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Redesigning Your Dining Space

by Aleli Ello

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction: The Dining Room as a Culinary Stage

  2. Current Interior Design Trends for the Dining Space

  3. Essential High-End Furniture Pieces for a Modern Dining Room

  4. The Magic of Mood Lighting: Pendants, Chandeliers, and More

  5. My Top 5 Favorite Dining Room Products

  6. Brands That Set the Dining Decor Tone: Top 3 Picks

  7. Conclusion

Introduction: The Dining Room as a Culinary Stage

At the heart of every home is the dining room—a witness to laughter, conversations, and the shared joy of meals. Over the years, this space has transitioned from a mere eating spot to a canvas for interior creativity. As we uncover the latest trends and blend them with timeless furniture pieces, we aim to make your dining area both an aesthetic delight and a warm gathering spot.

Current Interior Design Trends for the Dining Space

Nature's Embrace:

Concept: Bringing the outdoors in. Nature not only soothes the eyes but also rejuvenates the soul. By incorporating elements of nature into our dining spaces, we seek solace and a break from our screen-saturated lives.

Implementation: Introduce potted plants like the fiddle leaf fig or the snake plant. A vertical garden on one wall can be both a focal point and an air-purifying addition.

Artistic Walls:

Concept: Beyond wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint, walls become a backdrop for expressions.

Implementation: Feature a gallery wall with a mix of abstract art, family photographs, and travel souvenirs. Consider murals or wall sculptures that resonate with your personal style.

Textured Tales:

Concept: Engaging the senses with a rich interplay of textures. The juxtaposition of different tactile experiences creates a more layered and inviting space.

Implementation: Velvet upholstery for chairs, a woven jute rug underfoot, and a marble or quartz-topped dining table.

Essential High-End Furniture Pieces for a Modern Dining Room

Statement Dining Tables:

Spotlight on Mater’s Range: Mater’s commitment to creating sustainable designs is evident in their classic wooden dining tables. Whether you choose their oval designs or the more traditional rectangles, you’re investing in a piece that will stand the test of time.

Comfortable, Chic Seating:

Canvas Home’s Offerings: Their seating options bring a touch of the luxurious without compromising on comfort. Their velvet upholstered chairs, available in rich hues like emerald and royal blue, promise durability and style.

Functional Sideboards and Cabinets:

Eastvold’s Craftsmanship: Apart from storing your finest china, Eastvold’s cabinets and sideboards, with their sleek lines and contemporary finishes, add a modern touch. Their Elko Credenza, available in various colors, can be a vibrant addition or a muted complement based on your choice.

The Magic of Mood Lighting: Pendants, Chandeliers, and More

Statement Pendants by Pablo:

Why Choose Pablo: Renowned for their sleek designs and innovative lighting solutions, a pendant by Pablo doesn’t just illuminate—it accentuates.

Implementation: Consider their Circa Pendant range for a minimalist look or their Swell series for an eclectic vibe.

Elegant Chandeliers by Louis Poulsen:

Highlighting the Artichoke: The Artichoke chandelier is a masterclass in design. Its layered structure ensures glare-free light, making every meal under it a visual treat.

Table Lamps by NYTA:

Functional Elegance: NYTA's collection of table lamps is versatile. Whether placed on a buffet table or a sideboard, they are as functional as they are stylish. Their Tilt Globe, with its swiveling shade, allows you to direct light precisely where you want it.

My Top 5 Favorite Dining Room Products

  1. Cane-line Endless Dining Table - Rectangle: Crafted with ethically sourced wood, its design speaks of timeless elegance.

  2. TOOU Stellar Chair - Upholstered: Dine in luxury! These chairs, apart from being sturdy, bring a touch of opulence.

  3. Pablo Circa Chandelier: Their simple design ensures they blend seamlessly into any décor while elevating it.

  4. Eastvold Elko Credenza: Available in a range of colors, this piece promises storage without compromise on style.

  5. Louis Poulsen PH Artichoke Pendant - Polished Stainless Steel: A design icon, it promises to be the centerpiece of your dining room.

Brands That Set the Dining Decor Tone: Top 3 Picks

Canvas Home: Their range effortlessly marries comfort and contemporary aesthetics, ensuring each meal feels like an occasion.

Mater: With their unwavering commitment to sustainable luxury, their pieces are both eco-friendly and elegant.

Pablo: Pioneers in modern lighting, they ensure your culinary creations are always showcased in the best light.


Curating your dining space is akin to setting the stage for countless memories. By harmonizing contemporary trends with classic high-end furniture, you ensure that every meal, every conversation, and every moment spent here is special. Remember, a dining room isn't just about eating; it's about celebrating togetherness.

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