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Back to Nature: Incorporating Natural Elements into Your Interior Design

by Aleli Ello

Four Hands Cruz End Table

Table of Contents

  1. Why Go Back to Nature?

  2. The Power of Plants

  3. Harnessing Natural Light

  4. The Beauty of Decorative Pieces

  5. Choosing Natural Materials

  6. Colors Inspired by Nature

  7. Top 5 Products for a Nature-Inspired Interior

  8. Top 3 Brands for Natural Interior Design

  9. Final Thoughts

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Why Go Back to Nature?

Taking a step back and surrounding ourselves with natural elements can be a breath of fresh air in a world full of buzzing electronics, continual notifications, and quickly developing technology. Literally. Interior design that draws inspiration from the outdoors is more than simply a passing fad; it's a salute to our ancestral roots, a tribute to nature's serene stillness, and an effort to bring its harmony and serenity into our homes.

This connection to nature is not only a powerful design aesthetic but a way to enhance our overall well-being. Natural components provide a serene atmosphere, lessen tension, and elevate mood. Embracing nature in interior design is about re-establishing a more close-knit, grounded relationship with our surroundings, from raw, organic textures to soft, earthy tones.

Four Hands Ace Chair
The Power of Plants

The addition of houseplants is one of the simplest and most efficient methods to bring the outdoors inside. These home accents help to create a lively and energizing ambiance in addition to improving air quality by absorbing contaminants. There is a suitable plant for every area and every style because indoor plants come in an almost unlimited range of colors, sizes, and textures.

Plants have a way of making a space feel more alive, warm, and welcoming, whether it's a statement-making fiddle leaf fig tree, a cascading string of pearls, or a simple succulent on your windowsill.

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Harnessing Natural Light

Another essential component for establishing a link to the outer world is natural light. The mood of a space might change as a result of how it changes throughout the day, casting various shadows and highlights. Your home can benefit from having lots of windows, glass doors, and skylights to let in natural light. If none of these are a possibility, strategically positioned mirrors can increase the amount of light.

Natural light has advantages beyond aesthetics; it can elevate your mood, assist in controlling sleep cycles, and even increase productivity. So let the sunlight in by pulling back the drapes and raising the blinds.

Design House Stockholm Greenhouse Mini
The Beauty of Decorative Pieces

Another fantastic approach to bring the outside in is by incorporating natural decorating items. Take collections of dried flowers, beautifully polished stones, seashells, or wonderfully carved wood for example. These components can be amassed when traveling, taking a stroll in the park, or even in your backyard, giving your design a unique, nostalgic touch. They not only add texture and visual interest, but they also promote calm and tranquility.

Skagerak Tradition Table
Choosing Natural Materials

Opt for items made of natural materials when selecting furniture and textiles. Your interior design can benefit from various degrees of warmth, texture, and rustic appeal offered by wood, stone, and metals. Wool, linen, and cotton offer a tactile richness and comfort that synthetic materials frequently lack.

A well-made wooden table or a wool rug, for instance, can provide a level of coziness and authenticity that suggests a calmer, more deliberate way of life. By including such items in your design, you can increase the sense of earthiness and coziness in your home.

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Colors Inspired by Nature

Drawing inspiration from the wide variety of hues seen in nature might help you come up with a calming color scheme for your house. Think of the calm blues of the ocean, the lush greens of the forest, the gentle tones of the desert, or the drab colors of the rocks and soil.

These hues can be used in your walls, furniture, or accessories to help design a space that seems balanced and harmonious. Not only are these colors being recreated, but also the tranquility, serenity, and profound sense of well-being that they evoke.

Menu Eschasse Vase
Top 5 Products for a Nature-Inspired Interior

Menu JWDA Table Lamp: This elegant table lamp adds an industrial yet organic touch to your house by fusing polished brass highlights with the raw, textured appeal of concrete.

Ferm Living Plant Box Round: Your greenery can stand tall and play a vital role in your interior decor thanks to this chic and useful plant box that is ideal for indoor use.

Skargaarden Grinda Table: This table adds a sense of natural elegance to your dining room thanks to its teak frame, a highly resilient and finely grained wood.

Canvas Home Shell Bisque Round Serving Bowl: These bowls, which are handcrafted from natural clays and have an unglazed exterior that resembles seashells and fosters a connection to the ocean, have an organic, somewhat uneven shape.

GUS Modern Element Rug: This handmade rug is constructed entirely of wool, adding a layer of coziness and warmth to your floors as well as a grounding element to your space with its soft, earthy hue.

Ferm Living Plant Box Round
Top 3 Brands for Natural Interior Design

Menu: This Danish design company excels in fusing organic materials with basic aesthetics to produce classic pieces that bring harmony into your home.

Ferm Living: Ferm Living, a Copenhagen-based company, creates items with an eye for detail and a strong connection to nature, from their exquisite plant boxes to their earthy-hued pillows.

Skargaarden: Its outdoor furniture, which is exquisitely created from teak and other natural materials and perfect for adding a natural touch to your patio or garden, is a well-known Swedish company.

Skargaarden Viken Chair
Final Thoughts

It goes beyond aesthetics to create a natural retreat in your home. It entails encouraging a sense of tranquility, harmony, and wellbeing in your everyday life. Keep in mind that every piece you choose should speak to you and represent your individual style as you bring nature inside. After all, your house ought to be your haven—a beautiful space that also serves as a source of inspiration and great comfort. Let's design areas that help us get back in touch with nature, enjoying the earth's eternal beauty and our connection to it in our daily lives.

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