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Revamping Your Home: How to Embrace Current Interior Design Styles in Each Room

by Aleli Ello

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Living Room

  3. Dining Room

  4. Kitchen

  5. Bedroom

  6. Bathroom

  7. Top 5 Favorite Products

  8. Top 3 Brands


Remodeling your home is an exciting chance to experiment with different design philosophies, combine the aesthetics of several trends, and eventually create a space that reflects your own personal style. With the current interior design trends, you have a lot of freedom for personal creativity and can weave your own story across each room in your house. Despite the many choices you will have to make, this journey can also be a profound investigation of your particular style.

Living Room

The living room is frequently referred to as the beating heart of any house. It is the setting for carefree lounging, sincere discussions, and communal laughing that combine to forge enduring memories. As a result, it's crucial to design a space that exudes coziness, warmth, and style. A common design style combines comfort with minimalism's guiding principles to show that coziness need not be sacrificed for simplicity.

This balance has been mastered by companies like Fatboy and GUS Modern. The simplicity, modest beauty, and comfort of their creations are celebrated. Take the Fatboy Tsjonge Lounge Chair as an illustration. Its modern minimalism-inspired clean design and cushy cushions make it a comfortable place to read or unwind. Consider including a sculptural lighting fixture to go with the clean lines of your furnishings. A company known for its distinctive lighting designs is Louis Poulsen. Particularly gorgeous is their PH Artichoke Pendant Light, which not only brightens your room but also doubles as a stunning work of art.

Dining Room

The dining room is a cozy setting where family meals, lively conversations, and special occasions take place. Mid-century modern styles are being preferred for this area. This design flawlessly combines aesthetic appeal with practicality, making your dining room as elegant as it is comfortable.

Beautiful dining sets from brands like Canvas Home that combine modern simplicity with vintage charm have captured this trend. For instance, their Shell Bisque Dining Set has a sense of timeless appeal with its simple, clean lines and earthy tones.

Think about adding a warm, beautiful chandelier to your dining room to improve the mood. Manufacturers like Yamagiwa provide items that both elegantly illuminate your environment and act as a captivating centerpiece. Any dining area would benefit from their Mayuhana Mie Chandelier's sophisticated cascading design.


Every home's heart is in the kitchen, where scrumptious meals are cooked with care and culinary innovation takes place. A design that stresses usefulness without sacrificing beauty is therefore crucial. With its utilitarian design, light color scheme, and minimalist aesthetics, the Scandinavian design style is the ideal choice.

Kitchenware with seamless integration of functionality and design is a specialty of companies like Skagerak and Stelton. For instance, consider the Stelton Emma Pitcher. It complements a Scandinavian kitchen perfectly thanks to its straightforward appearance and practical construction. Also take into account the Skagerak Cutter Stool. This item serves as a chic seating option and an additional prep station.

Functionality and aesthetics are combined to create the lighting in a kitchen. Ambient and task lighting options are provided by companies like Pablo Designs. Their Circa Pendant Light, for instance, contributes to the overall elegance of the room while also offering focused illumination for specific work.


The bedroom serves as a personal haven and is where each day begins and concludes. A peaceful, serene atmosphere that also emanates a sense of understated elegance is needed, and the current style of "luxurious minimalism" admirably captures this desire.

Think about a simple bed frame from companies like Greenington. They are excellent choices for the minimalist style because of their designs' emphasis on sustainability and aesthetics. The Greenington Azara Platform Bed is a unique piece because to its bamboo structure and modern design.

Use soft, opulent bedding to highlight this sleek bed frame. Area Home offers a selection of pillows and comforters that elevate the level of luxury and comfort in your bedroom. To create a soothing and welcoming atmosphere, incorporate gentle ambient lighting from Eastvold, such as their Alden Pendant Light.


The modern rustic design style is exploding in the bathroom, your own wellness haven. This design concept skillfully incorporates natural materials into modern architecture to produce a bathroom that evokes a chic hideaway.

For this style, have a look at Ferm Living's bathroom décor. For instance, their towel hanger serves a practical purpose while also adding a touch of rustic appeal. Pair this with a Kalon minimalist vanity. A fashionable, practical environment that adheres to the current rustic trend is produced by their Elemental Shelf and Simple Mirror.

Top 5 Favorite Products

  1. Fatboy Tsjonge Lounge Chair - A chic and cozy solution for seats in your living space

  2. Canvas Home Shell Bisque Place Setting - 16 Piece- An exquisite example of the mid-century modern trend in a dining set.

  3. Stelton Emma Pitcher - An attractive and useful addition to any Scandinavian kitchen.

  4. Area Jewel Cotton Flat Sheet- enhances the comfort and richness of your bedroom.

  5. Ferm Living Towel Hanger - In your bathroom, make an homage to the contemporary rustic aesthetic.

Top 3 Brands

  1. Fatboy - For their living room furniture's flawless mix of comfort and modern design.

  2. Canvas Home - For its mid-century contemporary dining sets that successfully blend retro appeal and cutting-edge design.

  3. Stelton - For the flawless fusion of design and utility in their Scandinavian cookware.

It need not be challenging or frightening to incorporate modern interior design trends into your home. You can gradually change your house into a place that genuinely expresses your particular taste and keeps up with design trends by taking it room by room and carefully choosing crucial pieces from reputable manufacturers. Happy decorating!

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