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From Backyards to Balconies: Transform Your Outdoor Spaces with House & Hold's Essentials

by Aleli Ello

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction

  • Discovering Your Outdoor Style

  • My Top 5 Essential Outdoor Products

    -Skargaarden: Grinda Dining Table

    -Ferm Living: Way Outdoor Rug

    -Menu: Wire Series Plant Po

    -Innit: Acapulco Lounge Chai

    -Fatboy: Edison the Petit Lamp

  • My Top 3 Brands for Outdoor Living

  • Essential Tips for Balcony Bliss

  • Transforming Your Backyard

  • Conclusion

Ferm Living Bau Pot - Large

1. Introduction

Whether you're working with a huge backyard or a little balcony, designing the perfect outdoor area is an exciting experience. Giving these outdoor spaces new life is an opportunity to broaden your design knowledge beyond the interior. With the right furnishings, a touch of creativity, and a clear sense of the ambiance you want to create, any outdoor space can be transformed into a serene retreat, a lively entertainment hub, or a unique blend of both. The best aspect about this adjustment is that it allows you to experience the beauty of nature at home.

Ferm Living Bau Balcony Box
2. Discovering Your Outdoor Style

Recognizing your individual aesthetic tastes is crucial when planning an outdoor space. Do you gravitate toward patterns with straightforward outlines and contemporary aesthetics? Or do you prefer the carefree, unassuming, and free-spirited vibe a bohemian appearance offers? It's possible that you have an eclectic personality and thrive in settings that incorporate objects from several design eras to create an altogether unique style. Mixing styles is acceptable as long as they look good together in your space. Choose your aesthetic first, and the rest will start to come together.

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3. My Top 5 Essential Outdoor Products

Your chosen decorating and furnishing aesthetic starts to take shape during these phases. The furniture and style you select for your outdoor space will enable it to become a true reflection of your preferences. Here are some of my all-time favorite products from the House & Hold collection that can add something special to your outdoor settings.

Skargaarden Grinda Table - MediumSkargaarden Grinda Table - Medium

The Skargaarden Grinda Table - Medium strikes an elegant balance between modern elegance and rustic appeal. This table is the ideal center piece for any outdoor dining area because it is constructed of steel and teak, guaranteeing both longevity and design. Whether you're hosting a breakfast or enjoying a romantic evening supper, this table offers the ideal ambiance for many important moments.

Ferm Living Way Outdoor RugFerm Living Way Outdoor Rug

The Ferm Living Way Outdoor Rug is more than simply a rug—it's a sustainable statement piece. This rug serves as an example of how chic sustainability can be. It is constructed of polyester that is recycled and came from plastic bottles. Its gorgeous two-tone woven design, which adds visual appeal without dominating the space, will provide your outdoor seating area the ideal underfoot experience.

Menu Wire PotMenu Wire Pot

Scandinavian design and practical industrial design are combined in the Menu Wire Pot. These pots, which are available in different sizes, not only contain your favorite plants but also provide your outside area a decorative flair. Whether they are brimming with towering, vibrant blooms or trailing plants, they will unquestionably enhance the appeal of your outdoor area.

Innit Acapulco Chair - White Frame
Innit Acapulco Chair - White Frame

The Innit Acapulco Chair - White Frame is more than just a chair; it encourages discussion. With its distinctive form, it provides a comfortable seating choice that also serves as a statement element for your outdoor decor. Thanks to its durable design and quality construction, this chair can improve any outdoor space.

Fatboy Edison the Petit - Table LampFatboy Edison the Petit - Table Lamp

The Fatboy Edison the Petit - Table Lamp is the best illustration of how even a tiny amount of light can make a big difference. This lovely portable lamp provides soft, ambient lighting for those languid days spent beneath the stars or those extended outdoor dinners. Due to its cordless design and solid construction, it is the ideal ally for any outdoor setting.

Mater Ocean Dining Chair
4. My Top 3 Brands for Outdoor Living

Due to their exceptional designs and high-quality outdoor products, three of House & Hold's numerous businesses have consistently captured my attention:

Skargaarden: This company is a master of Scandinavian design, producing products with the perfect balance of craftsmanship, simplicity, and utility. With their collection of products, you may create a modern, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable outdoor space.

Ferm Living: Ferm Living's commitment to contemporary design and sustainability is incredible. Your home and the environment will benefit greatly from the fashionable, environmentally friendly environments you may create using their products.

Fatboy: Fatboy brings joy to any outdoor space with his vibrant and recognizable designs. Their one-of-a-kind sculptures will give your outdoor surroundings a vibrant injection of color and contemporary flair.

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5. Essential Tips for Balcony Bliss

You can still use the amenities available outside if you live in an apartment. With the right furniture and décor, a balcony may become a small oasis. To make the most of your limited space, think about using wall-mounted plants or hanging lamps when decorating for balconies. Choose furniture sized for smaller areas, such the Innit Acapulco Chair, and stick to a neutral color scheme to preserve the sensation of openness and airiness.

Skagerak Between Lines Deck Chair
6. Transforming Your Backyard

There are endless design alternatives if you have the luxury of a larger outside space. Create zones in your neighborhood based on the things you enjoy doing most. You can make a dining area, a lounging area, and a private corner with the Skargaarden Grinda Table, Innit chairs, and outdoor rug from Ferm Living. By layering diverse textures and using natural features, you may transform your backyard into a lovely outdoor retreat.

Skagerak Regatta Lounge Bench
7. Conclusion

No matter how vast your outdoor space is, with a little planning and the right furnishings, you can make it an extension of your home where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Prioritize comfort, beauty, and utility when you design your space. Most importantly, make an effort to design a space that complements your personality and enables you to enjoy the fundamental benefits of outdoor life at home.

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