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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 6

by Oladimeji Charlton

Transforming a living space into something that is attractive and you enjoy spending time in can be more difficult than you may think. It usually isn’t just a case of filling rooms with the things that you like—successful interior design requires thought, planning, and the careful choosing of furniture and decor that fulfils a purpose, provides an effect, and exists in harmony together.

This is a very difficult balance to strike, especially if you aren’t an experienced interior designer! Thankfully, the internet is full of examples of home design projects that can inspire you and offer practical tips on how exactly you can carry out a successful project in your own home.

However, not all blogs out there are useful or well-researched, and some can even offer harmful advice! Sorting high-quality blogs from poor-quality ones can be a difficult task, and you would much rather spend this valuable time on your interior design project.

That is why we have read thousands of interior design blogs to find the very best ones for you. Each of these blogs comes from experienced expert designers (whether professional or amateur) with extensive knowledge in home decor. Here are 12 of our picks of the best interior design blogs you should check out for inspiration for your design project.

A colorful room with blue and green tones, with a sofa and coffee table

The Design Files

Image Source


Founded in Melbourne in 2008 by stylist Lucy Feagins, The Design Files is the most popular interior design blog in Australia. The blog’s team of writers is dedicated to showcasing real Australian home design projects, as well as furniture, homewares, textiles, and more. The examples of projects on the site are not only inspirational—but there are also plenty of practical tips for you to use in your projects.

A clean, spacious kitchen decorated in the transitional style, with a dog

The Interiors Addict

Image Source


The Interiors Addict gives a good idea of what it is all about from its name! Another Australian design blog, The Interiors Addict was founded by former journalist Jen Bishop. Although Jen lacks formal qualifications or job experience in interior design, her passion for the art is unmatched. On this blog, interiors of various styles are brought to life to give you inspiration.

A large lounge area with various furniture, decorated in cream and brown tones

Apartment 34

Image Source


Despite its name, the interior design blog Apartment 34 does not just focus on apartments—all types of homes are covered on the site’s “Decor” section! There is also a wide variety of design styles showcased for you to take inspiration from. The writers of the blog, including founder Erin Hiemstra, take you through their design projects and how they carried them out step by step, which is particularly useful if you are after tips you can use!

A traditional armchair next to a mirror and table, on a wooden floor

Decor Aid

Image Source


Décor Aid is a popular interior design blog dedicated to “reinventing your home with elevated, visionary interior design." While the examples on the site often look highly sophisticated, there are plenty of affordable products recommended and tips that you can put into practice yourself. The “before and after” articles, which showcase room transformations, are particularly inspirational.

A minimal, modern lounge area with sofa, armchairs, coffee table, and fireplace

House & Home

Image Source


The blog of hugely popular US-based home and design magazine House & Home shares more than just a similar name to our own site House & Hold—it shares a commitment to finding the best home and furniture products and showcasing them for your inspiration. The content is every bit as high-quality as that in the magazine. Whether you are looking for product recommendations or renovation tips, House & Home is worth checking out.

A bedroom decorated in a green tone

A Cup of Jo

Image Source


New York-based blogger Joanna Goddard loves to share home decor tips for small spaces and small budgets. While many interior design blogs showcase grand homes out of the budget of most readers, Joanna’s blog, A Cup of Jo, is focused on providing inspiration for readers with more modest homes. Despite the focus on smaller spaces, the interior design projects have no shortage of creativity.

An open plan lounge space with sofas, armchairs, and patterned rugs on a tiled floor

Wit & Delight

Image Source


US-based blog Wit and Delight was founded in 2009 by designer and writer Kate Arends. Wit and Delight is a space for various inspirational lifestyle-related content, of which home decor makes up a significant amount. The blog’s personal style makes it enjoyable to browse, and the design tips are also practical and useful. Product recommendations, personal project diaries, and plenty of inspirational interior spaces make up this blog.

A white dining room set made with Furniture

One Kindesign

Image Source


Canadian blog One Kindesign was founded in 2009 as “a go-to spot for anyone who has a passion for architecture, design, lifestyle, luxury, travel, and innovation.” The site’s archives are a treasure trove of inspirational design content, from weird and wonderful spaces to the practical and conventional. The site frequently focuses on the smaller touches—the details that really create character and inject personality into living spaces.

A bedroom decorated in the transitional style, with a double bed and patterned rug

Cate St Hill

Image Source


Modern, minimal, and comforting are all words that could describe Cate St Hill’s blog and the projects that it showcases. If you want your living space to be calm, uncluttered, and functional while also having charm and personality, there are plenty of examples here, as well as handy tips for how you can bring these qualities into your own home. What’s more, the blog has a dedication to sustainable living that you can find in every article.

A naturally-lit lounge space with sofa, decorative cushions, and ornamental coffee table.

Cohesive Randomness

Image Source


Memphis-based stylist and designer Carmeon Hamilton is an unquestionable star of the blogosphere. Her experience from her popular business Nubi Interiors is reflected in this personal blog where she shares her own home renovation projects. Creativity, playfulness, and a bold aesthetic make up Carmeon’s design style, and this blog is certainly worth checking out if these things inspire you.

A minimally-decorated room with warm neutral tones, a sofa, coffee table, and houseplant

Happy Home Clinic

Image Source


Happy Home Clinic was founded in 2017 as Boreal Abode. The site’s founder, Juan Sandiego, is a successful interior design consultant and wellbeing coach, and his award-winning blog explores the link between the two. The blog is packed with easy-to-follow guides with useful design tips and inspirational photography. If you want to know how to make your home a space that fosters peace and happiness, this blog is for you.

A colorfully-decorated desk area with shelves and houseplants


Image Source


MyDomaine is a very popular and successful interior design blog based in sunny Los Angeles. Founded in 2013, the site’s mission statement is “to make the aspirational truly attainable—and affordable—whether you’re creating a designer-level home or throwing a magazine-worthy dinner party.” This goal is backed up with high-quality photography of stunning living spaces of all styles, as well as practical guides on how you can replicate their effects in your own projects.

Find Your Design Inspiration

Whether your favorite design style is traditional or modern, minimal or flamboyant, thrifty or extravagant, you are sure to find some inspiration in these blogs. What’s more—you can mix and match tips and features to create your own unique personal style. After all, your living space is your own, and a reflection of you! If you want more inspirational design content, keep an eye out for our next Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You article, where we will showcase another 12 fantastic blogs.


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