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Top 10 Mash Studios LAX Series Products

by DAnny Robertson

mash studios lax series

The Mash Studios LAX Series has been a favorite of ours for over a decade. We've been inspired by the work produced by Bernard Brucha and his team at Mash Studios from the company's inception in 2003.

From the first piece in the Lax Series launched, the team have been on a mission to produce pieces that survive changing trends in furniture, and have successfully done so.  

LAX Series Furniture draws its inspiration from a missed flight at LAX. Whilst delayed at Los Angeles Airport,  Bernard designed their first piece in this series - the 3X Wall Mounted Shelf. 

In the ensuing decade, the team at Mash Studios have envisaged a collection of furniture that is modern and unique. They have chosen materials that are both high quality and environmentally sustainable. Each product is made carefully using materials of the highest quality, such as cast iron, polished copper, powder coated aluminum, English walnut, and natural oil finishes. In crafting their designs, the team hold the belief that Mash Studios Furniture is meant to be effortless.

In this article we're excited to share with you our top 10 products from the Mash Studios LAX Series. Check them out below. 

mash studios lax series platform bedMash Studios LAX Platform Storage Bed

Where many storage beds are low-cost and not made to last, this LAX Series Platform Storage Bed is a modern classic. You can see the quality craftsmanship just by looking at it.

This platform bed is made from high quality walnut with a natural finish. The 4 drawers on each side are crafted to last and provide ample space to ensure that there is no clutter in you room.

This piece is available in two sizes, queen and king, and is perfect for any member of your family or even in the guest room. It can handle whatever anyone throws at it. 

If you need extra storage space you can always add the optional headboard. 

lax series platform bedMash Studios LAX Platform Bed

If the Platform bed takes your fancy, but you don’t need the storage space, then this could be the bed for you. A sleek modern platform crafted from walnut, this low profile bed is crafted with tender loving care and would not look out of place in the master bedroom. 

If you do require some storage space you could look at the optional headboard, sold separately. This doubles as a storage space. The LAX Series Platform Bed is available in both Queen and King size.


The LAX Dining Bench is designed for those who want their dining experience to be different. It’s designed for those that want to make a bold statement.

This modern classic take on a bench oozes charisma. The quality craftsmanship, taking solid English Walnut and a natural oil finish, to create this warm and inviting bench makes this perfect for family dinners and entertaining alike. 

Where other benches may not last under everyday usage, this durable piece is designed to stand the test of time and everything that everyday life throws at it. 

If you are looking to create a dining space that exudes modern luxury, you need to do yourself a favor and take a look at the LAX Dining Bench. 

Mash Studios LAX 3X – With BaseMash Studios LAX 3X – With Base

The 3X Shelf with Base is a modern take on the classic credenza. It is crafted using Solid English Walnut and Solid Ash and contains sliding panels that are available in either black or white. . 

This spacious piece is perfectly designed to be used as both a storage space but it is also perfect for putting your favorite pieces on display. 

The sideboard is elevated upon a base with clear lines that will be noticed by your guests and enhances any space. 

Mash Studios LAX 4 x 2 BookcaseMash Studios LAX 4 x 2 Bookcase

The LAX 4x2 Bookcase is a fantastic addition to any space. This space would be at home in a living space, your dining space or in your bedroom. This high quality and durable bookshelf is available in English Walnut or Ash that has bee sustainably sourced.

Whilst this versatile piece carries the title bookshelf, we know it has a number of uses. It can be used as a traditional bookshelf, it is the perfect shelf for vinyl. It can be used to store dinnerware or even as a TV cabinet in the bedroom. 

Mash Studios LAX 5 x 5 BookcaseMash Studios LAX 5 x 5 Bookcase

Are you a collector? Do you have a large collection you need to display? The LAX 5x5 Bookcase is the perfect storage and display case for your home. This piece is perfect, whether you use it to store your books, your dinnerware, or your massive vinyl collection. Many of our customers even love to use their 5x5 Bookcase to display small sculptures and other artwork. 

With 25 cubicles, the way you use this high quality piece is only limited by your imagination. 

lax series wall mounted deskMash Studios LAX Wall Mounted Desk

The LAX Wall Mounted Desk is beautiful and practical. This piece is designed for those that need a home office desk, but for whom space is often a premium. This elegant piece looks like a sculpture abutting from your wall. Your guests will admire it as a piece of beauty.

This desk contains 3 shelves and includes a convenient, cord hiding design. The ease of stowing papers (and subsequent access to these papers) mean that this work from home desk is perfect - whether you are working from home or you are organising a desk for the student in your household. 

If you are environmentally conscious, this is also a great choice for you. This desk is made from quality walnut or ash. It is made to last. You won’t need to replace this desk needlessly meaning you leave less of an impact on the environment. 

Mash Studios LAX Entertainment ShelfMash Studios LAX Entertainment Shelf

The LAX Entertainment Shelf is a modern classic. It contains bold modern lines and contrasting colours, with quality craftsmanship that means it lasts a lifetime.

This piece contains 2 reinforced and ventilated shelves and an integrated wire management system - meaning your cables are easily managed and hidden neatly.

This piece is available in Ash and Walnut and is offered in 2 bold door finish colors - Glossy White, Matte Black

Mash Studios LAX Dining StoolMash Studios LAX Dining Stool

The LAX Dining Stool has a simple yet bold design. Constructed from English Walnut, this piece is sturdy and durable enough for everyday use. It’s also perfect if space is a premium as they can be easily stored without impacting a room.

Mash Studios LAX wall mounted shelfMash Studios LAX 3X Wall Mounted Shelf

The 3x Wall Mounted Shelf is a beautiful modern credenza. It is easily wall mounted, where space is a premium. The sliding panels, available in Matt Black or Gloss White, mean this piece is a bold, modern addition to any space. It is the perfect combination of storage and display case and would make a great addition to your dining space. 

The LAXseries' best environmental-friendly feature started off as a design strategy and prominence to quality, which is its ability to endure for decades and greatly reduce the resources needed to replace it frequently. Every product from LAXseries uses materials that are carefully chosen taking in mind their quality and the beneficial environmental impact they have. All their furniture is crafted of solid English Walnut, which is devoid of formaldehyde glue as well as other toxins. Making use of engineered wood allows LAXseries to maximize the output from each tree and reduce waste to a bare minimum.

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