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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 10

by Oladimeji Charlton

Whether you are renovating an existing living space or decorating a room entirely from scratch, finding inspiration can sometimes be tricky. There are so many different options and so many different design styles that it can be hard to know where to start, even if you already know a little about interior design.

Thankfully, the internet is a gold mine of useful interior design content. From stunning photographs of inspirational interiors to practical DIY advice and product recommendations, there is plenty for you to explore. The right interior design blogs can provide you not only with a spark of inspiration, but also with tips from people with experience who know what to do and what to avoid when carrying out a design project.

However, there are countless interior design blogs out there, and not all of them are particularly useful. In fact, some of the tips and tricks you might encounter online are actually bad advice and could even sabotage your project—costing you time and money.

Sorting the useful from the useless online can be very time-consuming, but thankfully you do not need to! We have curated a list of only the best blogs to explore. Here are 12 of our picks of the best interior design blogs of 2024 you should check out for inspiration for your next design project.

A traditionally decorated bedroom with antique bed, chandelier, and furniture


Image Source


Blogger, art director, and mother Stacey Bewkes founded the blog Quintessence, which covers lifestyle topics including interior design. Over the years, the blog has become a respected authority on interior design, art, architecture, and more, and the content is all of the highest quality. Stacey even journals her meetings with iconic designers and what she learns from them. If you like your inspiration a little more on the sophisticated side, Quintessence is certainly worth a browse.

A bright, white-walled kitchen space with wooden floorboards

Coco Lapine Design

Image Source


Munich-based Belgian designer Sarah is obsessed with interior design and graphic design, and combines these two interests in her excellent design blog Coco Lapine Design. Despite the fact Sarah’s unique style is innovative and forward-thinking, replicating her DIY projects (which are detailed in-depth on the site) is affordable and accessible. As well as practical guides and inspiration, Sarah also includes plenty of product recommendations that display her artsy taste in home decor.

A minimal room with wooden floorboards, bench, and stool

L’ Essenziale

Image Source


L’Essenziale” is Italian for “the essential”, and this is a fitting name for this interior design blog. Founder Anna Kovalchenko loves to travel the world, explore different cultures, and take influence from international design styles. Her site is a treasure trove of carefully-curated content featuring stunning pieces from all over the world, and how you can use them in interior design projects to bring a sense of the exotic to your living spaces. In addition, you can find plenty of practical, down-to-earth DIY and decor tips.

A naturally-lit bedroom decorated in the transitional style, with a double bed and dresser

Lark & Linen

Image Source


Toronto-based designer Jacquelyn Clark runs her own interior design studio and blog, Lark & Linen. The Lark & Linen blog promises to “keep you all up to date on what’s going on behind the scenes; design tips, tricks, secrets and all.” Jacquelyn showcases and explains her own design inspirations so that they can inspire you in your own projects. You can even find step-by-step journals (complete with gorgeous photos) of how she brought various past projects to life.

A grand lounge decorated in the traditional style, with a large Persian rug and multiple chairs

Doris Leslie Blau

Image Source


Unlike other design blogs, Doris Leslie Blau has a specific area of focus: rugs. The Doris Leslie Blau Gallery is a well-known and long-running vintage rug dealer in New York, and the blog offers readers from all over the world to explore its wares, which have been sourced from all four corners of the globe. Despite the focus on rugs, the site includes many inspirational photographs of entire rooms that a rug really ties together!

A quirky room decorated with brightly-colored wall art, a rug, and a purple-painted dresser

Addicted 2 Decorating

Image Source


Addicted 2 Decorating is the blog of Kristi Linauer, who owns a “1948 fixer upper” that she decorates regularly alongside her husband Matt. Kristi and Matt’s journey is documented on this blog, which showcases their colorful, quirky design style as well as practical tips on how you can do similar. If you are a DIY and design novice looking to reflect your personality and sense of fun in your living spaces, this blog is well worth a look.

A modern, brightly-lit kitchen with white worktops, cupboards, and shelves


Image Source


Taylor, the founder of blog Flourishmentary, started the site to “share my passion for elegant design, and expertise in world travel” and to help people “design their dream homes and travel experiences, to make life even more beautiful!” Flourishmentary is full of practical, useful tips for your interior design projects, including for smaller spaces. In addition, there are deep dives into historic design styles to spark your inspiration.

A spacious modern kitchen with white worktops and cupboards, and a wooden floor

Gates Interior Design

Image Source


Amanda Gates, founder of the Gates Interior Design firm, knows a thing or two about transforming living spaces. Her team not only carries out successful projects for many clients, but also shares their inspirations and experiences on the Gates Interior Design blog. What makes Gates Interior Design unique is the inclusion of the principles of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui in their designs. If you want to consider energy alignment and flows in your projects, check this site out.

A lounge decorated in the transitional style, with plenty of earth tones and traditional accents

Southern Hospitality

Image Source


They say there’s nothing like good old Southern hospitality, which is why Atlantan blogger Rhoda named her blog Southern Hospitality. The blog showcases Rhonda’s personal DIY and decorating projects, with handy tips on how you can carry them out yourself. Rhonda loves finding antique pieces for bargain prices at yard sales and markets, and these make her design style unique. Rhonda believes that “decorating a home doesn’t have to cost a fortune”—if you agree, why not take a look at her blog?

A light, minimal room with abstract wall art and corner sofa feature

Eclectic Trends

Image Source


Eclectic Trends lives up to its title, showcasing and forecasting cutting-edge and future design trends. This blog is all about innovation, and you can find styles and pieces there that you probably have never encountered before. If you want to find inspiration in something a little more leftfield, this blog is worth checking out!

A stylish sofa bed in a modern, minimal room

Emily May Designs

Image Source


UK-based designer and blogger Emily May started her blog while studying for a degree in Interior Design, and since 2018 has been documenting her journey renovating her own home. This blog is particularly focused on creating beautiful, creative designs on a limited budget. You can also find plenty of useful tips for smaller spaces, and everything is accompanied by high-quality images.

A beautifully designed Studio Kitchen Corner

Heather Bullard

Image Source


Heather Bullard is an editorial prop stylist and magazine editor. She certainly has an eye for style, and her self-titled blog reflects this. As well as lifestyle and business tips, you can also find plenty of tips on how to style your own living spaces. The collections of interiors in vintage, traditional, and transitional styles are sure to inspire you, and every space featured on the site feels both modern and classic.

Find Your Design Inspiration

We hope that you enjoyed exploring these blogs, and found some inspiration and tips you can use for your design projects! Keep an eye out for our next Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You article, where we will showcase another 12 fantastic blogs to inspire your next interior design project.


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