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New Beginnings: Designing Spaces for Mindfulness and Reflection

by Aleli Ello

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: Embracing Mindfulness and Reflection

  2. Creating a Sacred Space for Reflection

  3. Adding Mindfulness Through Furniture

  4. Accessorizing for Mindfulness

  5. Bringing in Nature

  6. My Top 5 Favorite Mindful Home Products

  7. My Top 3 Brands for Mindful Design

  8. Conclusion: Designing for Peace and Presence

Introduction: Embracing Mindfulness and Reflection

In recent years, the value of the residence has completely changed. Our houses have evolved into our sanctuaries, the places we go to unwind, recharge, and contemplate in a world where there is continual noise and never-ending to-do lists. The discipline of mindfulness, which involves being alert and aware of our surroundings, is currently having an impact on the interior design industry. To achieve this, intentional space planning must be used to create settings that encourage rest, concentration, and mental clarity.

Creating a Sacred Space for Reflection

Every house ought to have a space set aside for quiet reading, meditation, or reflection. Distractions like television and loud noises shouldn't be present in this area. To take advantage of natural light's mood-enhancing characteristics, pick a location with much of it. The color of your walls has a big impact on how you feel. To promote a tranquil environment, paint the walls of your home with soothing hues like earth tones, pastel blues, or soft grays. Color psychology is fascinating. Blues are believed to quiet the mind, while greys are calming and earth tones help us feel grounded and connected to the outside world.

Adding Mindfulness Through Furniture

The choice of furniture is important in terms of thoughtful home design. Pick accessories that ooze ease, calm, and simplicity. You may choose a comfortable, luxurious chair or a straightforward but enticing meditation cushion. Furniture shouldn't overcrowd a thoughtful environment. Less is more, empty space may have its own beauty, and the Japanese notion of "Ma" (the space between things) teaches us this. Choose a few expertly constructed pieces over a ton of furniture to prioritize quality over quantity.

Accessorizing for Mindfulness

Your mindful space's foundation is laid by the furniture, while the finishing touches are provided by the accessories. Include things that make you feel peaceful and at ease, such as a plush area rug for extra coziness or an uplifting piece of art that speaks to your soul. Consider using a diffuser or lighting some incense to assist create a calming atmosphere because scents can also significantly contribute to this effect. The use of sound bowls, zen sand gardens, or sentimental objects with a specific purpose are some additional mindful accessories.

Bringing in Nature

According to research, being outdoors can lower stress and improve wellbeing. By include indoor plants or flowers or by decorating with natural materials like wood or stone, you may incorporate parts of nature into your design. A straightforward houseplant may freshen the air, give the room a sense of life and growth, and add a splash of color. Stone and wood have the ability to ground us and make us feel a part of the soil.

My Top 5 Favorite Mindful Home Products

Mater Bowl Table
Mater Bowl Table
: This gorgeously uncomplicated, natural table is the perfect addition to a thoughtful setting. A beautiful combination of aesthetics and ethics is achieved by its simplistic design, which draws inspiration from traditional Indian woodwork.

Stelton Theo Teapot
Stelton Theo Teapot
: The Theo Teapot will add a dash of elegance and simplicity to your mindful tea ceremonies. It is the ideal fusion of Asian culture and Scandinavian design ideas, with a bamboo handle adding a rustic touch.

Greenington Currant Bookshelf
Greenington Currant Bookshelf
: With the help of this bookshelf, you may display your favorite mindful readings or priceless mementos. It lends a subtle refinement to any environment while evoking eco-friendly design because it is made from sustainable bamboo.

Blomus Fraga Scented Candle in Concrete - 3 Wick
: The Fraga candle's soft flicker and peaceful smells create a tranquil environment. It's the ideal addition to your reflecting regimen because it's made of soy wax and comes in a range of calming scents.

Area Jewel Cotton Fitted Sheet: This sheet gives your home a tactile comfort factor and is perfect for wrapping up in for quiet reflection or meditation. Organic cotton guarantees that it is kind to the earth and to your skin.

My Top 3 Brands for Mindful Design

  • Mater: Mater's ethical and conscientious design philosophy effectively encapsulates the principles of mindful design. They create gorgeous furniture and accessories, frequently made from recycled or sustainable materials, with strong design ideas steeped in Scandinavian workmanship. They are a mindful favorite because of their focus on the little things and regard for the environment.

  • Stelton: Stelton exemplifies the beauty of simplicity in each and every one of their products with their enduring Scandinavian designs. They provide a huge selection of home accents that masterfully blend form and function. Their design philosophy is evident in the Theo Teapot, which contributes to the establishment of a calm, thoughtful atmosphere in any setting.

  • Greenington: Greenington's dedication to eco-friendly design is commendable. One of the strongest bamboo species, Moso, is used by them to produce high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally beneficial items. Their chic bamboo furniture demonstrates that thoughtful design can be both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

Conclusion: Designing for Peace and Presence

Our homes act as our havens, a secure haven where we can escape the chaos of the outside world and re-engage with ourselves as we travel through life. Our homes become nurturing locations that aid in our quest for inner peace when we consciously create our surroundings to encourage mindfulness and reflection.

An intentional home is more than just a house. It serves as a private getaway and quiet haven away from the hectic outside world. By incorporating mindful design principles, we can make our houses more than just beautiful; they can also act as a continual reminder to take it easy, breathe, and enjoy the moment.

Keep in mind that cultivating a mindful environment is a highly individual endeavor. Pick objects that are meaningful, make you feel good, and speak to your heart. Designing your space should be intentional. Your house should be a beautiful, distinctive, and ever-evolving expression of who you are.

I sincerely hope that reading this book will give you the motivation you need to practice mindfulness in your own house. Let's designate areas where we can unplug from the outer world, be present, and reflect—areas where we can just be. I hope your journey to a more conscious household is fruitful. Enjoy the designing!

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