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Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 | Part 1

by DAnny Robertson

Finding inspiration for your interior design project can be difficult. There are just so many choices out there when it comes to furniture, decor, and home accessories that it is easy to become overwhelmed.  Interior design blogs can be a great source for ideas and inspiration for your next design project or room makeover. Our list of the Top Interior Design Blogs of 2024 will help making your next design project easier.

No Shortage Of Inspiration

Thankfully, there is no shortage of information and inspiration online. The internet has enabled almost anyone to share their inspirations and interior design projects with the world, whether they are professionals or just creative amateurs.

Blogs - The Ultimate Source

Social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest can be useful, but sometimes you want a little more detail (for example, links to shopping sites) and expert opinions. Interior design blogs are great for this, and there are thousands of them out there. Many blogs specialize in certain areas, such as interior design for smaller spaces, sustainable interior design, or interior design for low budgets. This means you can find inspiration from people in circumstances just like yours, and examples of the living spaces they have transformed.

Our Extensive List of Top Interior Design Blogs

With so many blogs out there to choose from, it can be hard to know where to look and which ones are worth checking out. That is why we have put together part one of our extensive list of the top interior design blogs of 2024. Whatever your favorite style, living space, and budget, you are sure to find some inspiration with this list.


a spacious, naturally-lit kitchen in the transitional style.Style by Emily Henderson 

Image Source


This blog has grown over a decade into a renowned source of interior design inspiration. Emily Henderson and her extensive team of talented interior design bloggers focus on practical tips that help people in real living spaces. If you need to find the perfect dresser for a small space or pick a durable rug that can survive a family of messy kids, all while looking stylish, this is the blog for you.

A colorfully-decorated condo interior.P.S. This Rocks 

Image Source


P.S. This Rocks is written by Christi Tasker Miami, an interior designer with experience designing home furnishings for retail, marketing, hospitality, and more. Christi brings her expertise to her blogs, offering tips on topics from DIY interior design to working as a professional designer. The entire blog is as bold and beautifully designed as Christi’s furnishings.

A clean, bright cellar kitchen in the transitional style.Coco Kelley

Image Source


For blogger Cassandra LaValle, founder of Coco Kelley, life is all about the small details. This philosophy is expressed in the blog’s knowledgeable design guides, which often include vintage ornaments, artwork, and layers to give spaces a unique twist. What’s more, Coco Kelley doesn’t just list interior design tips—the site is full of inspirational content on various topics, such as house tours, travel, food, and fashion tips. 

A clean kitchen in the transitional style, with a chandelier centerpiece.Houzz

Image Source


Houzz was founded by homeowners Adi and Alon, who struggled to find useful information and resources for their own interior design project and decided to create a site to help other people in their situation. Houzz is not just a blog full of interior design tips–it is also a directory for construction and design professionals, and a place for product recommendations. You can even browse by room and design style.

A spacious, colorful lounge in the traditional eclectic style.House Beautiful

Image Source


Home design magazine House Beautiful has a great site for both inspiration and practical information. Many articles explore real-life homes and how they have been decorated, and others give informative guides on how to clean particular pieces of furniture or look after certain plants (that’s right, House Beautiful also includes information on outdoor spaces!. House Beautiful is written and curated by a team of knowledgeable designers.

A modern, minimal family home interior.THE DESIGN STORY

Image Source


The Design Story is home not just to excellent blog articles on interior design, but also to a directory of design professionals and a store of products that you can buy directly from the site. The blog features examples of unique projects in styles from traditional to contemporary, and tips on how you can replicate them or incorporate their features into your own design projects. The site’s “Inspiration” feed of curated images is particularly useful.

a minimal beach house guest bedroom.Bright Bazaar

Image Source


In the last decade, blogger Will Taylor has written two bestselling books on design, and even released his own range of furniture. Bright Bazaar, the blog that started his success, is still going strong, and is chock full of interior design tips and inspiration. Will often shares his own personal projects on the blog, and his affinity for matching colors can even be seen in the design of the site itself. 

green study and kitchen+Deco

Image Source


Interior designer and blogger Elena Giavarini created +Deco to provide advice, ideas, and inspiration while also reflecting her personal tastes. The blog explores interiors, furniture, color inspiration, DIY, and arts and crafts, all presented with quality photographs and a friendly, helpful tone of voice. +Deco is particularly useful for finding budget friendly interior design tips, as Elena “doesn’t believe that beautiful things necessarily have to cost the earth”.

a naturally-lit desk area with oak desk, chair, and shelving unit.Apartment Therapy

Image Source


Apartment Therapy is more than just an interior design and style blog–all aspects of home life are explored, such as DIY How-to guides, cleaning, storage, and pest control tips, and budgeting, saving, and investing tips. The writers also weave their own personal stories into the articles in relatable and interesting ways. Apartment Therapy is aimed at real people and focuses on real examples of living spaces created by people with varying resources available. This blog is a great way to find inspiration for all aspects of design and homemaking, especially if you are on a tight budget.

A spacious games room in the transitional style.D’KOR HOME

Image Source


The D’KOR HOME blogs were founded by Dee Frazier Interiors, and are run by a team of award-winning interior designers. Most articles are in-depth tours of homes in Dallas, Texas that the designers have worked on. While the blog focuses largely on luxury decor, there are also plenty of articles featuring smaller homes and condos, and useful tips for creating vibrant luxury with a smaller budget.

an elegant, spacious bedroom in the transitional style.Decorilla

Image Source


Decorilla is a company that offers personalized online interior design help from a team of award-winning interior designers. The Decorilla blog is also great for inspiration and finding tips from experts on how to design your living spaces. A variety of styles and trends are covered, and you can also search for interior designers near you. Many of the blog posts display “before and after” images of clients’ homes, and can really show the possibilities when it comes to transforming your own space.

boho interior designlovePROPERTY

Image Source


From grand stately homes to budget tiny houses, lovePROPERTY explores the full range of properties out there, and how you can make the most of any space. The site is home to many inspirational house tours (including homes of the rich and famous), useful design, home decor, and home renovation tips, and even competitions you can enter. 

Find Your Design Inspiration

Browsing interior design blogs and checking out how others have brought living spaces to life is a great way to spark inspiration for your own projects. These blogs are also written by experienced designers, so you can also find plenty of practical tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls of interior design. We have some very popular brands like Cane LineEssentials For Living, Ferm Living and Four Hands, that have a huge collection to choose from. Posts like this are a great way to get inspiration on what pieces by these great brands would fit perfectly in your space.

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