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Our Favorite Ferm Living Tables

by DAnny Robertson

ferm living table

Tables are a vital part of any home - It’s where we gather round to eat, work, or relax with our favorite cup of coffee and a good book. The right tables are an integral part of any home. Ferm Living creates some of the most beautiful and stylish Scandinavian inspired tables on the market, and are sure to add just the right touch to any room.

With this article we wanted to share with you our top 10 Ferm Living Tables. These visually striking tables are popular with customers and staff alike. We are confident if you are in the market for a new table for your home that there is something in the Ferm Living range that will suit your needs. 

If you'd like to learn more about Ferm Living, read our Ferm Living Buyer's Guide.

Below are some of the types of Ferm Living tables we’ll be discussing:

  1. Ferm Living Dining Tables - Not just for dining, a scandinavian dining table serves a much more important role. They can be the place of important conversations with family, entertaining friends late into the evening. They can also be a place of hobbies (they’re the perfect size for a big jigsaw puzzle.) One of the most underappreciated and valuable uses for a dining table though is that they are a place of education and learning. Your children will spend many hours doing their homework at the dining table. 

  2. Ferm Living Coffee Tables (and side tables) - Like dining tables, scandinavian coffee tables are great time for family time and entertaining. Whether a place for drinks and long conversations with friends, or a place for the family to sit around on a lazy weekend afternoon or a quiet evening in front of the television. 

  3. Ferm Living Side Tables - Most rooms need the perfect modern side table - for storing your books, knick knacks, your bedside light and even a glass of water. 

When choosing the right table there are three things you need to consider:

  1. Table Shape - The shape you choose depends on the size of the room as well as your  own design aesthetic. Whether you choose rectangle, square, round or something more artistic for your tables  can often come down to personal preference and whether you have a desire for visual symmetry or something more visually striking. 

  2. Table Size - You don’t want to overburden a room, and you need to think about everything else in a room when choosing your tables. A table that is too large will give the feeling of clutter and this can subconsciously have people feeling uncomfortable. When choosing a dining table don’t forget to take into account dining chairs - whether you have them already or whether you are also buying new dining chairs. You need to think about a table that will fit your desired number of chairs. 

  3. Table Material - Tables, especially dining tables and coffee tables, can be an anchor point for any room so the material you choose is important from a design perspective. It’s also important to think about the table’s usage and required durability. If you have a family with young children, hard wearing and durable materials are especially important. The ideal table will combine the important elements of visual appeal and the durability required for your personal circumstances.

ferm living travertine tableFerm Living Travertine Table - Large

The Large Travertine Table is a functional and aesthetically pleasing scandinavian table that will be a wonderful addition to any living space. It combines the beautiful yet durable travertine table top with a powder coated metal frame that gives a nod to an industrial design aesthetic.

With the rich texture of travertine meaning every table has its own natural detailing, every Travertine table has its own story to tell and this is the perfect feature piece for any room.

ferm living travertine table mediumFerm Living Travertine Table - Medium

The Travertine Table is a perfect table for any living space often comes down to size. If you love what you have seen with the Large Travertine Table mentioned above but are worried it might not suit your space, don’t worry we have you covered. 

The same visually striking table mentioned above, just in a smaller package. Why not buy both the large and medium table to create an artistically striking living space that will be the envy of all your guests. 

ferm living place side tableFerm Living Place Side Table

The Place Side Table is as much a piece of art as it is a fully functional side table. Combining aesthetically pleasing geometrical shapes with sturdy and durable construction from powder coated metal, this statement piece is available in two colors - black and cashmere.

This audacious design is designed to be deliberately unbalanced. It is designed to be noticed and it is the perfect side table to accentuate other feature pieces of your own - whether a flower pot, a lamp or other personal design choices and decorations. 

ferm living distinct side tableFerm Living Distinct Side Table

The Distinct Side Table is a quality fusion of Danish inspiration and Japanese minimalism, all crafted from beautiful travertine to give each Distinct Side Table its own unique story. 

The Distinct Side Table is a complex blend of multiple levels and strong angles, softened by the earthy textures of the sand colored limestone. 

ferm living marble table mediumFerm Living Marble Table - Medium

The Modern Ferm Living Marble Table will look gorgeous everywhere, whether you place it on the bedside, besides your preferred chair, in front of the sofa, or just in a corner carrying your favorite items on top.

The Scandinavian inspired Marble Table is available in 3 beautiful marble colours. The marble tabletop is hard wearing and durable. This piece is long lasting and will be the perfect piece for any family home. 

ferm living marble table largeFerm Living Marble Table - Large

The team at Ferm Living have you covered if you are looking for a Marble Table but need something bigger than the Medium Table featured above. Like the medium sized version, this Marble Table is perfect for a number of uses and is available in 3 contrasting colours (white, black and brown.)

Many of our customers are choosing to combine the medium and large tables throughout their house to fill their own design desires.

ferm living bevel table roundFerm Living Bevel Table - Round

The Bevel Table from Ferm Living is an elegantly strong, black oiled dining table that is perfect for those from small households or for whom space is a premium. The quality materials mean this piece is long lasting and hard wearing. 

The Ferm Living designers have crafted this piece from solid oak. The broad, sculpted legs of this transitional piece give a modern edge to what is a classic design. It easily seats 4 people. 

Ferm Living Bevel Table Extendable x 1Ferm Living Bevel Table Extendable x 1

If you appreciate the compact nature of the Beval Table described above, and love the bold design yet soft edged table mentioned above, yet also have the desire to entertain occasionally, then the Bevel Table with a single extension may be the perfect table for you.

Its quality oak design means this table is long lasting and sustainable. When at its most compact size this table fits perfectly into any compact dining space and comfortably seats 4 but if you are entertaining you can easily extend the table to seat 6 - comfortable in the knowledge that you can easily shorten the table again after your guests have left.

Ferm Living Bevel Table Extendable x 2Ferm Living Bevel Table Extendable x2

We personally love the Bevel Table so much that we thought we would mention it a 3rd time by letting you know that this beautiful piece is also available in the “Extendable x 2” version that comfortably sits 8 at its full extension.

If you like to entertain large groups, but don’t want to always have a dining table taking up this full space, then you really do need to check out this table. It’s the perfect table for entertainers where space is a premium. 

Ferm Living Flod Tiles Dining TableFerm Living Flod Tiles Dining Table

The Flod Tiles Dining Table is a special order piece and when you look at the attention to detail, you’ll surely understand why. It combines a galvanized steel frame with  the warm and natural texture of ceramic tiles. The tiles are hand-crafted in Italy using the finest clay from the River Po, the tiles have a rich tactility and have been made using only water, fire and human hands. 

The tiles are available in 2 colors, both of which beautifully contrast against the black frame.

Perfectly adapted for indoor-outdoor living, these tiles are placed into the frame unsealed, allowing for any rain or moisture to smoothly pass in between the tabletop and through the perforated frame.

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