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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 7

by Oladimeji Charlton

Most of us aren’t experts in interior design. Interior design is actually a difficult discipline that can take years of practice and experience to master. However, most of us do have homes and living spaces that we want to make as inviting and useful as we can. We spend a large percentage of our time in our homes, so making them appealing spaces to be in is important!

Carrying out a successful interior design project can be surprisingly challenging. If you go into your decoration or renovation project blindly without planning anything, you are not likely to get satisfactory results. 

To get inspiration and practical advice on your interior design project, you should look to the experts. Thankfully, there are countless interior design blogs on the internet, written by experienced designers. 

However, finding the best blogs can be tricky, as there are just so many blogs out there—and some even offer bad advice that can sabotage your project. That is why we have done the work for you, and explored countless blogs to find the very best ones for you.

Here are 12 of our picks of the best interior design blogs of 2024 you should check out for inspiration for your design project.

A spacious, naturally-lit lounge decorated in the transitional style

Artsy Chicks Rule

Image Source


Blogger Nancy is an “artsy chick”, at least according to her husband. That is why she decided to start her blog Artsy Chicks Rule, which showcases her adventures with painting, decorating, and thrifting—all on a budget. If you are looking for DIY tutorials, furniture upcycling tips, and home decor inspiration that doesn’t break the bank, Artsy Chicks Rule is well worth a visit. Nancy’s own home projects are displayed, and are sure to inspire you to decorate on a budget.

A spacious, naturally-lit open-plan apartment

Savvy Home

Image Source


Savvy Home was founded in 2010 by Australian blogger Gabrielle Savoie, who has passions for interior design and travel, and shares tips and experiences of both. Savvy Home’s interior design features are in-depth and highly inspirational. The blog and projects showcased are inspired by a coastal aesthetic combined with traditional and modern design style aspects. If this sounds intriguing, why not browse the blog?

A spacious decorated basement with wooden floorboard and white painted wall panels

This Old House 

Image Source


This Old House is a popular American brand that you may have heard of—it produces a magazine and even a TV show on PBS, Warner Bros, and Roku! The brand’s site is full of just as many useful tips and inspirational interiors as the magazine and TV show, and is well worth a look. The articles are in-depth, and you can find information on all aspects of home improvement, as well as plenty of stunning photographs of various rooms.

A modern lounge space with a decorated stone wall feature


Image Source


Interior design blog HomeLane focuses on both aesthetics and functionality, and showcases a variety of interiors of all kinds and in all styles. On HomeLane, practical tips and sources of inspiration are both in abundance—you can find comparison guides between different materials (e.g., marble and granite for kitchen counters), as well as explorations of how certain colors and textiles can be used to evoke feelings of peace in the home.

A modern lounge, kitchen, and dining space with a patterned room divider

Room Decoration DIY

Image Source


Room Decoration DIY does exactly what it says on the tin—it explores all aspects of DIY and decorating interior living spaces. The blog believes in the “endless possibilities” of decor, and that “every room has its own unique challenges”. Although the blog leans towards showcasing the Mid-Century Modern and Farmhouse styles, there is plenty of variety. You can find ideas for decorating bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, home offices, and more.

A colorful, bohemian lounge space with plants and Christmas decorations

Casa Watkins Living

Image Source


Blogger Stephanie Watkins founded her site Casa Watkins Living as a creative outlet and to showcase her home decor projects. In her own words, her aesthetic is called “global bohemian style or Glo-bo”, and is “an eclectic mix of global accents with bohemian, tropical, and even a bit of modern farmhouse style”. Stephanie’s blog features many of her personal home projects, which all display her unique style, and include plenty of useful and easy DIY tips you can follow yourself.

A fireplace and wall painted with a stylized nature scene

Charis White

Image Source


Blogger Charis White is a professional stylist, and has contributed work to renowned interior design publications like Country Living, Hearst, Homes and Gardens, Marie Claire, The Sunday Times, M&S, and more. Charis loves exploring many different design styles, and her blog provides great examples of this. If you are looking for blog, creative, and unique designs, this blog is certainly worth checking out.

A modern bedroom with a double bed, rug, and stylish, abstract ceiling light fixture

SA Decor & Design

Image Source


South African media company SA Decor and Design is well-known for its influential annual hardcover guide for the industry, and its blog is no less high-quality. From small-scale interior design projects you can replicate in your own home, to the grand, inspirational homes of the rich and famous, this blog covers it all. SA Decor and Design is always aware of the latest style trends, and offers practical tips too.

A bedroom with stylish four-poster double bed and walls painted with a cloud effect

The Decorologist

Image Source


Blogger Kristie Barnett has contributed to publications like The Washington Post, Domino, The Huffington Post, This Old House, The Chicago Tribune, ABC News, House $ Home, Forbes, Good Housekeeping, HGTV, Better Homes & Gardens, and more. She is also an expert in decoration, home staging, and paint colors, and her projects have even won awards! The Decorologist is her personal blog, which shares her many years of experience and considerable expertise, and turns them into practical content that can help you with your own projects.

A bathroom wall decorated with various paintings

Paper & Stitch

Image Source


Atlanta-based blog Paper and Stitch has extensive collections of content on DIY and interior design. You can browse examples of inspirational interiors by style, color, room, decor focus, and interest, and there are also plenty of “before and after” transformations to inspire your own projects. What’s more, each article includes plenty of useful details and tips that you can follow.

A naturally-lit dining room with a houseplant, rug, and circular wooden dining table with chairs

Katrina Chambers

Image Source


You may remember Katrina Chambers from the 2011 season of Australian reality TV show The Block, where contestants compete to carry out home renovation projects before selling the homes at auction. As well as this, Katrina is also a popular blogger with a talent for interior design and experience in real estate. Her blog showcases plenty of her renovation projects, as well as guides on DIY and other aspects of homemaking.

A bathroom with a traditional bathtub, decorated with houseplants and candles


Image Source


Interior design blog Sunset is based in sunny Oakland, California, and displays a distinctly West Coast style. Although the blog also covers travel, lifestyle, and food and drink, the home decor section is extensive and high-quality. Sunset’s inspirational projects and practical guides are well worth exploring, whether you live on the West Coast or anywhere else in the world.

Find Your Design Inspiration

Inspiration can strike at the most unexpected times, but you are more likely to experience it if you are looking in the right places! These blogs are a great place to start, and you are sure to find something that vibes with you. Keep an eye out for our next Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You article, where we will showcase another 12 fantastic blogs.


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