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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024| Part 8

by Oladimeji Charlton

Have you ever stared at the inside of a room and wondered how on earth to decorate it? Perhaps you are even renovating an existing room but have no idea how to choose a new look for it? Designing and decorating interiors in 2024 can be very difficult if you are not an experienced interior designer—which, let’s face it, most of us aren’t.

Luckily, there are plenty of experienced interior designers out there, and many of them have shared their wisdom online. There are countless interior design blogs on the internet, with many providing both inspirational photographs of stunning room designs and useful tips on how you can replicate their effects.

However, not all sites are useful, and some can even offer bad advice that could sabotage your project. What looks good on a screen may not necessarily work in real life, and could lead to you having to carry out an expensive renovation all over again! That is why we have read tons and tons of interior design blogs to find only the most useful and inspirational ones for you.

Here are 12 of our picks of the best interior design blogs of 2024 you should check out for inspiration for your next design project.

A lounge with wooden floor, ornate fireplace, rug, and armchairs

Thou Swell

Image Source


Interior design blog Thou Swell was named by its founder Kevin after a well-known jazz standard that he felt displayed an inspiring feeling of creativity and nostalgia. Kevin’s love of interiors goes back to his childhood home, and his expertise in the discipline has only grown over the years. Thou Swell is a great place to find handy tips on decorating, DIY, and entertaining in the house, and there are plenty of gorgeous photographs to spark your inspiration.

A modern kitchen worktop with cooking utensils and a coffee machine

Hygge for Home

Image Source


The Danish word “hygge” refers to a feeling of comfort, coziness, and contentment. The creation of this effect in the home is often the aim of the Scandinavian design style, which balances minimalism, natural materials, and feelings of tranquility. Reena, the founder of design blog Hygge for Home, shares her personal home projects that focus on creating hygge, as well as tips on how you can do the same. The feeling of hygge is different for everyone, but this blog is likely to spark some inspiration!

A colorfully-decorated room with chairs, tables, and a shelving alcove

La Dolce Vita

Image Source


La Dolce Vita was founded in 2007 by Texas-based interior decorator and blogger Paloma Contreras. Paloma’s extensive experience in the design industry has made her a trusted authority on all things interior design, and her blog is clear evidence of this. With a style that combines aspects of the Modern and Traditional design styles, Paloma creates luxurious interiors with a sophisticated style of glamor, and plenty of these projects are shared on the blog for you to take inspiration from.

A bathroom decorated with neutral color tones

Designs by Michele Rose

Image Source


In the words of professional interior designer Michele Rose, “interior design is a reflection of a person’s heart within the walls of a home.” Although Michele’s blog Designs by Michele Rose focuses mainly on kitchens and bathrooms, other room designs are also explored. If you are trying to create spaces that are highly functional as well as aesthetically attractive, this blog is certainly worth your time.

A grand, spacious traditional room with modern sofa and armchairs

The Cool Hunter

Image Source


The Cool Hunter was founded in 2004 by Bill Tikos, and is a celebration of “creativity in all of its modern manifestations”.  The site is a treasure trove of carefully curated content, with much of it on the topic of interior design and decor. From grand, ornate interiors to projects that you could replicate in your own home, this site is full of leftfield inspiration.

A spacious lounge decorated with earth tones

Centsational Style

Image Source


California-based designer Kate Riley has been writing about “how to bring affordable style to your home” for over a decade. Her blog, Centsational Style, covers interior design, textile designs, and creative DIY projects. The style of most of Kate’s personal projects showcased here is calm and bright, with dashes of vivid color. If you are trying to make your mark with a creative design style without breaking the bank, Centsational Style is certainly worth a look at. 

An open-plan kitchen and lounge space with colorful decoration


Image Source


Decoist is an interior design blog that focuses on “architecture, furniture and interior design.” Led by editor Sara Norris, Decoist’s team of writers regularly shares inspirational ideas of how to transform any room of the house, and in a variety of design styles. The site also features step-by-step DIY guides, color guides, comparisons of different styles, and more.

A modern lounge with two sofas, a coffee table, and a piece of wall art

Katrina Blair

Image Source


Blogger Katrina Blair is well-known from her past blog Chic Little House. Her new site, launched under her own name, is also full of inspirational interior design content (alongside travel and home entertaining content). Personal projects, design inspiration, and practical tips can all be found here. Katrina’s style tips for small spaces are particularly useful, so this blog is definitely worth checking out if you are trying to be economical with space.

A children’s bedroom decorated with painted woodland scenes on the walls

D For Design

Image Source


Interior designer and online content creator Silvia is heavily inspired by the natural world and sustainability, and this is reflected in her blog D for Design. Silvia’s mission is to provide sustainable, ethical interior design tips and inspiration that benefits the planet as well as your wellbeing. What’s more, the interior design projects showcased are all uniquely creative. If you love natural tones and cozy, comfortable minimalism, D for Design could be a great source of inspiration.

A minimal, modern bedroom with white walls and a double bed

Design Love Fest

Image Source


Los Angeles-based lifestyle and interior design blog Design Love Fest is the brainchild of art director Bri Emery, who has designed products for companies like Target and had work featured in publications like apartment Therapy, HGTV, Elle Decor, The LA Times, and more. Bri’s expertise is reflected in her blog, where she curates interior spaces and DIY projects of varying styles, complete with gorgeous photographs and useful tips.

A bathroom with tiles, wooden shelves, and stone bath

Italian Bark

Image Source


Italian Bark was founded by Italian professional architect Elisabetta Rizzato in 2013. Boasting an international team of writers and contributors, Italian Bark aims to keep readers updated on the latest interior design news and trends, as well as showcasing some of the most stylish and forward-thinking design projects across the globe. Although the sophisticated styles here are sure to inspire you, there are also plenty of practical guides and tips to help you to replicate these effects in your own home—whatever its size and your budget.

A room with rug, couch, and coffee table features

Residence Style

Image Source


Residence Style’s mission is “spreading different and exclusive ideas of interior and exterior designs”. The blog’s writers know that every reader’s preferred interior design style is different, so a wide range of styles is explored and showcased. If you are looking for practical tips, this blog is also especially useful—you can find guides on cleaning, DIY, renovation, preparing your home for a new pet, and more.

Find Your Design Inspiration

Inspiration doesn’t always come from just one source, so mixing and matching elements and tips from multiple blogs can be very helpful for designing a unique project that is personal to you. Keep an eye out for our next Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You article, where we will showcase another 12 fantastic blogs to inspire your next interior design project.

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