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How to modernize your living room with Mash Studios

by Oladimeji Charlton

mash studios living room furniture

The living room can often be the space in the house that gets neglected when it comes to design. But this doesn't have to be the case. With a few simple changes, you can create a modern and stylish living room that suits your needs and budget.

The living room serves as a place to entertain guests, relax with family, and watch TV. It should be a space that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

The Mash Studios LAX Series is made in Southern California using high-quality materials including ash, teak, and walnut, and is coated with natural oils that are free of VOCs and solvents.

The brand's dedication to sustainability extends beyond its beautiful appearance. At all phases of the design process, the materials used are chosen not just for their durability, but also for their environmental sustainability.

Let’s look at our best tips to modernize your living room and how you can do it with Mash Studios LAX Series premium furnishings.

A well crafted coffee table is the cornerstone of a living room

A coffee table is the centerpiece of a living room. It provides a place to put drinks and snacks, and it also adds an element of style to the space. The design and materials used in a coffee table can make all the difference in how your living room feels.

The Mash Studios LAX Milking Table is great for green living

The Mash Studios Milking Coffee Table is not only sustainable and durable, but it also complements the rest of your interior design. It can be an excellent way to show off your personality or style without breaking the bank.

The Mash Studios LAX Storage Bench is a fine and durable piece of furniture

4 reasons why you need a Mash storage bench in your modern living room

1) A Mash Studios LAX Storage Bench is a great way to store items that you want to keep out of sight, but not necessarily out of mind. The perfect spot for shoes, bags, backpacks, and groceries.

2) A Mash Studios storage bench is a great way to modernize the look of your living room. Storage benches are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and materials. From contemporary to traditional, there's something for every décor style. They're also versatile - you can use them as foot rests, seats or additional storage for your favorite books and magazines.

3) The LAX Series storage bench can provide seating when the bench is equipped with cushions or pillows.

A modern storage bench this size may be positioned near a lounge chair, in an entryway, or across from a sofa. The cushion should be made of fabric that coordinates with the furniture nearby. This can be achieved by choosing coordinating fabric for the cushion or by using a slipcover on the existing cushion.

4) Made of highest quality English Walnut, these storage benches are easy to clean and maintain

If you're looking for a bench that's functional and aesthetically pleasing, these wood storage benches from Mash are the perfect choice.

The modern Mash Studios LAX Entertainment Shelf

Add a leisure item to your living room decor

A modern living room is incomplete without a TV and an entertainment shelf from Mash studios. A TV shelf not only provides an elegant place to display your TV but also creates a focal point in the room.

There are many reasons why you should have an entertainment shelf in your living room. It can be used as a storage unit for all your gaming consoles, books, Blu-Rays, etc.

The most important reason why an entertainment shelf is essential part of modern decor is that it saves on space. This is especially important if you live in small apartment or have limited space available for furniture.


  1. Shelves provide an attractive way to display art or other decorative items in your home.

  2. They add much-needed extra storage to any room in the house.

  3. An entertainment shelf can be used to create a wall of sound with audio equipment such as speakers and turntables


What are some other ways to modernize my living room?

Replace your sofas with modular ones

Sofas are the most expensive piece of furniture in a living room and they also take up a lot of space. Modular modern sofas are perfect if you want to modernize your living room without breaking the bank. They're a great alternative to traditional sofas because they're customizable and take up less space.

Hang some art

Hanging some art on the walls is another great way to modernize your living room decor without spending too much money on it. There are plenty of beautiful prints available in stores that you can choose from and they usually don’t cost more than $50 per piece.

Freshen up the walls with new paint color

The living room is the place where we relax and spend time with friends and family. It is the heart of our home. That is why it needs to be welcoming, comfortable and inviting.

Painting the walls with a fresh color can make a huge difference in how your living room looks like. It will give you a new perspective on your home decorating project. A new color will make your space feel refreshed and more vibrant, while also giving it an updated look that reflects your personality.

Layer up some rugs in your living room

The first modern rug you want to layer up is a large, fluffy rug that will be the focal point of the room. This rug should be placed in front of a sofa or a fireplace. You can also place this rug in front of a window where there's plenty of light coming in to create a cozy atmosphere.

Next, add an accent rug to the room that will add color and pattern to your space. If you're going for a more modern look, then you'll want to use an abstract design or geometric pattern that complements your other furniture pieces. 

If you're going for more rustic vibes, then try using a tribal print or animal print rug with earthy colors like browns and greens.

Go green

Plants are a no-brainer addition to your modern living room design toolkit.

They can make a dull room seem more vibrant and alive. It's important to choose the right plant for the right environment, but in general, most plants will thrive in rooms with plenty of sunlight and temperature control.

Plants and greenery can make your living room feel more alive and inviting. They also help purify the air, which is a great benefit for people who suffer from allergies or asthma.

There are usually some great gardening outlets locally across the States around where you can get low-cost, high-quality greenery for your modern living room.

Final tips

  • Change your furniture: This is one of the most important steps of all. It can dramatically change the feel of your room and make it more inviting and comfortable. So if you have an old couch that's not very comfortable, it's time to replace it with something new and modern.
  • Add some color: If you're tired of the all black or all white look, add some color with throw pillows or a rug for instance. You can also add color by painting one wall a bright hue like red or yellow and letting the other walls be neutral colors like white or gray.
  • Rearrange your existing furniture every so often so it feels fresh and new. If you've lived in the same place for awhile, it can get frustrating to look at your furniture. Things can get messy and cluttered over time. But there are ways to spruce up the room with minimal effort. Simply rearranging your furniture every so often is one of them.

Let us help you choose the perfect Mash products for your modern living room decor. Contact us today.

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