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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 14

by Oladimeji Charlton

Interior design is an art. Professional designers spend decades studying interior design— and related disciplines such as art, architecture, DIY, and even feng shui—so that they can master the art of balancing aesthetics and functionality to transform living and working spaces into something better. 

Most of us don’t have this level of expertise in interior design, yet most of us will have to decorate or redecorate a living space at some point. Just because you may not know what makes for good interior design, it doesn’t mean you don’t recognise it when you see it. On the other hand, when a room is designed and decorated badly, you are sure to notice! 

That is why you probably don’t want to dive straight into an interior design project without first getting some inspiration. Checking out what the experts have done—and how they did it—can give you useful ideas and help you to avoid common mistakes.

There are countless interior design blogs on the internet. However, not all of them offer good advice. This is why we have read countless blogs in order to find only the best ones for you to consult. Here are 14 of our picks of the best interior design blogs of 2024 you should check out for inspiration for your next design project.

A green-painted bathroom decorated in the transitional style

Elegant Simplicity

Image Source


Elegant Simplicity is a blog that does exactly what its title suggests. Blogger and designer Sherri Monte, with help from her husband John, set up Elegant Simplicity to help people “live a more purposeful life by decluttering, organizing, and designing a home you can call your very own guilty pleasure”. If you want to make your spaces more minimal and peaceful, this blog can help.

A large living space decorated in an abstract Modern style.

Te Esse by Velvet

Image Source


Velvet Karatzas is a professional interior designer with plenty of experience in the discipline. Her blog, Te Esse, is “inspired by a slow, stylish lifestyle, great design and wellness, dedicated to all home lovers”. Velvet shares tips, advice, and inspiration on her blog to help you with your decorating journey. There are also plenty of detailed how-to guides that can help you with various projects.

A colorfully-decorated home office space

Live Pretty on a Penny

Image Source


Live Pretty on a Penny has been running for a decade, and in that time has become a trusted space for people who want to learn how to decorate their homes “creatively, beautifully, and frugally”. Blogger Erin includes tons of useful tips on decor, DIY, and other homemaking topics, all expressed in her own colorful yet peaceful and practical design style.

A lounge with fireplace and decorative faux garland

Hello Central Avenue

Image Source


Rebecca, owner of blog Hello Central Avenue, has experience in decorating on a budget. Her blog shares plenty of useful content on her own design, decor, and DIY projects, and guides on how you too can “revive your home on a budget” and “create a classic look for less”. The organizing and storage tips are particularly useful, especially if you have smaller living spaces.

A cozy, spacious modern lounge area with a sofa and French windows

Wise Owl Interiors

Image Source


Wise Owl Interiors is an interior design service and blog founded by Nicole, an industry professional with experience in the property industry. Her mission is to help readers achieve gorgeous designs in the home, whatever their budget. Her blog recommends plenty of items you can find on the high street, as well as tips and tricks learned from her years working in design and property.

A large, minimal, naturally-lit dining area

These Four Walls

Image Source


UK-based blogger, stylist, photographer, and writer Abi Dare loves to share inspiration on interior design, lifestyle, and travel. Her blog These Four Walls focuses on exploring how you can bring peace and simplicity to your home, and her design style reflects this, with soft colors and minimalism. There are also plenty of home tours, where Abi explores other people’s homes that she has found on her travels.

A bedroom with a wooden floor and beautiful artworks

Interiors by Jacquin

Image Source


Interiors by Jacquin offers fine art, decor, and decorating services from designer, artist, and blogger Jacquin Headen. Jacquin’s mission is to “beautify the world through decor, art, and colorful design”, and her blog offers plenty of advice and how you can do this in your own spaces. With helpful guides, interviews with art and design professionals, explorations of the latest trends, product guides, and more, this blog is an excellent resource.

The interior of a spacious wooden countryside cabin


Image Source


Soonafternoon is an “interior and lifestyle blog with a nature bias”. Run by Barbara Cilliers, a Berlin-based photographer who seeks to “explore the nature of beauty, the beauty of nature and the artistry of design”, the blog showcases inspirational examples of living spaces intersecting with the natural world. Examples of articles include home tours and reflections on design and the natural world—all with absolutely stunning photographs.

A dark-walled, open-plan kitchen and lounge space with decorative wall art

Whitney J Decor

Image Source


Interior designer Whitney J has helped countless clients transform their living spaces. She describes her personal style as “Bold. Eclectic. Global. Chic. Modern(ish). Blending in the Unexpected.” Mixtures of textures and colors are thee order of the day here, and you can find many examples of vibrant rooms on Whitney’s blog.

A sophisticated office space with abstract wall art.

Marie Burgos Design

Image Source


Marie Burgos has extensive knowledge of interior design, as well as the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, which involves arranging items in the home to best allow the flow of positive energy, In Marie’s own words, “it’s about creating harmony and balance, which then creates energy”. As well as displaying Feng Shui principles, Marie’s designs are visually stylish and unique. If you are interested in incorporating Feng Shui into your home decor, this is the blog for you.

A spacious, airy lounge area decorated in the transitional style

Grace In My Space

Image Source


Grace in My Space is the interior design blog of self-described “stay at home mom turned author and blogger” Sarah Symonds. Sarah aims to “inspire Haven Makers daily while seeking to inspire women to love themselves and their home with grace”. Grace in My Space delivers on this ambitious goal, with highly-researched design guides and even handy print-outs. If you want deep dives into specific design styles as well as handy decor tips, check it out.

A modern, minimal kitchen with a central kitchen island.

Repurpose & Upcycle

Image Source


Sometimes you know exactly what a blog is all about just from the name. Repurpose and Upcycle is one of these blogs, and covers topics like “furniture flipping, thrift store upcycling, and learning how to make simple home updates on a budget.” If you are looking for easy-to-follow DIY, upcycling, and remodeling guides that won’t break the bank, this blog is certainly worth exploring.

A colorfully-decorated and lit lounge space with a corner sofa.

Interior Notes

Image Source


Italian interior designer, blogger, and stylist Mariana started Interior Notes as her “notebook of inspirations and things I love”. On this blog, you can find detailed tours of inspirational interior spaces, product recommendation guides, explorations of trends and colors, and more. If you are looking for a blog that covers all bases and is written by a real expert, this one is well worth your time.

A transitional, naturally-lit room with wall art and a central glass table.

The Curious Designer

Image Source


Blogger Paula is the self-styled “Curious Designer”, a “working design professional with a passion for all things interiors and a love for travel and adventure.” Paula’s curiosity about all things design has taken her all over the world, picking up new inspirations and incorporating them into her unique, vibrant style. Her blog explores this style while also offering practical, actionable tips you can use yourself.

Find Your Design Inspiration

With plenty of blogs here for you to explore, you are sure to find something that helps you with your own projects. Keep an eye out for our next Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You article, where we will showcase another 14 fantastic blogs to inspire your next interior design project.

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