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Going Back to Basics: The New Traditional Interior Design

by Aleli Ello

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to the New Traditional Interior Design

  2. Striking the Balance: Modern and Traditional

  3. Top 5 Must-Have Products for a New Traditional Home

  4. Top 3 Brands for New Traditional Interior Design

  5. Designing your New Traditional Living Room

  6. Conclusion

Introduction to the New Traditional Interior Design

What goes around, comes around is a cliche that seems to hold true in the dynamic world of interior design. The present day is witnessing a fascinating revival of a beloved classic, the Traditional Interior Design, albeit with a modern twist that fits with the way of life of today. This design trend, fittingly known as the New Traditional, skillfully combines vintage appeal with contemporary simplicity to give you the best of both worlds.

This strategy aims to capture the spirit of former grandeur while also displaying a taste for modern aesthetics. As a result, the area is comfortable and cozy while simultaneously feeling modern and up to date. But how precisely is this complex balance between the ancient and the modern achieved? Explore further.

Striking the Balance: Modern and Traditional

Rich textures, luxurious materials, and meticulous workmanship that combined convey a timeless beauty have traditionally been associated with traditional design's lavishness. The minimalist, clean-lined attitude that the modern world seems to favor, however, frequently seems at odds with the opulent allure of traditional aesthetics.

The New Traditional style steps in at this point to act as the unifying factor between these two disparate design philosophies. It skillfully combines the coziness and comfort of traditional design with the clarity and simplicity of modern design, creating a seamless blend that is at once cozy and interesting.

Imagine a space with traditional furniture adorned in contemporary fabrics and placed against a modern color scheme. Or a traditional architectural setting that has been given vitality by contemporary, minimalist décor. The idea is around putting parts from many eras together in a way that lets them complement one another rather than clash. It involves creating an appearance that is representative of contemporary living standards and lifestyle preferences while also being ageless and full of character.

Top 5 Must-Have Products for a New Traditional Home

Careful selection of furnishings that represent the combination of the past and modern is necessary while designing a New Traditional home. Here are five outstanding items that perfectly capture the New Traditional philosophy:

  • Skargaarden Resö Dining Table - Large: The Skargaarden Resö Dining Table expertly combines a traditional style with contemporary materials. Its beautifully crafted, net-like base honors traditional craftsmanship, while its uncluttered, straightforward top appeals to contemporary tastes.

  • Ferm Living Rico - 2 Seater: This sofa masterfully combines classic appeal with contemporary style. Its clean lines and simplistic design make it a necessary component for any New Traditional living area. It is upholstered in soothing earth tones.

  • Louis Poulsen PH 5 Pendant: Louis Poulsen's PH 5 Pendant is a shining example of New Traditional design. Its harmonious form and distinctive glow bring a fresh, modern spin to any room, while its classic design feels familiar and comforting.

  • Tronk Roberts Table Stool 18 inch: This stool beautifully combines old and new with its sleek oak top and skinny, wireframe legs. It offers a multifunctional sitting choice that may also double as a side table or just as an engaging conversation piece in any setting.

  • Bend Drum Table: This distinctive item skillfully combines the traditional drum table silhouette with a modern wire design, making it the ideal anchor piece for any living area. It will stand out whether a modern sculpture is placed upon it or a vintage lamp.

Top 3 Brands for New Traditional Interior Design

The following three companies truly stand out when it comes to the New Traditional aesthetic among a sea of companies that serve a variety of interior design styles:

  • Ferm Living: Ferm Living is renowned for its stunning mix of traditional aesthetics and contemporary minimalism. The company has its roots in Scandinavian design. The company is a popular pick for New Traditional design because of its extensive selection of furniture and home accents that expertly combine comfort and style.

  • Louis Poulsen: This company is a pioneer in lighting design and is renowned for its creative fusion of traditional and modern components. Their fixtures adapt to contemporary design ideas while also bringing a touch of classic elegance to any room.

  • Tronk: With its distinctive fusion of contemporary and traditional design features, this furniture company stands out. Tronk is a well-liked option for individuals wishing to create a New Traditional appearance because of its products' ability to bring a distinctive sense of refinement and charm to any area.

Designing your New Traditional Living Room

A New Traditional design can make the living room, which is frequently the center of the house, a welcoming and interesting environment. Establish a color scheme that combines the old and the new to start. Warm neutrals like beige, taupe, or soft gray can make the perfect backdrop, and flashes of vibrant, modern colors can add a sense of surprise.

When choosing furniture, look for pieces with a classic profile but updated upholstery or finishes. The Tronk Roberts Stool or the Ferm Living Mingle Sofa are ideal anchor pieces for your living space since they perfectly capture the New Traditional style.

Setting the appropriate mood and tone in each room begins with lighting. Choose lighting pieces that mimic traditional forms while utilizing contemporary lines and materials, like the Louis Poulsen PH 5 Pendant.

The final thing to keep in mind is that accessories may make or break your design. Bring in a variety of contemporary art, vintage furniture, and possibly a few books to give the room a more unique feel. Your living space will feel more genuine and lived in as a result, and it will also have that distinctive, eclectic sense that is typical of New Traditional design.


The main goal of the New Traditional interior design aesthetic is to establish a conversation between many eras, forms, and materials. It's about preserving the grace and elegance of the past while embracing the efficiency and advancements of the present. You may design a room that is ageless, cozy, and completely expressive of your individual style and way of life with the proper combination of traditional and modern features.

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