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Modern Side & End Tables

Our carefully picked selection of modern side and end tables will complement the design and requirements of any contemporary environment, from sleek, elegant silhouettes to bold, futuristic shapes. We only sell side tables of the finest caliber from the most respected companies and today's hottest designers. Our extensive collection of modern side tables will breathe new life into your room, whether you're searching for a wood side table to add a natural touch or a metal side table for that sleek modern style.

How to choose the right side table

Pieces that are comparable in style to one another, whether in terms of color, pattern, or even the era and its defining characteristics, are necessary for a room to feel well-designed and harmonious. However, purchasing furniture that matches has essentially become obsolete.

People started putting matching furniture sets in their homes at a given point in time. It made it simpler to shop, but a little more challenging to design. Usually, rooms with matching sets come out as unoriginal and predictable. People that pay attention to detail today take a different approach. More and more buyers are straying significantly from the norm and selecting complementary rather than matching pieces. That is a terrific strategy, but it could take some time to find the pieces that look fantastic together in your room. Particularly when it comes to smaller pieces of furniture like end tables, some people have no idea how to arrange furniture. You may choose the ideal side or end table for your area by keeping in mind the basic design concepts listed below.

1 - Shape

Determine the location where the table will be placed before deciding on the shape, then determine which shape for a modern living room table is most appropriate for the area. For instance, choose a square shape if it will be positioned in a corner. You can attempt other options if it doesn't worry you.

Try to include tables of various shapes in the space. For instance, a rectangular end table by Gus Modern would provide a good contrast to a coffee table that is oval or round by M.A.D Furniture. Similarly, if you own a square coffee table, round end tables can provide a good counterpoint. If you prefer to have the same shape for every side or end table in the space, try to increase interest by changing the materials or height.  

2 - Materials

Again, the combination is the most vital aspect. A marble and brass coffee table by Mater can nicely complement painted or wooden end tables by Souda. A gorgeous coffee table made of rosewood is marvelous when coupled with end tables made of brass. Given that the styles complement each other, the materials can be entirely different. 

3 - Styles

Few people dare to mix styles, but it can create aesthetic interest in a space. A traditional wood arm sofa can look nice when coupled with modern end tables; the reverse is also true. Also, a mid-century or modern side chair paired with an old-fashioned side table isn’t bad either. 

Keep in mind that end tables do not have to match one another. Given that styles and sizes are linked to each other, it is completely okay to place different end tables on both sides of a bed or sofa. 

4 - Size

If you are going to place end tables on both sides of the sofa, ensure that their depth and height closely match the depth and height of the arms of the sofa. The same applies for side chairs. While enhancing the appearance, it will also be easier to reach for the things on the tabletop when seated on the sofa. If you are unable to find an exact match, opt for smaller rather than bigger ones. 

Why a side or end table is important

Aside from the accent chair, a side table is the most essential piece of furniture that can introduce some style to your living space. Commonly overlooked, these accent pieces warrant attention. Similar to rugs and carpets, side tables might not be your living room’s focal point, but they surely hold the room together. Apart from being a perfect practical solution to store your books, drinks, TV remote, etc, side tables have a large impact on your living room’s appearance.