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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 4

by DAnny Robertson

Welcome to our 4th blog post featuring the top interior design blogs of 2024.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find inspiration and we're here to help with a list of the brightest, hottest and most inspiring blogs of the year.

Finding inspiration can be especially frustrating when it comes to interior design. Perhaps you have moved into a new house or apartment and are staring at a blank, empty room, wondering what to fill the space with in order to make it feel like your home. Maybe you have been tasked with renovating an existing room and don’t know where you should start.

Interior design is surprisingly complicated, and carrying out a successful interior design project involves plenty of knowledge, skill and guidance. Thankfully, the internet is a great resource, and there are countless different interior design blogs to check out for inspiration.

With so many blogs to choose from, it can be hard to separate the truly useful ones from the rest of the pack. The best blogs are run by knowledgeable and experienced interior designers, include high-quality images, and provide actionable advice on how you can replicate their effects yourself.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to find the best sites—we have done the work for you! Here are 12 of our picks of the best interior design blogs you should check out for inspiration for your design project.

a modern, minimal open-plan living spaceDezeen

Image Source


London-based interior design blog Dezeen showcases inspirational interior design projects of all kinds of styles. It is not just home design and renovation projects that Dezeen covers—commercial projects such as hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, and stores are all covered. If you want to source inspiration from examples outside of your typical space, this blog is an excellent one to check out. As well as high-quality photographs of each project, there is plenty of practical information on how each was brought to life.

a modern stairwayBennett Leifer

Image Source


Bennett Leifer has years of experience and tons of kudos in the interior design space. His New York-based studio Bennett Leifer Interiors has won many awards since its inception in 2013, and become recognized for its unique style, which blends tasteful, neutral colors with quirky design features. The Bennett Leifer Interiors blog showcases many of the firm’s projects with stunning photography, and is bound to inspire your next project.

a modern transitional kitchen islandBlainey North

Image Source


Blainey North is one of the most internationally renowned and recognized Australian interior design professionals. Her knack for modern, creative designs has made her studio, Blainey North and Associates, wildly successful, and her blog reflects just as much expertise and provides plenty of useful information. If you want to create a highly sophisticated effect in your interior design projects, Blainey’s project examples are worth taking inspiration from.

a minimal, naturally-lit wooden cabin interior.Dwell


Image Source

Californian interior design blog Dwell showcases projects of all kinds—all kinds of design styles, all kinds of buildings, and all kinds of budgets. As well as extensive photography of each room, the writing is detailed and informative on why each design choice was made. While some blogs provide inspiration without explaining exactly how an effect was created, Dwell fills the reader in on how exactly they can replicate an effect themselves.

an open-plan kitchen and lounge area, each section marked by different decor.Ideal Home

Image Source


Ideal Home is the best selling interior design magazine in the UK, and its blog is just as high-quality. You can find listicles, product guides, and tips on DIY and homemaking—all geared towards the everyperson. If you want to transform your living spaces with a limited budget and using only accessible stores, the Ideal Home blog is certainly worth your time. Unlike many other interior design sites, the blog also includes plenty of tips for renters who may not be able to carry out extensive renovations, but still want to personalize their home.

a workspace with desk, chair, and various houseplants.Real Homes

Image Source


Real Homes does exactly what its name suggests, and focuses on real home design projects that anyone can take inspiration from, rather than expensive and showy projects that most readers could never afford. The site features in-depth product comparison guides, practical advice for amateur interior designers and homemakers, and examples of designers who can do more with less. This is a great source of inspiration for those with limited budgets and grounded circumstances.

a bedroom decorated in the transitional style, with a traditional patterned rug.Hunted Interior

Image Source


Hunted Interior was founded in 2011 by designer Kristen Jackson, and has been mentioned in publications like Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The blog showcases plenty of Kristen’s projects for clients, with high-quality photography and explanations of how each project came to life. What’s more, the site is full of handy DIY tips and advice on entertaining guests once your projects are completed!

a bright, modern kitchen decorated with houseplants and colorful accents.Swoon Worthy

Image Source


Swoon Worthy was founded by award-winning British interior design blogger Kimberly Duran, and features plenty of her own personal home projects. Swoon Worthy was started as a space to promote and teach interior design that reflects “our daydreams and desires.” Each room of Kimberly’s house is explored in depth, and is sure to provide inspiration, and there are also many practical tips on design, DIY, and other general lifestyle topics..

an open-plan dining and lounge area decorated in the traditional style.Mad About The House

Image Source


Interior design blog Mad About the House is described on its home page as “the award-winning website of interiors journalist and writer Kate Watson-Smyth.” Kate has written for The Independent and more, and her beautiful home has even been featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal! Inspiration (complete with photographs) and advice are the bread and butter of this blog, and plenty of design styles are covered.

a cozy, eclectic lounge space decorated with plenty of colors.Oh Joy

Image Source


Joy Cho’s design company Oh Joy! is responsible for a wide range of home decor, furniture, and other homeware products that you may have seen in big-name stores like Target and Petco. While Oh Joy! has its fingers in many pies, its blog is a particular focus. The playful, colorful, quirky style of the brand’s products is reflected in the blog itself, which is a great source of inspiration if you want this style for your interior design projects.

a collection of decorative pillows on a bed.Ariyona Interior

Image Source


Interior designer, stylist, and blogger Rittika Chokhany loves to document her interior designer projects for clients. Each project is explored in detail on her Rittika’s blog Ariyona Interiors, which also shares links to each product used in projects. A variety of design styles are explored on the blog, so there is plenty for you to take inspiration from.

a naturally-lit kitchen with rustic wooden countertop and decorative houseplantsReal Simple

Image Source


Real Simple exemplifies its name by providing straightforward, easy-to-follow guidance to reworking rooms to create specific effects. However, simplicity does not mean a lack of detail—each post has tons of useful information on each aspect of a project, as well as a useful “Get the Look” section that showcases specific products and where you can find them. As well as inspiration, Real Simple also provides plenty of practical advice on all things homemaking.

Find Your Design Inspiration

Now that you have a collection of interior design blogs to check out, the possibilities are endless! You are sure to find some creative inspiration and practical advice to suit your budget, circumstances, and preferred design style. Keep an eye out for our next list of Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You article, where we will showcase another 12 fantastic blogs.

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