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Our Favorite Essentials For Living Stools

by DAnny Robertson

essentials for living stools

The right stools can make or break a space. Whether it’s your kitchen or an outdoor bar and entertaining space, the right bar stools add the perfect finishing touch to your home.

There are so many options to choose from - combining form and functionality. The right bar stool completes the “look” of your space, but also ensures that your family or guests are comfortable.

The right stool is a signature piece in any room. Having said that, it is important to combine artisan craftsmanship with comfort. The Essentials for Living Stools profiled in this piece combine the best of both worlds. They are works of art and they are comfortable. 

Yes, the right stool can be both a signature piece in the room, and can be incredibly comfortable to sit on. 

With this article we wanted to talk about the Essentials for Living Furniture range of stools. These stools will complete your space. They combine fashion forward designs with quality craftsmanship, high quality materials and a passion for comfort to deliver both stools, and their full furniture range. You can combine your favourite stool (or stools) with the rest of their range, to create dynamic combinations and beautiful living spaces.  

If you'd like to dive deeper into the brand, make sure to read our Essentials For Living Buyer's Guide

While Essentials for Living Furniture stocks a wide variety of stools. Here are 10 of our favorites that are also popular with our customers:

Essentials For Living Mesh Counter StoolEssentials For Living Mesh Counter Stool

This stool is one of the most popular with our customers, especially those who live on the coast or are dreaming of a coastal lifestyle. Looking at pictures of the stool you can just imagine yourself eating a nice fruit salad or drinking cocktails over summer. It is constructed with a stainless steel frame and has gray mahogany legs. The quality craftsmanship of this stool ensures that it is sturdy and can be used every day. This feature piece is finished with a unique mesh design, with a bold rope woven to finish off the design. 

essentials for living tapestry counter stoolEssentials For Living Tapestry Counter Stool

The beautifully woven Living Tapestry Counter stool is another from the range that adds a touch of coastal style to your home - whether it is used in the kitchen or in the bar.

This stool is designed to be eye-catching. You want visitors to your home to admire their beauty as soon as they walk into the room,  and you wan them to comment on their comfort. This stool combines a solid frame crafted from stainless steel, with artisan crafted mahogany legs topped off with a tightly woven rope seat and solid taupe stripe interwoven at the center of the seat back. 

Kick back and relax with the front foot rest and enjoy your time with family and friends. 

Essentials For Living Costa Backless Counter StoolEssentials For Living Costa Backless Counter Stool

You might be starting to sense a theme here. For us, and certainly for our customers, those stools that give you that relaxed sense of coastal living are amongst our favorites. They’re incredibly popular all year round. The Essentials for Living Costa Backless Counter Stool is another that fits this range. 

This stool combines durability with sturdiness, meaning it will thrive with everyday usage whether it’s in the kitchen or an entertaining area. 

It’s crafted with solid mahogany legs and a well-built wooden frame. The signature look is topped off with a woven white and taupe seat. The legs combine two-way, dual footrests and are finished off with a natural gray. 

essentials for living cresta counter stoolEssentials For Living Cresta Counter Stool

Moving away from the coastal theme for now, no article on our favourite stools from the Essentials for Living Furniture range would be complete without discussing the Essentials for Living Cresta Counter Stool. This transitional style, semi-circular stool features a hard wearing, pearl- colored fabric atop a brushed metal base. The patented LiveSmart fabric this stool is crafted from is hard wearing and long lasting. The metal base also features a footrest to ensure that family members and  other guests in your house will feel relaxed and comfortable whilst using these stools

essentials for living loom counter stoolEssentials For Living Loom Counter Stool

Moving back to the coastal theme, if earlier mentioned stools haven’t quite given you that holiday vibe you might want to consider looking at the Essentials for Living Look Counter Stool. These sturdy stools are artisan designed and the quality craftsmanship means that they will be long lasting, even with regular usage. They feature a seat made of rope that is tightly woven giving this stool the unique woven loom design for which it is named after. The seat is built on an aluminum frame and mahogany legs given a distressed natural gray finish. These stools are also paired with an inbuilt cushing making these stools hard wearing and comfortable. 

 Essentials For Living Mesh Outdoor Counter StoolEssentials For Living Mesh Outdoor Counter Stool

The Essentials for Living Mesh Outdoor Counter Stool is the perfect addition to any outdoor entertaining area. If you have a backyard or patio, and want a space that feels like you're entertaining at a seaside resort, then you want to take a look at these stools. 

They are crafted from quality materials to ensure they survive the elements and will continue to look great. They have a taupe and white woven mesh design built on a stainless steel frame. The stool is finished off with teak legs featuring a woodgrain finish. The Essentials for Living Mesh Outdoor Counter Stool comes with a removable all-weather cushion. This stool combines comfort and style for the perfect entertaining area.  

Essentials For Living Costa Counter StoolEssentials For Living Costa Counter Stool

Featuring a high woven back, with front and back footrests, this counter stool is the perfect addition to your home - whether you are using it in the kitchen or the bar. This high quality stool is robust and durable. The seat includes a cushion for extra comfort. The cushion is removable for ease of cleaning. 

Essentials For Living Loom BarstoolEssentials For Living Loom Barstool

The foundation of this quality stool is its aluminum frame and its solid mahogany legs. It is designed to be hardwearing and is the perfect addition to any family home - especially if you want to give your home a seaside resort feel. It features a woven back and an upholstered cushion affixed to the base. It works well in any home and its durability means it is perfect for families. 

Essentials For Living Rue Counter StoolEssentials For Living Rue Counter Stool

The quality crafted, decorative hand-carved base is what really stands out when you look at the Essentials for Living Rue Counter Stool. This stool features an upholstered cushion that sits atop a wooden, hand crafted, carved base. 

Essentials For Living Marcelle Counter StoolEssentials For Living Marcelle Counter Stool

The Essentials For Living Marcelle Counter Stool combines quality craftsmanship with materials that ensure it will be a long lasting addition to any family home. This stool is built upon a curved, round wooden base. It is crafted using the patented, high quality  LiveSmart fabric upon a solid oak frame. Its high sides and back ensure that anyone using these stools can relax in comfort. 

We hope you are as excited about the Essentials for Living range of stools as we are. There are a wide range of stools to choose from. Each stool has its own eclectic design but they also work well when paired together. Further, the stools also fit in well with the rest of the Essentials for Living range of furniture. The whole range features quality craftsmanship and the best materials. We know you won’t be disappointed no matter what you choose from this high quality brand. 

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