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Modern Coffee Tables

Coffee table, occasional table, cocktail table… You would hardly find another piece of furniture that has more than one name and function. Considering the importance and functionality of a good modern coffee table in the living room, it’s amazing how commonly this piece of furniture is overlooked.  We make shopping online for the perfect coffee table a breeze with our carefully curated selection of the best coffee tables by todays hottest designers and most reputable brands. 

How to choose the right modern coffee table for your space

When you think of the furniture of the living room, after sofas, coffee tables are the ones that come to mind. And although coffee tables are universal, there is a staggering variety to select from. The following 4 questions could help you figure out what you need:

  1. Your requirements: Coffee tables in family room and coffee tables in living room have different uses; for instance, coffee tables in family room are used more roughly. Consider that when you buy the next coffee table. 
  2. Is it a centerpiece: Often the coffee table is considered the room’s centerpiece. However, you can notice the same word being used in reference to a rug, a sofa or any other furniture piece. 
  3. Which material do you want: you will have a lot of options at your disposal as to the material when you go searching for a coffee table. The first option that pops to mind is wood, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try other materials such as metal or glass.
  4. The best size and shape: you can get coffee tables in numerous shapes. While the room’s shape has a big role in the selection process, the seating configuration is what you should pay attention to most of all.  

Coffee tables with a modern style

No doubt a coffee table is a classic piece of furniture that determines the overall design of the room, but resting your legs on them isn’t the only thing a coffee table is good for anymore. Modern coffee tables offer additional storage, can feature a pop-up workstation, or could function as a terrarium.  You’ll witness the amount of zing a simple and stylish or super functional coffee table can bring with our collection of expertly curated products from today's hottest designers like Eastvold, Greenington or Andersen FurnitureOur selection of modern coffee tables consist of a range of designs to suit every budget.

Coffee tables by today's top designers and brands!

When relaxing on your sofa or lounge chair, your coffee table is the first choice to place your drinks on. Anyone who has a living room without one would realize the significance of a coffee table. While there are such a vast amount of styles and brands to choose from, we've narrowed down our selection to a number of reputable brands that are producing the highest quality coffee tables available today.  Enjoy shopping our carefully curated collection of modern coffee tables and add that perfect element of style and functionality to your living room today.