the best products from renowned manufacturers like Skagerak, Ferm Living and Menu. They are perfect for adding a little extra space for storage to empty walls so that winter gear can be placed there.

Adults occasionally store a mismatched collection of hangers in their closets, including cheap, fragile plastic hangers and awful wire hangers from the dry cleaner. But right now is the ideal time to go past that unorganized phase and purchase a set of premium matching hangers. Without a sure, your closet will enjoy it.

There are several types, sizes, styles, and materials available for hangers. It could be challenging to decide which ones are finest for your wardrobe and clothing. One thing is for certain, though: cheap, flimsy, thin wire and plastic hangers should be avoided. The best choice is to utilize robust, durable wooden hangers. Utilize hardwood hangers; they are gorgeous and really durable.

How to pick the proper hangers for your clothes

Any hanger can keep your clothes from creasing, but some work better with certain fabrics than others. The amount of space that thinner hangers can save up in your wardrobe may perhaps surprise you. The correct modern hanger can make the difference between a well-organized wardrobe that preserves the quality of your clothes and one that is overloaded with clutter, despite the fact that it may appear inconsequential.

Think about the fabric. The arms of the hanger can be used to extend the shoulders of delicate blouses and knit textiles. To fix this problem, either buy some hangers with padded arms or add foam pieces to the ones you already have.

Remember the size. A wire hanger might buckle under the weight of a big winter coat. The cost of wooden hangers that can withstand the weight is frequently high. Consider using flat, thin velvet hangers as a more economical alternative to wooden hangers; they are just as robust, take up less space, and prevent items from slipping off easily, but they aren't quite as attractive in a modern setting.

Although hanging your jeans on hangers with clips might appear easier, folding them in half and draping them over the hanger rod actually saves a lot of space. You can also store your favorite shirt, sweater, or suit jacket on the hanger's arms so it complements the pants. To save even more space, get a multi-rod pant hanger. Hangers with clips may be the only solution for strapless dresses and skirts. However, be aware that lighter materials like satin or cotton can be damaged by clips. To stop it, place a thin piece of soft foam between the garment and the clips. Wax paper strips will also work.

Utilizing contemporary hooks to organize

Using command hooks is a cost-effective and useful approach to keep your home clutter-free. Due to their versatility and the fact that they leave no surface damage when removed, these hanging options are ideal for people who rent homes and don't want to cause any damage. The options are unlimited with different weights and sizes.