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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 9

by Oladimeji Charlton

Renovating a living space—or designing it from scratch entirely—is no easy feat. Despite the fact that most of us have our own spaces and favorite design styles (even if we don’t know them yet!), only a small percentage of people really know how to carry out interior design projects in a way that yields the best results. Interior design is a difficult discipline that most of us simply don’t have the time to learn—at least not without help.

If you are wondering how to carry out a successful interior design project, you have probably considered looking online for inspiration and advice. The good news is there are thousands and thousands of interior design-related blogs for you to choose from! The bad news is there are thousands of low-quality blogs out there that may be useless or even offer bad advice that could harm your design project!

So, how can you tell the good from the bad? How can you find interior design blogs that are written by design experts with experience in the discipline? It can be difficult to find what is really worth reading. 

That is why we have done the work for you, and read countless blogs to curate a collection of only the best.

Here are 12 of our picks of the best interior design blogs of 2024 you should check out for inspiration for your next design project.

A modern, minimal lounge with sofa, coffee table,  and chairs.

California Home and Design

Image Source


California Home and Design does exactly what it sounds like—focusing on modern Californian design styles. However, you don’t have to live in California, or even in the US, to take inspiration from this blog! The inspirational rooms showcased here are stylish, and a range of design styles are covered to suit your tastes. The blog also features plenty of useful tips on sustainable decor, and recommended products.

A kitchen with charcoal-colored worktops, shelves, and walls

Abigail Ahern 

Image Source


Interior designer Abigail Ahern founded her own homeware retail store (named after herself) in 2003, and it has since grown into a popular online site too. As well as showcasing original homeware products, the Abigail Ahern site also has a blog full of home decor tips, product recommendations, and inspirational content. Abigail’s unique style—dark paint colors, faux flowers, and carefully curated spaces—is sure to inspire you in some way.

A spacious, brightly-lit bedroom decorated in the transitional style

Interior Design

Image Source


If you are looking for an interior design blog, the suitably titled Interior Design is worth a visit! This New York-based blog covers all aspects of the world of interior design, from high-end art projects to more domestic spaces. As well as inspirational images and descriptions of design projects of all styles from all over the world, the blog is also full of useful information such as product recommendations and innovations in design.

A large room with staircase, rug, and wooden floorboards, decorated minimally


Image Source


Although interior design blog Homedit features plenty of impressive, large-scale design projects, there is no shortage of practical advice for those of us with more limited constraints (such as smaller spaces) and budgets. The sheer amount of content on this blog means that you could spend many hours exploring all that there is to offer. Every aspect of home decor and DIY is explored on Homedit. The quality is excellent too—the advice is practical, with step-by-step guides and handy product recommendations.

A spacious modern bathroom with bathtub, sinks, toiler, and walk-in shower

Vintage Industrial Style

Image Source


If you are interested in deep dives into the styles of high-end interior designers, Vintage Industrial Style has plenty of insightful content to offer. As you can probably guess from the name, the blog focuses mostly on modern implementations of vintage, industrial, and classic design styles. Despite the high-end sophistication of many of the spaces, the site offers more than just inspiration—there are lists of tips on how you can replicate certain looks in your own projects.

A lounge space decorated with a wooden floor, artwork and white light fixture

SF Girl by Bay

Image Source


Blogger, author, photographer, and stylist Victoria Smith now lives in Laguna Beach, but her San Francisco roots inform her design style and projects, as you can see on her blog SF Girl by Bay. Victoria describes her style as “Bohemian Modern”, which suits it well—you can see many examples of modern functionality being accented with unique, colorful touches. If you want to bring out your artsy side while keeping your home practical, this blog is worth a browse.

An interior decorated with wall art and books on a dresser

Yellow Brick Home

Image Source


Yellow Brick Home is the project of husband and wife team Kim and Scott, who have chronicled their fifteen-year journey of home ownership and all the design and DIY projects that they have carried out together. Their room renovations are not only shared via excellent photographs, but the couple have also included plenty of descriptions of how their projects developed, and how you can do similar with your own projects. If you are looking to bring an older space back to life, the stories on this blog are likely to be useful.

A brightly-lit interior with wooden floorboard, rug, and two traditional leather armchairs

Nesting Place

Image Source


Interior design blogger Myquillyn Smith's blog Nesting Place has a simple yet inspiring philosophy: "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful". Based in a beautiful home in North Carolina, US, Myquillyn shares her own design and renovation projects for you to gain inspiration from, and there are also plenty of useful homemaking tips and product guides on the site. If you love the content on Nesting Place, Myquillyn has also written books that you can check out.

A hotel room with a white bed and a colorful headboard


Image Source


Founded in 2005 in Vancouver, Canada, Poppytalk covers travel, home design, and more. There are plenty of interior design tips and inspiring crafting guides that are manageable for beginners while also providing great results. You can also find product recommendation guides, IKEA hacks, and deep dives into architecture styles. The blog's founder and Creative Director Jan Halvarson adds her sense of artistic creativity to everything on the site, including the decor and DIY guides.

A colorful, modern home office with chairs, desk, and decorative houseplant

Sarah Akwisombe

Image Source


Influencer Sarah Akwisombe has experience in interior design, tech, business, music, and more, as well as being a mother and wife. Her self-titled blog explores all of these and more, and the interior design section is particularly abundant with great content. Images of colorful, modern interiors display Sarah’s unique design style for your inspiration, and there are deep dives into each of her design projects—from first ideas and mood boards through to completion, with detailed steps listed and product recommendations shared.

A bathroom decorated in the transitional style, with a wooden vanity unit

Jen Woodhouse

Image Source


Jen Woodhouse is another woman of many talents, with a self-titled blog to share them with the world. Not only is Jen a brilliant musician and wife, but she is also obsessed with interior design and DIY. Jen’s particular DIY love is designing and building wooden furniture, and you can find plenty of free DIY furniture plans on the site. In addition, there are also plenty of inspiring room transformations for you to check out.

A modern house with wooden floorboards and small home office space under a staircase


Image Source


Interior design blog DigsDigs was founded in 2008 by husband and wife Mike and Margarita Yarmish, to “inspire anyone to live a more stylish and happy life.” The site is a treasure trove of accessible and useful content, with articles on pretty much any aspect of interior design. Each article is impressively detailed, and you are sure to learn something new that will help you with your own project. There are also plenty of handy hacks and tips, and recommendations for designers with limited budgets.

Find Your Design Inspiration

There is sure to be a blog on this list to give you the inspiration and knowledge you need to decorate or renovate any room. Keep an eye out for our next article on Best Interior Design Blogs of 2024 to Inspire You article, where we will showcase another 12 fantastic blogs to inspire your next interior design project.

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