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Elevate Your Dining Experience: How to Achieve the Perfect Art Deco Design Table of Contents

by Aleli Ello

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Unveiling Art Deco: A Timeless Trend

  3. The Foundations of Art Deco Design

  4. Picking the Right Furniture

  5. Making Lighting the Star of the Show

  6. Textiles and Decor: The Glamourous Touches

  7. My Top 5 Favorite Products

  8. My Top 3 Brands

  9. Conclusion


Hello, my dear readers! Set the scene, shall we? Imagine being transported back in time to the Roaring Twenties, a period characterized by flappers, jazz, and unabashed opulence. Who today wouldn't desire a piece of that time? the decor of your dining room, in particular! Today's subject is one that I care much about: Art Deco design. If you want your dining area to scream—nay, elegantly whisper—"opulence and grandeur," this is the look for you. Let's make your dining room as Instagrammable as a Gatsby party, so buckle up.

Unveiling Art Deco: A Timeless Trend

Art Deco: what is it?

More than just a design trend, Art Deco represents a snapshot of a certain era. It is a style that was developed in France in the 1920s and swiftly spread throughout the world. It is characterized by optimism, technological advancement, and most importantly, luxury. Let's break it down into its component parts.


You name it: triangles, chevrons, zigzags. The Art Deco style's opulent simplicity is supported by geometry. These repeated designs can be found anywhere, including your walls and toss pillows.


This fashion screams wealth. Gold, silk, and marble aren't just appreciated; they're practically necessary. This is your time to indulge in a little excessive extravagance.

Bright Colors:

When it comes to strong hues, Art Deco is the time to go all out. Imaginative colors to use are ebony, ivory, and jewel tones like sapphire blues, ruby reds, and emerald greens.

The Roots of Art Deco Architecture


The first step in making a big statement is with your walls. If you're feeling brave, paint the walls a richly saturated color like navy blue or emerald green. Choose an Art Deco-inspired wallpaper with geometric or fan patterns in metallic tones if you'd want something less overpowering.


The ground might serve as an additional canvas. Use dark wood flooring or, for a daring option, checkered black and white tiles. To ground your dining table and chairs, you may even use a statement rug with striking geometric patterns.


Your closest allies in this situation are metallics like gold, bronze, and brass. They provide the contrast and glimmer that are so characteristic of Art Deco. Consider using these as furniture legs, embellishments, or even as picture frames.

Picking the Right Furniture

Dining Room Table

Any dining room's dining table serves as its focal point frequently. An Art Deco table need to make a statement in addition to serving its intended purpose. Think about tables with strong geometric inspirations, such a square table with zigzag legs or a round table with a gold base.


Art Deco-style chairs provide an intriguing play on geometry and form. Use plush, tactile materials like velvet or leather in rich jewel tones since upholstery is crucial in this design. By adding metallic components, the chair legs might take on the appearance of the table.

Sideboard versus Buffet:

Choose a buffet or sideboard with a high-gloss finish, preferably made of a dark wood like mahogany or walnut. A touch of glitz might be added with metal handles or legs.

Making Lighting the Star of the Show


Setting the mood requires proper lighting. Think large and glitzy when it comes to chandeliers. The magnificent centerpiece of your dining area can be a chandelier with crystal components coupled with gold or brass.

Sconces for the wall:

Geometric shapes are common in Art Deco wall sconces, which are typically finished in metal. They can offer extra layers of light and drama when placed on either side of a buffet or a significant piece of art.

Lights for tables

Think about incorporating a pair of Art Deco table lamps for the buffet or sideboard. Search for lights with metallic-finished bases or shades with geometrical patterns.

Textiles and Decor: The Glamourous Touches


Mood-setting requires proper lighting. Think big and gorgeous when choosing chandeliers. A chandelier can become the magnificent center of your dining room when crystal components are paired with gold or brass.

Sconces for the walls

Geometric shapes are popular in Art Deco wall sconces, which typically have metal finishes. They can provide more layers of drama and light if they are positioned on either side of a buffet or important piece of art.

Lighting for a table

A pair of Art Deco table lights would be a nice addition to the buffet or sideboard. Search for lights with metallic-finished or geometrically-patterned bases.

My Top 5 Favorite Products

Tom Dixon Slab Dining Table: The Tom Dixon Slab Dining Table is a masterwork that can be the center of attention in any dining room since it skillfully fuses contemporary design with classic elegance.

Louis Poulsen PH Septima Pendant: an opulent chandelier that gives the traditional Art Deco style a contemporary spin.

Berhardt Decorage Buffet: More than just a piece of furniture, the Bernhardt Decorage Buffet makes a stylish statement that improves the look and use of any dining space. Well crafted, this buffet exhibits a harmonic fusion of detailed details and simple form, making it a fantastic display piece and storage option.

Ferm Living - Gatsby Tablecloth: The geometric pattern on this tablecloth is a subtly retro touch.

Bernhardt Villa Toscana Host Chair: The opulent, elegant, and long-lasting Bernhardt Villa Toscana Host Chair marries traditional design with contemporary comfort.

My Top 3 Brands

Tom Dixon: The Tom Dixon series, which focuses on industrial materials like copper, brass, and glass yet still has a traditional appeal, is extremely sought-after in both the home and commercial markets.

Louis Poulsen: The Tom Dixon collection is highly sought-after in both the residential and commercial markets because it emphasizes industrial materials like copper, brass, and glass while maintaining a historic appeal.

Design House Stockholm: Modern interior design company Design House Stockholm straddles the line between art, usability, and sustainability.


The challenge of decorating your dining room in the Art Deco style may seem difficult, but with careful planning, you can really create a setting that is both beautiful and highly individualized. Keep in mind that Art Deco is about honoring life in the most opulent way possible, and your dining room should be a reflection of that opulence. So, try living a little! Your dinners will never be the same if you elevate your dining experience with the appeal of Art Deco. Cheers to living the high life!

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