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Our Top 5 Beds by Four Hands

by Aleli Ello

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction

  2. How Four Hands Reshapes Your Sleeping Quarters

  3. Unveiling Our 5 Favorite Four Hands Beds

  4. 3.1 The Dreamy Dover Bed

  5. 3.2 The Luxurious Leyton Bed

  6. 3.3 The Stylish Sheffield Bed

  7. 3.4 The Majestic Mason Bed

  8. 3.5 The Cozy Carlyle Bed

  9. How to Style Your Four Hands Bed

  10. Conclusion


Hello, sweethearts! The excitement of sharing a new favorite find with you all is the only thing I love more than the anticipation of doing so. Today, we're embarking on a magical journey into the world of bedroom décor that whispers style, encourages restfulness, and uplifts the spirit of your personal space. Your beloved bedroom is our setting, and Four Hands' incredible creations—which have served as a major source of inspiration for both us and a lot of other people who love home décor—are our star.

How Four Hands Reshapes Your Bedroom

You're in for a wonderful treat if you've never heard of Four Hands, my dear reader. Four Hands has established a solid reputation for their dedication to producing one-of-a-kind, carefully crafted pieces that are not only attractive but also the epitome of comfort and practicality. These beds are artistic manifestations of expert craftsmanship and imaginative vision, intended to be the focal point of your most private space—the bedroom.

Each bed they create is an expression of a narrative, an idea, or a notion that goes well beyond its intended use. It has to do with the character it contributes to a space, the mood it sets, and the statement it makes. And that's exactly what we're here to find out today.

Unveiling Our 5 Favorite Four Hands Beds

Let's get right down to business. Here are our top 5 picks for outstanding beds from Four Hands, each exuding a distinct aesthetic that will bring a charming touch to your bedroom.

3.1 Four Hands Holland Bed

The Holland Bed is first in line. This bed is a perfect example of Scandinavian design. Its uncluttered design, natural shapes, and the comfort of a gorgeously curved wooden headboard contribute to the peaceful environment. The frame's sturdy oak construction ensures durability, and the wood's light bleaching brings out the grain for a more natural appearance that adds to the piece's calming and natural feel. This bed is a serene haven that beckons peace and relaxation.

3.2 Four Hands Leigh Upholstered Bed

The Leigh Upholstered Bed is the ideal choice for individuals who find solace in the soft embrace of luxury. The Leigh Upholstered Bed is dripping with grandeur and features a sumptuous velvet-upholstered headboard that is brought to life by the gleam of brass accents. It may instantly take your bedroom to new levels of elegance because to its sculpted corners and the soft luster of the fabric. The Leyton bed is like a rendezvous with luxury every night.

3.3 Four Hands Rosedale Bed

Let us now present you to the Rosedale Bed, a place where charm and style coexist. The Rosedale Bed gives your bedroom a distinctive individuality by striking the ideal blend between old and modern. The contrast between the thick, buttery leather headboard and the wooden frame is lovely. It's a unique piece that will undoubtedly bring personality to any decor thanks to the delicate stitch details that give it a touch of authenticity.

3.4 Four Hands Casey Iron Bed

Casey Iron Bed talks in a strong, unique language with ease. A matte black iron frame with a subtle air of refinement frames this modernist design. The Casey Iron Bed is a great option for individuals who enjoy blending modern and industrial styles because of its headboard made from reclaimed pine, which adds a touch of warmth. It has a balanced look that is simple to appreciate due to the use of both warm and cool metal.

3.5 Four Hands Anderson Bed

Finally, allow us to introduce you to the Anderson Bed, a snug retreat that combines comfort and style. You are beckoned to curl up with a nice book or drift off to sleep by the headboard's tufted design and soft, neutral fabric upholstery. The design's graceful curves and the brass details on the legs give it a touch of glitz. The Anderson Bed is the ideal addition to any stylish and comfortable bedroom since it epitomizes comfort and elegance.

How to Style Your Four Hands Bed

More goes into styling your bed than just picking the perfect bed frame and headboard. It involves assembling a unified palette of hues, textures, and design components that reflect your personality and aesthetic preferences.

  • Consider using crisp white sheets for the minimalist beds to keep the space feeling calm and tidy. A plush throw blanket or a couple vibrant cushions can add a pop of color.

  • You could wish to think about using bedding with jewel tones on the luxurious beds to emphasize their splendor. Throw pillows made of velvet or satin can do wonders to enhance the room's luxurious and opulent appearance.

  • With its fusion of old and modern design, the Rosedale Bed looks fantastic with leather and linen pillows or even faux fur throws, enhancing its eclectic character.

Don't overlook the remaining part of the space as well. A plush or soft rug can make the area feel cozier underfoot, and one or two bedside tables can hold your nighttime reading materials and other necessities. The design of your Four Hands bed and bedroom can be finished with a statement light fixture or a piece of wall art hung above the headboard.


In many respects, your bed is the heart and soul of your bedroom. It serves as more than simply a place to sleep at night; it's also a way to express your particular style, a reflection of who you are, and a haven from which you start and end each day. You can buy beds from Four Hands that comprehend this close relationship and that not only operate beautifully but also go nicely with your decor.

There is a Four Hands bed designed for you, whether you prefer sleek minimalism, opulent grandeur, or vintage charm. With our selection of the best 5 Four Hands beds, it's time to give your bedroom a fresh new look so you can start each day in a place that feels like you.

So there you go, sweethearts. I hope this guide has given you some new inspiration for your bedroom renovation and will help you design a space where comfort and style coexist. Until our next design adventure, stay stylish, and keep making your homes beautiful!

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