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The Wallpaper Renaissance: Bold Walls for the Bold Home

by Aleli Ello

Ferm Living Marbling Wallpaper
Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. A Glimpse Into The History of Wallpaper

  3. The Modern Wallpaper Renaissance: Where Art Meets Walls

  4. How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

  5. Five Favorite Wallpaper Products: Making a Statement

  6. Top 3 Brands for Wallpaper and Accessories: Where Quality Meets Style

  7. How to Install Wallpaper: A Handy Guide

  8. Conclusion: The Wallpaper Renaissance, Redefined

Ferm Living Marble Wallpaper

It's not often the furniture, the artwork, or even the eccentric trinkets you've gathered over the years that make the most impression in a space. Instead, your immediate surroundings' walls frequently make the loudest impression. Wallpaper is one element that is making walls talk in the present-day world of interior design. That's right, wallpaper is making a comeback.– the versatile and transformative material It has the power to instantaneously change any space from ordinary to magnificent, from expected to prodigious.

Ferm Living Marble Wallpaper
A Glimpse Into The History of Wallpaper

Wallpaper has a long and varied history, much like its designs. It has its origins in ancient China, when it was painstakingly hand-painted and used to adorn the residences of the wealthy and aristocratic people. Wallpaper started to spread west as the craft was refined and mastered. By the 18th century, it had developed into a well-liked and less expensive substitute for expensive tapestries in Europe. Castles, manor homes, and estates all had elaborate designs adorning their walls. Over the Atlantic, stylish American households' homes started to be decorated with wallpaper, the elaborate designs serving as a testament to the owner's wealth and elegance.

However, as tastes shifted toward minimalism and more straightforward wall coverings, the popularity of wallpaper fell during the 20th century. Considering papered walls to be outmoded, neutral-colored painted walls were chosen to take their place. However, trends are cyclical, just like everything else in design. And as we all know, trends come and go, but they frequently come back stronger.

Cavern Blackbird Wallpaper
The Modern Wallpaper Renaissance: Where Art Meets Walls

A new age for wallpaper has begun in the twenty-first century. Wallpaper is no longer a relic of the past, but a vital tool in the interior designer's toolbox today. It's back and more stunning than ever before, bigger, bolder, and more amazing. The modest, understated patterns of the past have given way to bold designs that reveal much about the style and personality of the homeowner thanks to wallpaper's rebirth.

Consider vibrant botanical designs that appear to have been taken directly from a tropical rainforest, daring geometric shapes that deceive the eye and give any space a contemporary edge, and textures that are so inviting you want to reach out and touch them. Wallpaper is once again commanding attention and asserting its proper position as a significant actor in the field of interior design, whether it be on accent walls, entire rooms, hallways, or secret nooks.

Cavern Tapestry Wallpaper
How to Choose the Right Wallpaper for Your Home

Choosing the ideal wallpaper can be difficult, especially with the actual smorgasbord of possibilities that are currently on the market. But do not worry; finding the ideal wallpaper may be just as thrilling as the changes it makes to your room. Start by taking into account the size of your area, the current furnishings, and the ambiance you want to create. Do you prefer a calm, serene setting or are you seeking for something lively and energizing?

Remember that wallpaper isn't only for walls; it can also be used to create a dramatic impact on ceilings, add color or pattern to shelving units, or create an unexpected detail inside drawers and wardrobes.

Consider choosing a hue from your wallpaper and using it often in your room's décor to create a unified look. To create the appearance of space while decorating a tiny area, pick patterns with a lighter background. Metallic wallpapers are fantastic for adding a hint of richness. Why perhaps choose wallpaper that tells a story in the form of a mural if you're feeling particularly daring? It all comes down to striking a balance between your individual style and the area you're dealing with.

Cavern Desert in Bloom Wallpaper
Three Favorite Wallpaper Products: Making a Statement

Cavern home’s "I See You Wallpaper
": Any room is given a lively twist by this fanciful wallpaper. It's ideal for a child's room or a creative workstation because to its unique eye theme and calming pastel tones.

Ferm Living Lines Wallpaper
Ferm Living's "Lines Wallpaper"
: This wallpaper is simple, contemporary, and adaptable, making it ideal for providing a peaceful backdrop in your home office or reading nook. Its clean lines and subdued hues go well with a variety of themes, from Scandi-chic to contemporary minimalism.

Cavern Burst Wallpaper
Cavern Burst Wallpaper
: With its colorful, fresh botanical pattern, this wallpaper invites the outside in. Any room, from your kitchen to your bedroom, will benefit from its ability to add brightness.

Top 3 Brands for Wallpaper and Accessories: Where Quality Meets Style

Cavern home: You need look no farther than Cavern house if you want to make a strong statement. This brand, which is renowned for its daring, eccentric designs, is ideal for individuals looking to give their homes a distinctive feel.

Ferm Living: This Danish business excels at producing minimalist designs that fit perfectly in any space. They are timeless and easily adaptable to other aesthetics thanks to their straightforward, uncluttered designs.

Bend Goods: This company is the one to go with if you want to bring a little touch of nature inside. Wallpapers from Canvas Home, known for their rustic and floral patterns, can make any house feel like a peaceful refuge.

Ferm Living Strawberry Field Wallpaper
How to Install Wallpaper: A Handy Guide

If you use "paste-the-wall" materials that minimize mess and trouble, putting wallpaper is simpler than you may imagine. It is best to start by cleaning, drying, and smoothing out your wall. To ensure proper trimming, trim your wallpaper strips after cutting them to size. A wallpaper smoother should be used to remove any air bubbles after hanging your paper after applying adhesive to the wall (or the paper, if necessary). For a neat finish, cut off any extra paper at the top and bottom. Repetition is key to creating a room filled with wallpaper wonders!

Ferm Living Strawberry Field Wallpaper
Conclusion: The Wallpaper Renaissance, Redefined

Bold walls for a bold home are the focus of the current wallpaper revival. You have a multitude of patterns, colors, and textures at your disposal whether you're papering an entire room or just an accent wall, whether you're trying for classic elegance or modern daring. So go ahead and get in. Don't be scared to try new things and let your walls speak for themselves. The brave frequently make history in the field of interior design. Are you prepared to create yours now? Remember that even your walls may tell a captivating story in the magnificent tapestry of your home. Cheers to the paper!

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