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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 3

by DAnny Robertson

Get inspired by our exhaustive list of the best interior design blogs of 2024, part 3. 

Interior design is a skill that not everybody has. If you are looking at an empty room in your house and wondering how you could decorate it, it can be very difficult to know where to start. The same can be true if you are trying to renovate a room with existing decorations, or to revamp a room into something new.

There are thousands and thousands of interior design blogs on the web that can help provide you with some inspiration for your interior design project. However, not all of them offer good advice or useful information! 

That is why we have read through countless interior design blogs to sort out which ones are worth your time. We made sure to only choose blogs written by knowledgeable experts, and we also chose blogs with a range of different specialities, so that you can find some helpful tips whatever your budget and preferred design styles.

In our last blog article, we shared 12 of our favorite inspirational interior design blogs. In this article, we will explore 12 more blogs where you can find inspiration for your next project. There is sure to be something here to suit everyone's tastes and budgets, whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced interior designer.

Tao of DanaTao of Dana

Image Source


The Tao of Dana is a blog founded by Dana Claudat— feng shui consultant, interior designer, and art curator. Dana uses these different skills to transform interior spaces and help clients make the most of their homes. The Tao of Dana brings her expertise to readers online, with a focus on the ancient Chinese art of feng shui and how you can use it in your home to create aesthetic and spiritual balance.

a naturally-lit loft bedroom with a sofa at the end of the bed.Studio McGee

Image Source


Power couple Shea and Syd McGee have been design influencers for almost a decade, run their own interior design studio called Studio McGee, and even have their own show on Netflix called Dream Home Makeover. The Studio McGee blog is a great place to find design tips, room inspiration, guides to different styles, and more. If you want to recreate the styles of the Netflix show, this is the blog for you.

a modern, spacious living room with sofa, chairs, and a view of the garden.Sarah Sherman Samuel

Image Source


Interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel runs one of the most renowned blogs in the interior design space. Sarah’s design work spans disciplines, including textiles and decorative arts as well as interiors. Her background in product design (she studied a BFA in the discipline) informs her approach to interior design, and the two are often combined. Interior designs on the blog typically feature unique decorative touches, and Sarah also recommends specific products that are sure to transform your living space.

a minimal living room with wooden floor and exposed ceiling beams, a fireplace, and two sofas.Cococozy

Image Source


Cococozy is written by Colette Shelton, also known as Coco. Coco is a home furnishings designer and interior design blogger who covers anything related to the world of decor. The Cococozy blog became so popular that Coco launched her own textiles collection named after it, and even landed a show on Amazon Prime called COCOCOZY Design House! As well as each article on the blog offering Coco’s expertise on decor and including useful tips, there are also plenty of handy list-based product recommendation guides.

a modern kitchen with custom-built paneled dishwasher units.Chris Loves Julia

Image Source


Another couple-run blog, Chris Loves Julia showcases the titular couple’s pet home design projects. Each project is extensively researched, and each product included is chosen carefully and every detail explained to the reader. As well as mood boards for inspiration, the blog also includes plenty of practical interior design tips. If you are looking for examples of cozy, family-friendly interior design and don’t have the time to spend countless hours yourself researching each product, this blog is ideal.

a spacious, naturally-lit modern bedroom with bed, rug, nightstand, and armchair.EyeSwoon 

Image Source


Eyeswoon is a blog “dedicated to the beauty and deliciousness of the everyday”. It was founded by design creative Athena Calderone, who combines her love of food and entertaining with her love of interior design. This comes across in the blog’s articles, where kitchen product recommendations are given for both practical and aesthetic purposes. As well as kitchens, there are design guides full of inspiration and practical tips for every other room of the house.

a modern bathroom with black floor tiles, pale hexagonal wall tiles, and a wooden sink unit.Becki Owens

Image Source


Californian influencer and interior designer Becki Owens has been revamping homes for over twenty years. Her distinctive aesthetic incorporates the tones and textures of the Southern California coast into modern, functional spaces. Becki’s blog includes examples of her renovations as well as product recommendations, design guides, and deep dives into specific design features and how you can use them effectively. While Becki’s projects have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Housekeeping, and more, her own blog is the best place to find inspiration.

an indoor balcony area with cushions, wall lighting, and a view of a forest.The Spruce

Image Source


The Spruce is a one-stop shop for all things interior design. As well as basic guides and inspiration, there are also tons of useful tips on how to keep various home features and furnishings clean and well looked-after. The Spruce’s dedication to being a trusted authority on product recommendations is reflected in The Lab, a space where the team actually carry out extensive tests on different products to make sure that they are practical as well as look stylish!

A modern bedroomDecor8 Design Blog

Image Source


Multidisciplinary interior designer Holly Becker’s blog Decor8 has been running since 2006, making it one of the longest-running interior design blogs on the web. Holly believes that “your home is your starting and endpoint each day, it should make you happy, feel safe, be cozy, and give you a warm and loving feeling.” The blog’s mission is to help you “design a more beautiful place to live using what you have”.  Decor8 not only showcases inspirational interior design spaces, but also includes lifestyle tips in a way that integrates with the home-related content of the site. 

a creatively designed lounge area of a boutique hotel.Design Milk

Image Source


Design Milk is an interior design blog that aims to give you your  "daily dose of vitamin D (that’s “D” for design!)". The blog is focused on everything modern, and the designs of tomorrow. From quirky and creative designs to tried-and-tested tips, Design Milk showcases a range of inspirational spaces and ideas. If you like a more artistic and unusual twist to design, this blog is definitely worth a look—and there’s even a shop where you can buy a range of furniture and home accessories.

A spacious modern home office space with desk, chair, and sofa.Freshome Decorating and Interior Design Ideas

Image Source


The Freshome blog is part of the MyMove site, a site which gives tips on planning all aspects of moving house. Freshome focuses on “Home Inspiration, Decorating, and Design Ideas for Your New Home”, and features resources guides, explanations of different design styles, and tips and ideas for every room of the house. For informative guides to specific projects (for example, creating a meditation room), Freshome is an extremely useful resource.

an adjoined kitchen and dining room decorated in the transitional style.The Inspired Room

Image Source


The Inspired Room is the blog of Melissa Michaels, designer and author of Simple Decorating and Love the Home You Have. The Inspired Room is particularly focused on budget-conscious interior design tips and DIY hacks, which is great if you are looking for affordable projects that you can carry out. However, the rooms showcased look stylish and high-end, and are sure to provide you with some inspiration!

Find Your Design Inspiration

Whatever your budget and whatever your taste in interior design styles, there are sure to be examples of similar successful projects online. These interior design blogs are certainly worth checking out if you are looking for inspiration, and they also offer handy tips to help you avoid common design pitfalls and make your living spaces the best that they can be. If you're looking to pair some great furniture with other high end pieces, make sure to shop our most popular brands like Essentials For Living, Cane Line, and Four Hands furniture.

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