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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 15

by Oladimeji Charlton

Are you staring at an empty room and wondering how to decorate it? Or are you thinking of replacing a room’s decor with something new? Whether you are renovating a living space or decorating one from scratch, it can sometimes be hard to find the inspiration that you need, especially if you have no knowledge of or experience with interior design.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sources of inspiration out there. While Instagram and Pinterest have no shortage of images of stylish interiors, sometimes you want something a little more in-depth than an image and brief caption. Interior design blogs can offer not only inspirational images, but also plenty of information on how to recreate similar effects in your own projects.

While there are thousands of interior design blogs on the internet to choose from, not all of them offer good advice, and it can be hard to tell the useful ones from the ones best avoided. That is why we have read countless blogs to find only the best, and curated them here for your convenience.

Here are 14 of our picks of the best interior design blogs of 2024 you should check out for inspiration for your next design project.

A wooden-floored lounge decorated with a rug, houseplants, and colorful wall art

Homey Homies

Image Source


Homey Homies is the blog of Michigan-based blogger and designer Hannah Michelle Lambert, who believes that “the root of great design is the personality of those who live in or consume it.” Hannah’s commitment to expressing personality through interior design is displayed with many examples of her projects, as well as guides on colors, styles, the latest interior design trends, and more. 

A loft converted into a bathroom, with bathtub, sink, and tiled walls

The Girl With The Green Sofa

UK-based blogger Nicola Broughton’s interior design journey started when she bought the eponymous green sofa and decided to start her own blog. Nicola was inspired to create her own interior designs and document her projects online, and her projects are particularly inspirational for amateur designers. As Nicola’s projects are all designed to be child-proof, this blog is especially worth a visit if you have kids and want to create living spaces that are suitable for them.

A modern kitchen with white cupboards and worktops

Segreto Secrets

Image Source


Texas-based design firm Segreto specializes in high-quality finishes of various materials that bring interior spaces to life. Segreto projects have appeared in Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, and many more respected publications. Segreto’s blog is also full of excellent content that can inspire your design projects. Examples of articles include explorations of real living spaces, color guides, and more.

A gray sofa in front of a colorful wall feature

Wheel Chic Home

Image Source


Blogger Vicki is “on a mission to find and share fabulous accessible #inclusivechic interiors, ideas for dealing with a disability in the home and wheelchair travel tips.” Her interior design blog Wheel Chic Home is a great source of useful content on how disability-friendly living spaces can be created, both in terms of practicality and style. Although there is a heavy focus on accessibility, Vicki’s tips are sure to inspire people of all circumstances.

A modern kitchen with white worktops and pale blue cupboards

ToolBox Divas

Image Source


Toolbox Divas is the blog of self-described “experienced handy woman and DIYer” and “lover of power tools” Timisha. Timisha’s personal remodeling projects (most of which include plenty of her favorite color blue) are explored in depth in this blog, with the practical steps needed to recreate them all included. Decor and woodwork are Timisha’s two passions, and the blog has plenty of articles on both!

A large kitchen with a kitchen island, ceiling pendant lights, and wooden chairs

The Design Twins

Image Source


Identical twin sisters Jodie and Julie make up The Design Twins, bloggers and designers who have been sharing their tips and projects online since 2014. Their goal is to share “home decor tips”, “DIY projects”, and “budget friendly decorating hacks” that anybody can do regardless of their skill and experience in interior design. The blog combines these practical and useful tips with a focus on wellness, and explains how home decor can increase your sense of wellbeing.

A colorfully-decorated bedroom with wall art, houseplants, and a mirror


Image Source


If you prefer bold, colorful patterns to minimal designs, Jungalow is the interior design blog for you. Blogger Justina Blakeney has been sharing her unique, vibrant design style since 2009, and her blog Jungalow has been featured in Domino magazine, Country Living magazine, Apartment Therapy, and more. This blog is full of inspirational living spaces that promote fun and “good vibes”.

A wooden-floored room with sofa, shelving units, and wall art

Warehouse Home

Image Source


Warehouse Home is an interior design service and magazine that helps people design interior spaces with a distinct “industrial inspired” style. The Warehouse Home blog is filled with inspirational examples of homes and public spaces decorated in this functional and eye-catching style. With product recommendations, decor tips, and explorations of art and trends, Warehouse Home is an excellent source of inspiration for fans of this unique, vintage look.

A large, modern, minimally-decorated lounge space


Image Source


Interior design studio Topology was founded in 2016 by designers Athina and Amy, and has been wildly successful. The Topology blog has won various awards and been covered by publications such as The Times, The Independent, Houzz, and more. While the blog showcases modern, sophisticated designs, the team are dedicated to showing that “great style doesn’t have to come at a huge cost”, and a variety of spaces are covered.

A living room with a wooden table

Rip & Tan

Image Source


Fashion and interior designer Jenni Kayne’s self-titled brand has been described by Forbes magazine as “the ultimate California lifestyle brand”. In Jenni’s own words, “we believe in design, quality, and living well every day”. Jenni’s blog, Rip & Tan, showcases her minimal, modern, and peaceful style, as well as decor and organization tips and home tours. If you love neutral tones, high quality products, and attention to detail, Rip & Tan is a great source of inspiration for your project.

A bedroom with double bed, wall panels, and bedside tables

Greenbank Interiors

Image Source


Blogger and influencer Kirsty founded Greenbank Interiors in 2017, and since then the blog has documented the renovation of Kirsty’s 1930s house. Each room is explored in detail, and Kirsty explains exactly how she achieved each step of the renovation project. As well as this, the blog includes handy lists of ideas that you can take inspiration from, as well as color guides, DIY and decor tips, and more.

A room decorated with alcove fireplace unit, shelves, and houseplants

Style So Simple

Image Source


Aoife is the creative director and founder of Style So Simple, an award-winning interior design studio that specializes in “curating interiors that make the best use of the space while also being uniquely designed for each client.” The Style So Simple blog showcases many projects that reflect the brand’s classic, timeless design style, and explains how each project was carried out.

A bedroom with double bed, wall-mounted lamps, and wooden door

Fresh Start Living

Image Source


UK-based husband-and-wife interior design team Beth and Jon Miller have over 15 years of experience renovating properties, and decided to use this expertise to start Fresh Start Living, a blog that helps people without this experience to carry out their own successful design projects. You can find plenty of practical guides on how to achieve various design goals on this blog.

A dining table with plants and chairs

Lucy Gleeson Interiors

Image Source


Lucy Gleeson is a UK-based “biophilic interior designer” who helps clients “improve wellbeing and harmony in their homes and businesses by integrating natural materials and elements in various forms”. Lucy’s award-winning blog features plenty of inspirational interiors, DIY projects, interviews, and news from the world of interior design. If you want to learn from world-class designers, this blog is worth diving into.

Find Your Design Inspiration

The best design style is the one that suits your unique personality and requirements. Exploring blogs like these ones for inspiration can help you to build a clear picture of your ideal design style. We wish you the best of luck with your interior design projects!

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