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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 11

by Oladimeji Charlton

Interior design is a fine art. While most of us will have to decorate a living space at some point, knowing how to do it well is another matter. 

That is why interior designers are in high demand. People pay huge amounts of money for professional designers to come and decorate their homes! However, most people don’t have the budget to afford this, and have to carry out their own interior design projects.

Knowing where you should start when decorating a room is often difficult. Thankfully, there is a wealth of information and inspiration out there on the web. Many interior design experts have their own blogs, where they showcase their projects, as well as useful, practical tips, product recommendations, and DIY hacks.

With so many interior design blogs to choose from, it can be very difficult to find the most useful information. While there are hundreds of brilliant interior design blogs out there, many blogs are run by amateurs and offer irrelevant or even harmful advice. 

That is why we have sorted through countless blogs to separate the inspirational from the best avoided. Here are 12 of our picks of the best interior design blogs of 2024 you should check out for inspiration for your next design project.

Two shelves in the top corner of a room, with ornaments and artwork on them

Michelle Ogundehin

Image Source


Michelle Ogundehin is a writer, author, TV presenter, influencer, and brand consultant who is well-renowned as an expert in interior design, and was even once the lead editor of ELLE Decoration UK. The impressive list of credentials makes her self-titled blog well worth visiting, and her expertise is reflected in the quality content offered here. Michelle is all about the details, and this sets her designs apart from others you can find online.

A kitchen sink on rustic wooden cupboards, with decorative houseplants

A Small Life

Image Source


Many of us have smaller homes and living spaces than those we typically see on interior design blogs, in magazines, and on TV. However, this does not mean that we can’t also have gorgeously designed homes! A Small Life is the perfect blog for inspiration when it comes to decorating smaller spaces. Not only does Melanie, the blog’s owner, understand small space style, but she also keeps a heavy focus on sustainability and affordability. Smaller spaces and budgets do not necessarily mean reduced possibilities—this blog offers plenty of proof of that!

A traditional dresser with a lamp, houseplants, and a mirror

The Pink House

Image Source


Disclaimer: the house described in blog The Pink House actually features many other colors as well as pink! When founder Emily relocated to an Edwardian house in London with a pink front door, she became devoted to making this “pink house” as attractive a living space as possible. This blog documents her journey in making this dream come true, and includes plenty of practical tips as well as inspirational images.

A modern, minimal white dresser with a wall-mounted mirror and two lamps


Image Source


Another blog that lives up to its name, Remodelaholic is an excellent showcase of how you can build and remodel items and spaces to create your own effect. Featuring step-by-step guides on topics like DIY, IKEA remodeling hacks, and more, this is a great blog to visit for inspiration and advice if you want to put your own twist on things.

A childrens’ bedroom with cot, dresser, and toys.

Charlotte Nichole

Image Source


UK-based lifestyle blogger Charlotte Nichole has been blogging on interior design topics for years, and her self-titled blog is an attractive space full of inspiration and tips. As well as delving into design trends, Charlotte also explores how interior design can help in daily life, such as how well-designed rooms can boost your productivity and wellbeing. Her own apartment, featured heavily as an example, has an appealing and unique style you’ll love.

A grand lounge area with floor-to-ceiling windows, decorated in the traditional style

COVER Magazine

Image Source


If you like your designs a little grander and more ambitious than most, COVER is the blog for you. COVER has been showcasing the cutting edge of high-class design trends since 2005, with a particular focus on textiles and handmade rugs. The stunning, high-quality images of sophisticated interiors from all over the world are sure to spark some inspiration.

A lounge area with sofa, rug, chair, and artwork on the walls.

Jenny Komenda

Image Source


Designer and artist Jenny Komenda sells stunning art prints from her online Juniper Print Shop. What’s more, her attached blog Jenny Komenda features her prints in a variety of indoor spaces alongside furniture and decor products (with links to where you can buy them) from other brands that work well together. As well as inspirational spaces, this blog also features handy gift guides, DIY tips, and room transformations!

A dresser, floor lamp, and painting in a room with a black painted wall


Image Source


Interior decorator and blogger Yelda has lived all over the US, from New York to California to DC, and her love of interior design has traveled with her. While her day job is as a foreign affairs policy officer, her blog Decor Envy is an outlet for her interior design passion. Her own projects and inspirations are shared, and her glamorous monochrome aesthetic is displayed in depth.

The interior of a renovated shed, with ceiling lights, chairs, and wardrobes

Homemade by Carmona

Image Source


Ursula Carmona is the blogger, designer, and DIYer behind Homemade by Carmona. Ursula has contributed designs to Good Housekeeping, Better Homes & Gardens, and more, as well as hosting HGTV’s Table Wars: The Look for Less. This blog is dedicated to sharing Ursula’s design projects and inspirations, and helping others with their own projects, whatever their budget. If you have expensive taste and a limited budget, this blog is definitely worth looking at!

A wall-mounted sink in a tiled bathroom area, below a wall-mounted mirror

Vintage Revivals

Image Source


DIY and design blog Vintage Revivals is run by Mandi, on the principle that “your house should look like you and no-one else.” Ambitious room makeovers are the bread and butter of this blog, with product recommendations and buyer’s guides thrown in for good measure. Each project showcased features step-by-step explanations so you can replicate these projects in your own designs.

A children’s bedroom with rustic dresser, shelves, and brickwork effect painted wall.

Sugar and Cloth 

Image Source


Sugar and Cloth is a popular lifestyle blog that includes articles on food travel, gift guides, and—you guessed it—interior design. The blog’s founder Ashley Rose started the blog in 2011 as an outlet for her interest in design and all things aesthetic. The blog’s style is colorful and quirky, and the articles are full of useful product recommendations and tips on how to make your living spaces both attractive and practical.

A wall-mounted mirror at the end of a bath in a terracotta-tiled bathroom.

Old Brand New

Image Source


Blogger, photographer, artist, and design lover Dabito has had work featured in Better Homes & Gardens, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, ELLE Decor, Architectural Digest, and more. His expertise in interior design is brought to his own blog Old Brand New, where you can see his own design projects. Dabito’s design style is colorful, takes influence from global styles, and combines the modern with the vintage. If you want to combine influences to create your own unique style, this blog is a great source of inspiration.

Find Your Design Inspiration

You are sure to find some inspiration from these blogs that you can use in your own interior design projects. Keep an eye out for our next Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You article, where we will showcase another 12 fantastic blogs to inspire your next interior design project.

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