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list 5.19.14

By Summer

list 5.19.14 | H&H Blog

1. it's personal
This image has been quite popular on Pinterest over the weekend for a reason -- it's such a lovely example of personal style while being totally void of trending product placement. You get a sense of the person's intent. As much as I love to sell amazing products (ahem!) I am so bored with products defining personal style. Products as the cornerstone of style is void because anybody can purchase them.  I am 110% more thrilled to find amazing objects at an estate or tag sale because in those moments you know your unique style.

I can't find exactly where this image is from but I think it belongs to Gingerbread House.


list 5.19.14 | H&H Blog

2. pacific coast
summer is upon us & I've been dreaming of a mid-summer roadtrip to San Fran & Big Sur. Any favorites or spots not to be missed? Image.



list 5.19.14 | H&H Blog

3. this conversation
I love the comment/conversation on this pin by Montse Gimferrer:

Marco Jongmans: Funny; 'Helvetica, the smell of nothing' and 'air, water and you'. I very much like that idea as I still believe really good architecture should be something like that; nothing to be realy noticed. Thanks for sharing.

Montse GimferrerI like that comment as some of the architecture seems more about the architect and make a statement but not the function that has to do and breaks de landscape in a not so elegant way.

Marco Jongmans: I agree, some of the architecture we see seems to be more about the ego of the architect than about making a suiting frame for the function it serves. Helvetica was very much designed to be as neutral as possible so not to distract from the meaning of the words it formed.

Ego of the architect .... distracting from the meaning of what is formed ... I think this can apply into many areas of our visual life/design/style ...