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Spotlight on the 5 Must-Have Tables by Bend Goods

by Aleli Ello

Bend Bistro Table
Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. The Ethos of Bend Goods

  3. Five Tables That Command Attention

  4. Table 1: The Bend Goods Switch Table

  5. Table 2: The Terrace Coffee Table

  6. Table 3: The Iconic Bistro Table

  7. Table 4: The Bend Goods Plant Stand Table

  8. Table 5: The Bend Goods Cono Side Table

  9. How to Style These Tables in Your Home

  10. The Importance of a Statement Table

  11. Bend Goods: A Brand That’s More Than Furniture

  12. Conclusion

Bend Wire Coffee Table

Hello, design aficionados! Are you ready to embark on an enchanting journey into the world of Bend Goods? This well-known LA design and production firm is renowned for its inventive wire furniture. Bend Goods produces items that are genuinely exciting because to its mix of modern aesthetics with principles of mid-century design. Today's voyage takes us past five of their must-have tables, each one a special example of their talent for design.

Bend Cafe Bar Table
The Ethos of Bend Goods

Let's spend a moment getting to know Bend Goods fundamentally before we look at the tables. This company's brand is synonymous with excellence, sustainability, and creative design. Each piece they produce is more than just a piece of furniture that serves a purpose; it's also a stand-alone work of art that adds charm and personality to any room. Every Bend Goods table is a symbol of sustainable living because ethical sourcing and responsible production are the foundations of their business.

Bend Bistro Table
Five Tables That Command Attention

Today, we'll be focusing on five tables, each of which is a prime example of the Bend Goods design philosophy. These tables will inspire you in their own special and appealing ways.

Table 1: Bend Switch Table / Stool
Bend Switch Table / Stool

Firstly, let's talk about the Bend Switch Table / Stool. This innovative design redefines what a multipurpose table is. It may go from a stylish side table to a useful coffee table with only a simple flip. Its stark geometric shape and minimalistic style make it suitable for any environment, whether it is boho-chic or modern minimalist. This table is a favorite among design fans for good reason—it has such a diverse appeal.

Table 2: Bend Wire Coffee Table
Bend Wire Coffee Table

The Bend Wire Coffee Table is the next item. This clever design, which embodies Bend Goods' imaginative attitude, incorporates outdoor components into its construction. The tier-style of this table, which is suggestive of terrace farming, instantly sparks conversation in any space. Its numerous tiers offer plenty of room for displaying your favorite trinkets or just for holding your coffee mug as you read slowly.

Table 3: Bend Bistro Table
Bend Bistro Table

The elegance and simplicity of French café design are embodied by the Bistro Table. This table is ideal for setting up a quaint breakfast nook or private dining space. The ornate wire base lends a touch of refinement, while the circular, smooth surface promotes a feeling of coziness and community.

Table 4: Bend Wave Table
Bend Wave Table

The Bend Wave Table is a blessing for people who love to include a little bit of nature into their homes. It is a special chance to showcase your leafy friends while incorporating a sculptural element into your room. A harmonious fusion of design and nature is produced by the strong wireframe, which imitates the natural movement of plant tendrils.

Table 5: Bend The Cono Side Table
Bend The Cono Side Table

The Bend Goods Cono Side Table is our last item. This table embodies contemporary aesthetic ideas with its streamlined conical base and circular top. The table's sculptural quality makes it stand out despite its straightforward appearance. The Cono Side Table adds edge to any setting, whether it is used as a stylish nightstand or next to your favorite sofa.

Bend Eclipse Side Table
How to Style These Tables in Your Home

Imagine these tables in your room for an entertaining interior design exercise. Achieving harmony between the statement piece and the rest of your decor is crucial. The Switch Table's geometric simplicity complements tactile accents like a fringed rug or a woven wall hanging wonderfully. The Terrace Coffee Table is a canvas for individual expression; artwork, colorful planters, or distinctive sculptures can all be shown here.

The Bistro Table encourages a feeling of closeness. To create a relaxing atmosphere, combine it with basic tableware, comfy seats, and ambient lighting. Your favorite plants are the ideal companion for the Plant Stand Table. This table may be transformed into a beautiful sanctuary by adding various types of greenery. Last but not least, the Cono Side Table's sleek design requires just a table light and your current book to finish the appearance.

Bend Eclipse Side Table
The Importance of a Statement Table

A table is more than just a piece of furniture with practical uses. When selected carefully, it can become the centerpiece of a room's design, providing not only surface space but also a visual anchor. These Bend Goods tables are ideal for this use because to their distinctive designs and superb craftsmanship. They achieve a balance between aesthetics and utility, enabling homeowners to express their personal style while meeting their utilitarian requirements.

Bend Wire Coffee Table
Bend Goods: A Brand That’s More Than Furniture

Bend Goods is more than just a name; it's a way of life. It stands for a way of life that honors the balance between form, function, and sustainability. Purchasing a product from Bend Goods is more than just a purchase; it's a statement of a design ethos that values sustainability and aesthetics equally.

Bend Terrazzo Side Table

When you select a Bend Goods table, you're bringing in more than simply a piece of furniture. These tables serve as discussion starters, fashion statements, and representations of excellent, sustainable design. These tables may add a touch of modernity, personality, and individuality to your space whether you're an experienced interior designer or are just starting out on your home style journey. Why then wait? Break the rules of design and say hello to the Bend Goods table.

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