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Top 10 Skagerak Furniture Pieces

by DAnny Robertson

top 10 skagerak furniture pieces

One of our favorite brands, Skagerak, epitomizes Nordic design aesthetic with their collection of raw natural wood furniture pieces. We’re excited to dive into our top 10 Skagerak furniture pieces and help you decide on a beautiful new piece for your home.

Before we get into individual Skagerak furniture pieces let’s have a quick look at the company. Skagerak is a Danish furniture and home accessories design company. Skagerak prides themselves on quality craftsmanship. They are master artisans.

Being Danish based they obviously have deep roots in Scandinavian modern design. Close your eyes and you can imagine these pieces in a home surrounded by the flat, green pastures and fjords of the low lying areas of Denmark.

But as you will see from their variety of designs in many of the pieces featured below, they take inspiration from both east and west. 

If you'd like to learn more about Skagerak as a brand, jump on over to our Skagerak Buyer's Guide for an in depth review.

georg stoolSkagerak Georg Stool

We love the Georg Stool and how it exemplifies the fusion of influences that inspire Skagerak designs. This stool combines Nordic sensuality and Japanese minimalism.

This stool is a classic. It combines smooth turned oak poles and rounded edges with a soft wool cushion held in place by a braided leather strap. The combination of textile, skin and wood beautifully stimulates the senses. 

The stool provides a level of comfort making it perfect for family gatherings or entertaining guests in comfort

The Skagerak Georg Stool has a simple elegance that guests will admire while also being practical and hardy, meaning it will survive the wear and tear of everyday family life. 

fiona stoolSkagerak Fionia Folding Stool & Table

The Fionia Stool & Table is a modern, Nordic interpretation of the ancient X-chair, a design that is known to have been used in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome

This simple elegant design, and triangular construction has multiple uses. It can be easily used as a portable stool. The stable surface also means that this piece has numerous uses. It can also be used as a bedside table or a stand for pots and flowers throughout the house. 

The ease and portability of the iconic Fionia make this piece incredibly popular, especially with those who regularly like to rearrange the house. It’s easy to move and easy to repurpose. 

Jut cabinetSkagerak Jut Cabinet

If you are looking to furnish your home and your style is modern and nordic, the Jut Cabinet is a perfect addition to any living room or hallway. 

The rounded legs abutting the outer corners of the cabinet contrast elegantly with the straight edges of the cabinet. The brass handles are aligned with the tabletop. 

The cabinet is crafted from Oak. Customers have a number of preferences for the cabinet top. You can choose Oak, Black Marble or Green Marble. 

This 3 compartment cabinet combines quality craftsmanship with simple practicality. It contains one full length storage compartment. The other 2 contain a removable shelf so you can alter the storage as required. 

dryp drying rackSkagerak Dryp Drying Rack

If you are going to dry your laundry, you may as well do it in style. The Dryp Drying Rack's quality craftsmanship means that it can handle anything the family throws at it. It contains rubber tips underneath to ensure no slippage or movement whilst in use.

The Dryp can be used in two ways - folded in half as a triangle for freestanding usage or straight up leaning against your wall. 

Most importantly, your Dryp folds up discreetly for storage when not in use - the ultimate space saving piece of furniture if you don’t have an outdoor clothesline (or it is raining.)

georg side tableSkagerak Georg Side Table

The Georg side table mimics the Georg stool as an important part of this series in the Skagerak range. The difference being that the side table does not include the leather strap and cushion. The elegant simplicity of the Georg side table means that it can fulfil a number of uses and fit in with a number of different interior styles.

It can be used as a side table, end table or night stand and is available in raw oak or black painted oak. It is sturdy and hard wearing - meaning it can survive regular use - whether it’s used to hold guests drinks whilst entertaining or whether you use it as a bedside table to store books, a light and a glass of water. 

Building TableSkagerak Building Table

The Building Table is a functional and modern side table crafted from oak. The angular, geometric design is a real statement  piece that is available in two sizes that fit perfectly together in a variety of creative ways. This table will become a feature of whatever room it is in. Your guests will want to talk about it. 

The Building Table is perfect next to your bed or next to your couch. We have customers that buy one and others that buy both, giving themselves more options for use and layout with the Building Table. 

georg deskSkagerak Georg Desk

If you want your home office to be uncluttered, it makes sense to fill it with a simple and elegant desk. Like everything else in the Georg range, this desk is minimalist with its Scandinavian inspired design.

The Georg Desk combines slender round poles as legs, and rounded edges on the desk’s top.  The Georg Desk is large enough to store all your work, and small enough that it won’t overwhelm your room. It really is a perfectly sized desk. This explains its popularity with customers - especially those that have been working from home more often in recent years. 

The Georg Desk is available with an optional desk drawer module if required.   

georg dining tableSkagerak Georg Dining Table

The Georg Dining Table is perfect for those that enjoy entertaining but for whom space is also a premium. The Georg DIning Table comfortably seats up to 6 adults with room to spare.

The reason for this is the elegant fusion of Danish and Japanese inspiration. This means the table is laid out perfectly to ensure that everyone at the table can sit comfortably without being burdened by the table legs. This Dining Table features the same signature rounded legs seen on other pieces in the Georg range.

The Georg Dining Table is crafted from solid oak. It’s simplistic yet sturdy design means that it can survive everything the family may throw at it -whether it is being used for after school homework, family dinners or entertaining guests. 

aldus tableSkagerak Aldus Table

Just looking at the Aldus Table, what inspired its design seems obvious. This elegant and practical rectangular table takes inspiration from the widely available, and historically popular, trestle table. It is artisanally crafted and large enough to comfortably sit up to 8 people. 

The thick, oak veneer table top is hard wearing and durable. This is a popular dining table for everyday usage for any family, whilst also elegant enough to make the perfect entertaining table. 

maissi benchSkagerak Maissi Bench

The Maissi Bench is as much an art piece as it is practical furniture. (It’s definitely a practical piece for any home.) The Maissa Bench comfortably sits 2 people. You can see where it draws inspiration from the handrails from old stairs and industrial machinery. 

With its narrow style and clean cuts, our customers are offering the Maissi Bench to welcome guests in their hallway or also as an extra seat in the living room.

As you can see, Skagerak furniture heavily emphasises the Danish influences of their founders. These top 10 Skagerak furniture pieces fit together seamlessly and elegantly and would make the perfect addition to any home. 

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