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Journey into Japandi: A Blend of Japanese and Scandinavian Design Aesthetics

by Aleli Ello

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. What is Japandi?

  3. The Philosophy Behind Japandi

  4. Japandi in Action

  5. My Top 5 Japandi Picks

  6. Top 3 Brands for the Perfect Japandi Design

  7. Conclusion


Hello, design aficionados! Are you as enchanted as I am with all things interior design? Today, we’re going to peel back the layers of a design trend that is a match made in heaven. That's right, darling, we're delving deep into Japandi—where the cozy functionality of Scandinavian design marries the tranquil sophistication of Japanese aesthetics. Light your favorite scented candle, pour yourself a cup of herbal tea, and let's sail away into this serenely stylish world.

What is Japandi?

For those new to the term, Japandi is the stylistic fusion of—you guessed it—Japanese and Scandinavian design elements. Now, I know what you're thinking, "Aren't those two styles already pretty minimalistic?" Ah, you're onto something! But Japandi is more than just minimalism; it’s about achieving a delicate balance of the functional and the beautiful, the subdued and the detailed. It's like layering a soft cashmere sweater with a beautifully embroidered silk scarf. You get the practical comfort of the sweater (that’s the Scandinavian part), but it's elevated with the rich detailing of the silk scarf (hello, Japanese artistry).

The Philosophy Behind Japandi

Now, before you start ordering bamboo furniture and sheepskin rugs, let's talk about the 'why' behind this trend. It's crucial to grasp that Japandi is not just a superficial style; it’s rooted in deeper philosophies. Both Scandinavian and Japanese cultures appreciate the understated beauty of nature, tranquility, and functional design. At its core, Japandi is about creating a home that's not just a space but an experience—where every item has a purpose and a story. It's the kind of design approach that has you sighing in relief as you walk through the door, leaving the chaos of the world behind you.

Japandi in Action

Ready to get your hands dirty—or rather, get your spaces clean, airy, and calm? To get that Japandi look, think organic materials, muted earthy colors, and crisp lines. Natural light is your best friend, and clutter is that high school frenemy you've been meaning to unfriend for years.

The Living Room

In your living room, focus on neutral tones for the primary pieces and let the textures do the talking. A simple, low-profile sofa can be accented with natural fiber pillows or a handwoven throw.

The Bedroom

For the bedroom, think airy, light-filled spaces with organic textiles. Minimalist wooden frames, stone bedside tables, and possibly a potted plant or two for that touch of green.

The Kitchen

Japandi kitchens are a haven of organization and simplicity. Open shelving, wooden cabinetry, and subdued tones keep it functional and inviting.

My Top 5 Japandi Picks

When you’re going for a particular aesthetic, darling, the devil is in the details. Here are some curated selections that would make any Japandi-inspired home a sanctuary of style.

Audo Bottle Grinder: Sleek and functional, these salt and pepper grinders bring the minimalist charm of Scandinavia right to your kitchen.

Skagerak Georg Stool: Crafted from sustainably sourced oak, this stool captures the earthy and natural elements that are quintessentially Japandi.

Ferm Living Plant Box: Create your mini indoor garden with this gorgeously designed plant box that is a nod to both nature and minimalist design.

Stelton EM77 French Press: For those mornings when simplicity is key, this French press brings a touch of understated elegance to your daily coffee or tea ritual.

Mater Accent Café Table: This table is a beautiful example of how ethical production and striking design can come together, thanks to its use of sustainable mango wood.

Top 3 Brands for the Perfect Japandi Design

Curating a style like Japandi requires pieces that don't just look the part but live it. So, let’s spotlight some brands that have mastered this art.

Audo Copenhagen: This brand is the epitome of minimalist Scandinavian design, offering pieces that are high on functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

Ferm Living: Known for their nature-inspired designs, they create pieces that invoke tranquility and balance.

Stelton: From kitchenware to decorative items, Stelton’s products embody the sleek, functional aspects of Japandi to perfection.


So, there you have it—your own little guide to creating a home where peace meets functionality, and East meets West. Japandi is not just a design trend; it’s a lifestyle choice. It's about infusing our lives with the kind of mindful attention to detail that makes every day feel a little more special and a lot more serene. Ready to take the plunge? Trust me, once you go Japandi, you’ll wonder how you ever lived any other way.

Until next time, my lovely readers, may your homes be as tranquil as a forest and as cozy as a hug. Happy decorating!

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