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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 13

by Oladimeji Charlton

Decorating (or redecorating) your living spaces can be surprisingly difficult. Knowing what products to buy, what decorating techniques to use, and how to arrange a room in a way that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing requires ingenuity and hard work.

To start an interior design project, the first thing you will need is inspiration. It is not always easy to find inspiration, especially if you aren’t experienced in interior design. Luckily, the internet is a treasure trove of information and inspiration.

There are countless interior design blogs online, catering to a variety of different styles and project goals. Some blogs are all about Minimalism, while others may explore the Traditional or Scandinavian design styles.

Whatever their focus, the best blogs include not only inspirational images of well-designed interior spaces, but also detailed explanations of how exactly you can carry out your own similar design projects.

With so many blogs online competing for your attention, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time. Thankfully, we have curated a list of only the best. Here are 12 of our picks of the best interior design blogs of 2024 you should check out for inspiration for your next design project.

A cozy lounge with a “gallery wall” of artworks

Forward Features

Image Source


Interior design blogging duo David and Mark started their blog Forward Features as a way of showcasing their impressive renovation of their London flat. As well as in-depth explorations of room transformations, you can find product recommendations, gift guides, design industry events, and homemaking and entertaining tips. If you live in, or are interested in, living in London, David and Mark also include plenty of London-based advice for renters.

A minimal room decorated in the Scandinavian style, with a wooden piano and bench

My Scandinavian Home

Image Source


Designer Niki Brantmark is well known in the Scandinavian design space for her unique take on the Swedish design style. Niki has her own interior design company that aims to help people “transform their homes into beautiful havens - one room at a time”, and her blog, My Scandinavian Home, offers plenty of advice and inspiration on how to do this. Niki’s own home is showcased, with detailed explanations of her inspirations and how she carried out her design projects. There are also deep dives into other beautiful homes she has seen!

A cozy, light lounge with a decorative lamp and candle

Dove Cottage

Image Source


Dove Cottage is the blog of UK based blogger Sam, who lives in Kent with her family. The blog documents her journey spending “every spare moment I have attempting to transform our modern first house into my dream home, with little budget, and just my own two hands!” Dove Cottage explores how DIY can improve your mental health, regardless of your budget. In fact, Sam includes plenty of practical money-saving tips on how you can create a beautiful space with little funds. 

A modern, minimal, mostly monochrome dining space

Home Decor Buzz

Image Source


Whatever your preferred design style and design project goals, Home Decor Buzz is sure to have some useful advice for you. You can find everything from the latest design trends to more traditional spaces. If you like lists of tips and guides on all aspects of homemaking, this blog is worth checking out.

A colorfully-decorated children's room with desk and shelves

Grillo Designs

Image Source


Medina Grillo is an award-winning blogger and interior designer, and her blog Grillo Designs is proof of her expertise. You may even have seen some of her upcycling and DIY projects on Pinterest! Not only does her blog include images of her renovation projects for your inspiration, but it also includes detailed yet easy-to-follow tutorials that you can follow to recreate her ideas in your own living spaces.

traditionally-decorated lounge with dark walls, a fireplace, a wooden floor, and a rug.

Raspberry Flavoured Windows

Image Source


UK-based blogger Rachel lives in stunning South Devon with her family. In her blog, Raspberry Flavoured Windows, she documents her gorgeous family home and each step of her decorating process. She describes herself as “a modern maximalist” who loves “statement pieces, bold design and dark colours”, and her home certainly reflects this! If you love ornate, traditional design with modern twists, this blog is really worth diving into for inspiration and advice.

A screenshot from The Shining, showing a hotel room.

Film & Furniture

Image Source


Now for something a little different—this blog is really one for the movie buffs out there. Have you ever watched a movie and wondered how you could recreate the decor of a room onscreen? If so, Film & Furniture is a blog you should visit. Blogger Paula has combined her loves of movies and interior design to bring you deep dives into the decor of iconic movie spaces from the hotel in The Shining to the cafe in The French Dispatch.

A home office space decorated with rug and pastel pink walls.

Handmade Haven

Image Source


Ashley Basnight is a software engineer, woodworker, and interior design blogger. Her blog Handmade Haven showcases exactly what its title suggests—Ashley’s gorgeous home, filled with her own handmade furniture. In addition to useful step-by-step guides on how to make your own furniture (from coat racks to coffee tables), the rooms in which she places her furniture are all decorated beautifully, and are great for sourcing some inspiration for your own projects.

A clean, minimal living room with a corner sofa and decorative houseplants

Happy Interior Blog

Image Source


Award-winning interior design blog Happy Interior Blog is brought to you by designer and writer Igor Josifovic-Kemper, who has worked with many brands. Igor’s mission is to “share happiness through interiors, travels and plants”, and this blog is certainly a delight to browse. Igor believes that the spaces we live in can be visual representations of who we are, and Happy Interior Blog showcases how Igor achieves this in his own Berlin apartment.

A lively lounge space with a green sofa, decorative cushions, and shelves stacked with books and ornaments.

Emily A. Clark

Image Source



Emily A. Clark is a self-described “bargain hunter, pattern lover and habitual rearranger”. While she is inspired by ambitious decorating projects she sees online, her self-titled blog (which has been running since 2009!) is all about recreating these in a practical, achievable way. She showcases this via projects in her own family home in North Carolina, which you can see plenty of stunning photographs of for your inspiration

A kitchen decorated in the transitional style

Flipping The Flip

Image Source


Flipping the Flip is an interior design blog with a twist. While blogger Becky’s home had already been “redecorated” by a house flipper, she wasn’t too impressed by the results when she moved in! This blog details Becky’s journey to decorate her home the way she wants it, and includes plenty of content on home decor, home improvement, DIY, repairs, crafts, gardening, and more. If you are interested in DIY and remodeling an already-decorated space, this blog is well worth your time.

A large lounge space with many chairs and tables, and floor-to-ceiling windows

Interior Style Hunter

Image Source


If you prefer your design inspiration on the luxurious side, the award-winning Interior Style Hunter is the blog for you. Blogger Grant Pierrus set up the blog “to share my passion and knowledge of interior design with the aim of helping you to be more confident in creating beautiful spaces for yourself.” Grant not only includes examples of the latest design trends, but also explains the rules and principles of luxurious design.

Find Your Design Inspiration

We hope you found some inspiration in these blogs. Keep an eye out for our next article on the Best Interior Design Blogs of 2024 to Inspire You article, where we will showcase another 14 fantastic blogs to inspire your next interior design project.

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