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Modern Accents & Decor

Whatever kind of space you are decorating, selecting the right modern accents and decor can enliven a space, bringing out your style and personality.  We've we've put together a curated collection of beautiful and stylish decor and accent pieces from the world's most reputable design brands like Ferm Living and Menu to make shopping online a breeze and your home a beautiful space to be in.

What defines modern home decor?

Simplicity is the best word to describe modern home decor. Simple isn’t the same as boring of course, and the clean lines, geometric shapes, and neutral color palette of modern decor are far from boring. On the contrary, modern home decor is inviting, warm, and completely elegant in any home. The question is, how you do create modern home decor? Apparently, it’s not as easy as going to a store and buying items that feature clean lines. There’s more than that required; there are numerous fundamental ideas that should be ingrained into the creation of a modern space. 

“Modern” is regarded as a dirty word in some parts of the decorating world. Many people think that modern spaces are cold and lacking in personality. However, such a notion is far from the truth. Modern living spaces are inviting, warm, and even totally comfortable if designed correctly. While modern design usually lacks the ornamentations compared to more embellished design styles, their elegant style sense, and focus on quiet simplicity makes up for it in spades and brings a more sophisticated sensibility to a home.

Modern is quite a broad design genre and is not defined easily in terms of home decor. There is indeed an ‘official’ definition being passed around in the design world, but in reality, modern is personal, changing, and often specific to an era or place, such as Scandinavian decor, which is different than American mid-century modern. Modern design focuses on simplicity, honesty, and truth.  It is not minimal all the time, even though it tends to be. It isn’t always costly either..IKEA products can be equally modern as the ones from popular designers of the present. And the color palette is not always limited—sometimes an array of colors combine to achieve a modern vibe that suits a space perfectly. 

Modern home decor is defined by a few very basic ideas:

  • Simplicity - Clean lines, reduced clutter, and simple shapes all embody modern design. The things available should matter; it should be beautiful in its simplicity and grace
  • Functionality - Modern homes usually avoid ornaments that have no use. Instead of beautifying things with extra details, modern home decor shifts attention to the gorgeous simplicity of a functional and well-designed object. 
  • Technology - Whether it is the technology used for making the modern decor piece or advanced wifi or Bluetooth enabled items, there’s typically some type of advanced technology behind a piece of modern decor
  • Open spaces - Modern design loves space. It’s about what is not there, rather than what is there. The space and the interrelationship between objects are what matters in modern decor and interior design
  • Character - Finally, with modern design the natural character of the room surfaces, as there aren’t many redundant objects in the room.

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